Cornhil Ward. Monuments in S. Michaels. 147

Cornhil Ward. Monuments in S. Michaels.

for shortly the Inscriptions engraven thereon, will not any way possibly be read.

It is as follows.

Memoriæ Sacrum.
LAURENTIO & MARIæ CALDWELL conjugibus sacro fœdere junctis, & duodenæ Prolis Parentibus. Quorum Uxor & Mater MARIA obiit Octobris xx. Anno Dom. 1621. Maritus & Pater LAURENTIUS, Novemb. 21. 1625. Septuagenariis utrisq;: Liberalibus & suis, & de suis. Hoc Sepulchrum posuere parentalis hæredes Bonitatis, Filii eorum observantissimi: Quos defunctos & Deus habet, & pauperes carendo lugent.

J. S.

Omnia Ossa justi custodit Dominus.

As it were a Scrol held by an Angel.

Under this upon the Figure of a Tomb.

Here is lodg'd a loving Pair,
Sleeping, rest they free from Care.
Though their Journey from their Birth,
Had been tedious long on Earth,
He that freed them from their Sin
Sent them to this holy Inne,
Joyful Requiems for to sing
Hallelujahs to their King;
Til the Summons, til the DAY,
Til the Trump sound, RISE, AWAY.]

Also since the Fire of London were these MONUMENTS set up.


In a Vault lyeth interred the Body of Mr. John Young, Citizen and Draper of London, of this Parish, who departed this Life, Feb. 22. 1670. aged 43 years.

R. B.

On a flat Stone near the Ile lyeth the Body of Mrs. Mary Culpepper, late Wife of Mr. Hen. Culpepper, Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London, and of this Parish, Daughter of Sir James Beverley of Gaines Park in Huntingtonshire, Knt. who dyed the 21st of March, 1670. aged 24 years. With these Words taken out the Bible. Joh. xxiv. ṿ 26. and 2 Corinth. v. ṿ 1.

On another flat Stone, here lyeth the body of Mrs. Elizabeth Ongley, buried the 26th of March, 1694.

Sir William Cowper of Ratling Court in Kent, Knight and Baronet, born the 7th of March, 1582, married Mrs. Martha Master, of East Langdon in the said County, and dyed the 20th of December, 1671. Both lye buried in the Cloysters. In the pious Memory of whom Spencer Cowper, Esq; fourth Son of the said Sir Will. and Martha erected this Monument, and dyed a Batchelor the 6th November, 1676. in the 57th year of his age.

South Ile.

Near this Place in the Chancel lyeth interred, in hope of a happy Resurrection, the Bodies of Francis Mosse, and Henry his Son: both sometyme antient Inhabitants of this Parish, Masters of the Company of Scriveners, and Deputies of the Ward. And having served God faithfully in this Life, removed to a better, October the 20th, 1657. aged 36 years. Henry, May the 28th, 1676. aged 62 years.

Near this Place lyeth the Body of Sir Edward Cowper, Kt. second Son of Sir William Cowper, who was born the 5th of August, 1614. and dyed a Batchelor the 10th of November, 1685. in the 71 year of his age. Who having left many liveing Monuments of his most just and charitable Life, ordered this Tomb to be erected by his Nephew, and sole Executor Edward Cowper, in remembrance of his much lamented Death.

In the North Ile.

Near this place lyeth interred the Bodies of Luke Nourse, late of Glocester, Esq; who dyed April 25th, 1673. aged 89 years.

And of Hugh Wells, late of this Parish, Citizen and Armorer of London, who dyed Feb. 25th, 1673. aged 84 years.

And also of Edward Nourse, Citizen and Girdler of London, Son to the said Luke Nourse. He marryed Mary one of the Daughters of the said Hugh Wells, he dyed June 12th, 1689. aged 65 years.]

In the Middle Ile, Edward Folkingham of this Parish, 26. Sept. 1698.

J. S.

North of the Communion Table, the Effigies of Man half way, and this Inscription.

To the pious memory of Mr. John Vernon, late a worthy Member of the worshipful Company of Merchant Taylors: Who by his last Will gave many large Legacies towards the annul Relief of several Poor of that and other Companies of this City, amounting yearly to 200l. All which Charities are duly paid by the said Company. Who in gratutude to that great Benefactor, erected this Monument at their Charge in the place where one was ruined by the Fire, Anno 1666.

Mortales juxta Conduntur Exuviæ
Viri fortis & boni,
Johannis Huitson
De Cleasby in Agro Eboracensi oriundi,     
Qui in Castris ab ineunte ætate enutritus,
Exant latis plurimis cum successu plerumq;     
Cum fide semper & virtute laboribus,     
In iisdem consenuit:
Subditi fidelis, amici constantis, & strenui militis.     
Usq; ad Chiliarchæ Dignitatem
Favente Carolo, firmante Jacobo Secundis,     
Suffragantibus meritis propriis provectus,
Munera obivit omnia & implevit,     
Emeritus tandem, nempe sexagenarius & ultra,
Depositâ, quam in terris cum Laude gesserat, Militiâ     
In Cœlis Triumphum auspicatus est,
Idibus Aprilis 1689.

Uxorem daxit, Martha, Domini Gulielmi Cooper de Ratling Court in Agro Cantiano Baronetti Filaim natu secundam, quæ obiit viii id. Nov. 1681.]

Dame Hutton left 100l. to be given away in Bread as the Parish thinks fit.


R. B.

Spencer Cowper, Esq; gave 5l. per ann. in Bread, to be distributed every first Sunday in the Month amongst the Poor of this Parish, Anno 1678.]

This Parish Church hath on the South side thereof a proper Cloyster, and a fair Churchyard, with a Pulpit Cross, not much unlike to that in Pauls Churchyard. Sir John Rudston * Maior, caused the same Pulpit Cross, in his Life time to be builded, the Churchyard to be enlarged, by Ground purchased of the next Parish, and also proper Houses to be raised, for lodging of Quire Men, such as at that time were assistants to Divine Service, then daily sung by Note, in that Church.

Pulpit Cross in S. Michael Churchyard.


First Edit.

The said Jo. Rudstone, deceased, 1531. and was buried in a Vault under the said Pulpit Cross: He appointed Lands for Sermons to be preached there, not now performed; and his