Langborne Ward. Monuments. 153

Langborne Ward. Monuments.

BENEFACTORS that lent Money gratis towards building of the Church.


Sir Edmund Turner.
Sir Robert Jefferys,
Philip Jackson.
Peter Hoet.
Jeffry Rowland.
Nathan Letton.
John Archer.

These lent 100l. each and more. Many others lent lesser Sums, and many more, for pewing of the Church.]



John Master, Gent. was by his Children buried there, 1444.

Persons here buried.

Hugh Wich, Maior, 1462. and the Lady Wich Widow to the said Hugh Wich, was there buried also, and gave Lands for Sermons, &c.]

Thomas Britaine, Henry Travers of Maidstone in Kent, Merchant, 1501.

John Bond, about 1504.

Robert Paget, Merchant Taylor, one of the Sheriffs, 1536.

Sir. Tho. Curteis, Pewterer, then Fishmonger, Maior, 1577. He was buried December 1559. His Funerals were attended with three Heralds, my Lord Maior and Sword Bearer, and divers Aldermen; some were in Black, and the Residue in Violet. There were an hundred in Black Gowns and Coats. He had a Standard and five Penons of Arms. A Sermon then preached by Mr. Richardson, a Scot. After, all went to his Place, with the Maior and Aldermen to Dinner.]

His Funeral.

J. S.

Sir James Harvie, Ironmonger, Maior, 1581.

William Peterson, Esq; William Sherington. Sir Edward Osborne, Clothworker, Maior, 1583, &c.

Thomas Curticius     
sub Marmore conditus isto,
Quem mundo eripuit     
Parca severa senem:
Quemque suum Cives     
voluere augere Senatum,
Justitia & gravitas     
hunc meruere gradum.
Purpureusq; sua     
Præturam gessit in urbe,
Ferret ut hoc multum     
landis ab officio.
Animus * huic Consul     
Sceptroque insignis & ense,
Londinum rexit     
dexteritate bona.
Thomam progenuit     
solumque mœstas humanis, *
Vita adeo fragilis     
sorte fugaxque datur.
Unica neptis avo,     
est Anna hæres, filia Thomæ,
Dignaque neptis avo,     
dignaque nata patre.
Stucleo hæc nupsit     
Generoso stemmata creto,
Præclaroque domi     
Militiæque viro.
Fumus & umbra sumus,     
quicquid mortale peribit,
Sola manet pietas,     
quæ sine fine viret.

An ancient Marble Tomb in the North Ile of the Quire, uppermost Eastward.

A. M.



Near unto it is a very goodly Monument belonging to Sir James Harvey, but without any Inscription or Epitaph.

Emanuel de Meteren, Mercatori Antwerpiensi, atque inter ordinis ejusdem Belgas Londini, quon- dam Cos. Des. viro pio, viro docto. Qui rerum in Belgia gest. Historiam opus luculentum & fidei plenum, posteris reliquit. Esther de Corpus, conjux conjugi, liberique ix. parenti optimo P.P. Obiit die 8, Aprilis, Anni M. DC. XII. Cum vixisset An. lxxvj. Mens. 3.

A small Monument in the Wall on the same side.

Animæ super æthera vivunt.
Iacobo Colio G. F. Belgol. * Regis Henrici 8 munere Angl. indignæ * Mercatori probo. Qui obiit Ann. Chri. M. D. XCI. Suo Lxxiix. Et Elizab.Orteliæ, Qui obiit Anno Christi M. D. XCIII. Connubio nuper, nunc Tumulo junctis Iac. Colius parentibus pientiss.



On a Pillar in the midst of the Chancel.

Christo duce, & ossa resurgent.
The Tombe of Sir Edward Osborne, Kt. sometime Lord Maior of this Noble Citie, who was buried An. Dom. 1591. And of Dame Magaret his second wife. Who married after with M. Baron Clarke, (by whom this Tombe was erected) and was buried, An. Dom. 1602.

A goodly Monument in the South Ile of the Quire.

Mistresse Katharine Woodward, widow, having (in her life time) beene a godly, religious, and vertuous Matrone, charitable to the poore, and not sparing of her purse to pious uses; Two worthy Gentlemen (her Executors) have here raised a comely remembrance of her to all posterity.

In the West end of the Church, but on the South side.

This Monument was erected for the worshipful M. John Hewet, Gent. Citizen and Merchant of London, and free of the Clothworkers Company: Who in his life time was loving to all, and pitiful to the Poor: Witness the yeerly Pension he hath given for ever, of five Pounds to the Poor of this Parish. He changed this mortal Habitation the third day of July, Anno Dom. 1602.

A MONUMENT in the North Ile, with this Inscription.


Cur quod partu obeas lachrimis     
Rigat ora Maritus,
Et quasi tu pereas     
se macerat per eas?
Dum cedis domino,     
discedis ab orbe scelesto,
Parendo & præis,     
non pariendo peris.

Hic jaceo Triplici Monumento     
à Morte beata,
Marmoris hoc, mœsto     
vir mihi corde dedit;
Virtus, Nobilitas, Pietas,     
Patientia nostra,
Dant alium *, hoc vero     
vincit honore prius:
At ternum æternum est     
cœoque locatus *, & illud
Nec Vir, nec Virtus,     
sed dedit ipse Deus.

*His Vocibus aut Versus aut Priscianus plectitur.

In obitum Fœminæ Generosissimæ Dom. Mariæ Stanley, Uxoris Tho. Stanley Armigeri, Filiæ Rogeri Apleton, Militis & Baronetti, Quæ cum viro suo Tres Filios peperisset (quorum duo hic jacent sepulti) ultimi partus, qui nunc superest, laboribus extincta fuit. 4. die Junii 1609. Anno ætatis suæ 23.

For the finding of a Priest to celebrate Mass in this Church, for the Soul of somebody de-

A Mass in this Church.

J. S.