Cornhil Ward. St. Michaels. Benefactors. 148

Cornhil Ward. St. Michaels. Benefactors.

Tomb of Marble before the Pulpit Cross is taken away among others, namely of Dr. Richard Yaxley, one of the Physicians to King Henry the Eighth, that was buried there, with his Wife, under a Tomb of Marble.

The Quire of that Church being dissolved, the Lodgings of the Quire Men were (by the grave Fathers of that time) charitably appointed for receipt of ancient decayed Parishioners; namely, Widows, such as were not able to bear the charge of greater Rents abroad, which blessed work of harbouring the harbourless, is promised to be rewarded in the Kingdom of Heaven.

The Quire here dissolved.

Mat. 2. 5.

A modern CATALOGUE of the large Benefactions granted to the poor Inhabitants of this Parish of S. Michael's Cornhil, as follows.


Several Gifts for Coals, amounting to about 40l. which in regard their Poor were dispersed into several Out-parishes, and live at inconvenient distances to receive the Coals in kind, they distribute 40s. to them, the Interest of the 40l.

Charitable Gifts to this Parish.

J. S.

Three Shillings worth of Bread given every Lords-day in the Year after Morning Service.

For Bread to be given away, every the first Lords-day in the Month 5l. yearly.

Five Pounds given to the Poor yearly by Mistress Huitson deceased. For the Payment of which, the Shops lately built in the Churchyard are made over as a Security.

But more fully and particularly, the State of the Charities of this Parish stand thus.

King Edwad VI. by Letters Patents dated the 14. June in the 5th of his Reign gace 12l. 4s. per ann. to the relief of the Poor, payable out of the Exchequer at Michaelmas and Lady-day.

Philip Gunter, Skinner, by Will gave 13s. 4d. for maintenance of two Sermons for ever: One on the 25th of December, the other the 25th of March. For which Sermons the Minister is to have 13s. 4s. that is 6s. and 8d. for each.

John Lute, Clothworker, by Will appointed that Company to deliver, upon St. Luke's Day for ever, to six poor Men, and six poor Women, after the Sermon preached in the Foorenoon that day, each of them a Gown, a pair of Hose and Shoes, and six Shirts for the Men, and six Shifts for the Women. For which Sermon the Minister is paid by the said Company 13s. 4d. For all which Expences the House called the Red Lion in Cornhil, near the Cardinals Hat, stands charged.

William Baily, Baker, by Will gave his Tenement in Jelly Alley in the Parish of S. Bartholomew near the Exchange: For a Sermon to be preached on Sunday next after Low Sunday; and towards the relief of the Poor of the Parish. The Minister allowed for his Sermon, 6s. 8d.

Mrs. Daynes, Widow, whose Husband was free of the Ironmongers, gave 20s. a Year to the Poor, to be laid out in Faggots at Christmas, annually paid by the Company.

Mr. Parsons 20s. a Year to be paid by the Merchant Taylors, for forty poor People of the Parish, at Christmas.

John Vernon, Merchant Taylor, 48s. yearly, for fifty two dozen of penny wheaten Bread, for the Poor of this Parish. Paid by the Merchant Taylors. He also gave to the Parish two Silver Pots with Covers, with his Arms upon them weighing together 88 Ounces; to be used at the Sacrament; and a Sermon on the 23d of December.

John Pasbridge, Scrivener, by Will gave 10s. for a Sermon, to be preached on the fifth of November, annually at Even Prayer, between the Hours of five and six Even. Paid by Christ's Hospital.

Laurence Caldal, Esq; Vintner, by Will gave his House in Three Tun Alley without Bishopsgate, let at 50s. per ann. to this Parish, for these Uses, viz, 30s. to the Poor; that is, 10s. at Christmas, 10 at Easter, and 10 at Whitsuntide: and for three Sermons on those days at Evening Prayer; that is 6s. 8d. for each Sermon. And if a greaer Rent hereafter he paid, the Overplus to be bestowed upon the new building or repair of the House.

Godfrey Rainer, Scrivener, by Will gave 40l. to the Poor; and 50l. more to be put out to Interest at 4l. per Cent. which being 40s. per ann. 20s. is given for a Sermon on Good Friday, and 20s. to be distributed among the Poor the same day after Sermon ended.

John Rayny, Esq; free of the Drapers, gave by Will 40l. per ann. for maintenance of a Lecture in this Church every Sabbath day in the Morning for ever, to begin half an Hour before seven; and every Holiday, to begin between nine and ten in the Morning; except upon special Occasions in the Church; the same to be referred till the Afternoon. And then to begin at the usual time of Evening Prayer. Also 5s. a piece to the two Churchwardens, for seeing the same performed. And 25s. a year for Candles at the Lecture, to be paid at the Feast of the Annunciation. And 20s. a piece to the Clark and Sexton. To be paid by the Drapers. Certain Houses in Gracechurch Street charged for the Payment.

Andrew Yardly, Upholder, gave 40l. to be lent at 40s. a Year Interest upon Security. Which 40s. to be paid yearly on the Feast of S. Andrew towards the relief of the poor Pensioners of the Parish.

Mr. Abbots devised unto the Parson and Churchwardens, the Annuity of 5l. issuing out of certain Houses in Birching Lane; and also the Annuity of 4s. by year out of his Houses in Cornhil. Upon Trust to give 2s. a Week to the Poor in Bread.

Spencer Cooper, Esq; gave 5l. per ann. in Bread to be distributed for ever, Anno 1676.

Now for the Parsonage House, and other Houses belonging to the Parish: The Parsonage House being burnt down was rebuilt, leased out from 1670. for forty years at the Rent of 18l. per annum.


In the 11th of Queen Elizabeth, were four Houses next the Street, given for the Reparation of the Church, &c. by Richard Matthew, as appears by the Register of Bishop Grindal, 1571.

For Reparation of the Church.

A House adjoining to the said Parsonage House, leased to Sam. Purchase from 1670. for forty years, at the yearly Rent of 7l. Likewise a small part of an House in the Churchyard leased to Tho. Pool from 1674. for forty years, at 40s. Rent.

A House in the Churchyard, where Dr. Beveridge dwelt, leased out for forty years 1674. at one Pepper Corn.

Certain Lights into the Churchyard leased out to Joh. Martin, from 1669. for 31 years, at the Rent of 20s. a year.

A little Light in the Churchyard leased to Grevyl, 1679. for twenty years at 5s.

Then have ye Birchover Lane, so called of Birchover, the first builder and owner thereof, now corruptly called Birchin Lane, the North

Birchovers Lane.