Cornhill Ward. S. Michaels. Interments. 145

Cornhill Ward. S. Michaels. Interments.

suage, with the Appurtenaces, which were called the Lady Lisles Lands, for the Rent of eight Pound, thirteen Shillings, four Pence the Year. The Parishioners since gave it up as Chauntryland, and wronged themselves.

The said Jehane Vicountess Lisle Widow made her Will Aug. 8, 1505. And therein bequeathed her Body to be buried within the Parish Church of St. Michael upon Cornhil, under the Sepulchre where Robert Drope, late her Husband lay buried. And she did heartily require her right dear and intirely beloved Son John Grey, Viscount Lisle, Son and Heir of her late loving Lord and Husband, and the three noble Sisters of the same young Lord, to consider her honest Mind toward the Perfomance of the Will of her said Lord and Husband, &c.

Viscountess Lisle's Will.

J. S.

Here were also buried (tho' their Monuments are gone long since) these Persons following:



Hic jacet Johannes Boys, nuper Civis & Pannarius Lond. Qui obit in Vigilia natalis Dom. An. 1430.

Johannes King, Vicesomes Lond. 1434.

Hic jacet Johannes Grace Peanterer, quondam Civis Lond. & Johanna Uxor ejus. Qui Johannes ob. Jan. 3. 1439.

Here lyeth Margaret Nutson late Wife of Thomas Nutson, Draper. Which Margaret dyed Jun. 26. 1487.

Hic jacet Johannes Goodal, & Agnes Ux. ejus. Qui Johannes obijt - Oct. 1464.

Thomas Rathband Citizen and Draper of London, and Edith his Wife. Which Thomas dyed the 13 April, 1499.

Thomas Clark, Citizen and Skinner of London, and Alys his Wife. Which Thomas dyed An. Dom. 1513.

Pray for the Soul of John Maidenhead Draper of London, with Diones his Wife. Which John ob. the 2. of Sept. 1524.

John Launder Citizen & Clothworker of London, and Agnes his Wife. Which John dyed the 9. of May 1529.

Pray for the Soul of Thomas Knight Brewer of London, Alice and Luce his Wives. Which Thomas dyed the 23. of Dec. 1534. And the said Alice deceased the 5. Day of July 1533. On whose Souls Jesu have Mercy.

Here lyeth the Body of Maudlin Lodge, who dyed A.D. 15

Et Mauld sa feme, qui sont icy
Dieu de lour almes eit Mercy, Amen.
nescitur origo secundi
An Labor, an Requies. Sic transit gloria mundi.

Here under lyeth the Body of Margaret Keval, late Wife of Citizen and Writer of the Court Letters of London. Which Margaret dyed the 22. Apr. 1583. Who had between them three Children, Stephen, Jane and Mary.

His Coat here was Sable; a Fesse with a Flower de Lys, between three Horse-heads erazed, bridled

The Crest, a Horse-head bridled, Arg. upon a Ducal Coronet.]

Peter Houghton, late Alderman, buried Anno 1569. laid in the Vault of the Lady Lisle.

Thomas Houghton, Father of the said Peter Houghton.

J. S.

As Heart in Life with Love were linckt,     
So here their Bodies ly,
Adjoyning close, so are I hope,     
Their Souls with God on high:
Their Names as wel of him as hers,     
Before their day of Death,
Were these; He Thomas Houghton, and     
His Wife Elizabeth.
Behind him hath left alive     
But children [onely] three;
Two Daughters, and one only Son,     
And I alas! am he.
Who Peter [Houghton] have to name,     
Which here erected have,
In memory of Parents mine,     
This Stone upon their Grave.

A Hatchment of Peter Houghton. Sable. Three Barrs, Arg. A Crescent for distinction. The Crest, a Bulls head erazed, Arg. Three Barrs on the Neck, Sable; the Hornes, the same.]

Robert Fabian Alderman, that wrote and published a Chronicle of England and of France, was buried there, 1511. with this Epitaph.

Like as the day his course doth consume,
And the new morrow springeth again as fast,
So man and woman by natures custome,
This life to passe, at last in earth are cast,
In joy, and sorrow, which here their time do wast.
Never in one state, but in course Transitory,
So full of change, is of this world the glory.

His Monument is gone.

Elizabeth Peak, Widow, lyeth buried in the Belfrey, 1518.

Richard Greneham, 1527.

Edmond Trindel, and Robert Smith, my Godfathers.

William Dickson, and Margaret his Wife, my Godmother, did lie in the Cloister under a fair Tombe, now defaced.

Thomas Stow my Granfather, about the yeere, 1526. And Thomas Stow my Father, 1559.

The last Will of the former Thomas Stow shews his Trade, Ability and Devotion according to the Superstition of that Age; and likewise the divers Altars in that Church, and Guildes or Brotherhoods belonging to it in Old Time: declaring also the Ancestors of John Stow, the Author of this Book. Which Will therefore as taken out of the Bishops of London Register, and communicated to me by a worthy Friend, may deserve to have a Place here.

The last Will of Tho. Stow, buried in the Green Church yard.

J. S.

IN the Name of God, Amen In the year of our Lord God MCCCCCXXVI the last day of December, I Tho. Stow, Citizen and Tallowchaundeler of London, in good and hole mynde, Thanckes be to our Lord Jhu. make this my present Tastament. Fyrst, I bequayth my Soul to Jhu Christ, and to our blessyd Lady Seynt Mary the Virgin, &c. My Body to be buryed in the litell Grene Churchyard of the Parysshe Church of Seynt Myghel in Cornehyll, betwene the Crosse and the Church Wall, nigh the Wall as may be, by my Father and Mother, Systers and Brothers, and also my own Childerne.

Tunstal. Fol. lxxxix.b. Lib. Testam. in Offic. Registrar. Episc. Lond.

J. Hare Herald.

Also, I bequeith to the hye Aultar of the foreseid Church, for my Tythis forgeten 12d. Item, to Jhus Brotherhedde 12d. I gyve to our Ladys and Seint Brotherhedde 12d. I gyve to Seynt Cristofer and Seynt George 12d. Alsoe, I gyve to the vii Aultars in the Church aforeseyd, in the Worhsip of the vii Sacraments every yere during iii yeres 20d. Item, vsh. to have on every Aultar a wacchyng Candell, burning from vi of the Clocke tyll it be past vii. in Worship of vii Sacraments. And this Candell shall begynne to burne, and to be set upon the Aultar from Allhalowen day tyll it be Candelmas day fol-