Cornhil Ward. St. Michaels. Benefactors. 144

Cornhil Ward. St. Michaels. Benefactors.

And here a Note of this Steeple, as I have oft heard my Father report. Upon Saint James Night, certain Men in the Loft next under the Bells, ringing of a Peal, a Tempest of Lightning and Thunder did arise, and an ugly shapen Sight appeared to them, coming in at the South Window, and lighted on the North. For fear whereof, they all fell down, and lay as dead for the time, letting the Bells ring and cease of their own accord. When the Ringers came to themselves, they found certain Stones of the North Window to be raised and scrat, as if they had been so much Butter printed with a Lyons Claw: the same Stones were fastned there again, and so remain till this Day. I have seen them oft, and have put a Feather or small Stick in the Holes, where the Claws had entred 3 or 4 Inches deep.

Lightning and Thunder, with ugly Shaps seen in St. Michaels Steeple.

The Print of Claws to be seen in hard Stone.

Pulpit Cross in Pauls Churchyard overturned.

At the same time, certain main Timber Posts at Queen Hith, were scrat and cleft from the top to the bottom, and the Pulpit Cross in Pauls Churchyard was likewise scat, cleft, and overturned. One of the Ringers lived in my youth, whom I have oft heard to verifie the same to be true; but to returne.

William Rus *, was a special Benefactor to this Church. His Arms yet remain in the Windows.

*or Rous, an Alderman of London.

William Rus, Alderman of London, Goldsmith and Sheriff, 1429. buried in the Chapel of Saint Mary in S. Michael Cornhill. He gave, by his Will, dated June 5. 1433. to find to all the Chaplains of the said Church Bread, called Synging Brede.

Will. Rus Regist. Lond.

J. S.

By a Codicil to his Will dat. July 5. 1433. Gives, out of the Debt due to him by the Duke of Orleans, in case it be received, an 100l. to be laid out, ad faciend. unum Dorsum Altaris in the Chancel of the Church of S. Michael Cornhill, after the form of the Altar in Christ's Church, Canterbury. And 40l. out of the same Debt to be laid out about the Ornaments of the Altar in S. Maries Chapel in the said Church of S. Michael. Also, 20l. more thence, to be laid out about the building of the new Steeple of the said Church. Also he willed, that in case the Debt that was due him and Isabel his Wife by the Executors of Rich. Whittington were recovered, it be laid out about the Fabric of the Chapel of the Bl. Mary in the said Church.

Will. Rus S. Mich. Cornhil.

He gave also by his said Will, Deo & Ecclesiæ St. Michaelis aforesaid, and to the Rector, Guardians and Keepers of the Work and Goods of the said Church for the time being, all his Lands and Tenements with their Appurtenances, which he had jointly with Isabel his Wife, for her Life, and his Heirs and Assigns, in the Parish of S. Michael. To have to them, the Rector and Guardians, for ever. On Condition that they find one Chaplain to celebrate Divine Offices in the Chapel of S. Mary aforesaid in the said Church: To pray for his Soul, and his Wife Isabel's; and for the Souls of Humfrey Duke of Gloucester, Gerard Afflete, Knt. Robert Rus his Father, and Katharine his Mother, and Joh. Whistwell his Master. Amd that the Chaplain received for his Salary out of the Profits of the said Lands, &c. eleven Marks Sterling at the four Terms of the Year.

Regist. Ep. Lond.

A Chaplain to the Chapel of St. Mary.

And willed further, that with forty Shillings going out of the said Lands and Tenements yearly for ever, be bought Coals by the Rector and Keepers of the said Church. And that they distribute the said Coals among the Poor in Cornhill Ward.

There was an Augmentation made of the Stipend of the said Chaplain by the Will of John Luskin, Citizen and Pasteler of London, bearing date, 1453.]

William Comerton, Symon Smith, Walter Be- lengham were buried there, and founded Chaunteries there.

Alice, sometime Wife of John Langhorn, Citizen and Brasier of London, willed by her Will dated Febr. 4. 1420. 6 H. 5. to be buried in this Church under a Marble Stone, where the Body of her late Husband lay buried. Item, Lego Fabricæ ejusdem Ecclesiæ pro Sepultura mea ibm. habend. - In Codicillo dat. 12. March. 1420. Imprimis, Lego, in auxilium ad faciend. & construend. de novo Campanile Ecclesiæ, S. Mich. super Cornhill, Lond. 40l. Sterl.

Alice Langhorns Legacies to this Church.

J. Wor.

Peter Heynewic, Archdeacon of Colchester, buried in S. Michael Cornhil. Lond. John Smal, Archdeacon of London, Legatarius. An. 1425.

Pet. Hynewic. E. Alex.

Tho. Lyffyn, Citizen and Draper by Will 1482. gives to the Works of the Parish Church of Thoyden Gernon in Essex, to the intent the Parishioners pray for the Souls of Will, Sternest and Margaret his Wife, and his Daughter, the Soul of Clement Lyffyn and his Soul, five Marks: Which shall be taken of his Wode, called Colewode.

St. Mich. Cornhil Regist. Lond.

Item, He gives to the Masters of the Fraternity of our Lady St. Anne, founded in the Parish Church of St. Michael Cornhil for the time, to the use of the said Fraternity, his Tenement, Brewhouse, with the Appurtenances, called The Half Moon with the Garden, lying in the Parish of S. Botulph Bishopsgate, London, for ever: That they keep the 8th of October an Obit, or Anniversary, for the Soul of Clement Lyffyn and Mary his Wife, and of him, the said Tho. Lyffyn.

Fraternity of St. Anne.

Elizab. Smyth by her Will, dat. Feb. 9. 1540-1. ordered to be buried in S. Michael Cornhil, if she dyed in London, and if she dyed in Essex, then in the Church of Thoydon Garnon, nigh the place where Rob. Fabian sometime her Husband lay buried. Gives to Joh. Fabian, Son of Rob. Fabian her Son, late of Lond. Grocer, deceased, 40l. &c. and all her Household Stuff, that shall be in her Mansion House, called Halsted in Thoydon Garnon. Gives to her Son Anthony Fabian her said Manour House called Halsted, and forty Acres of arable Ground and Meddow lying in Thoydon Garnon, and Thoydon Mount.

Rob. Fabian Cornhil Reg. Lond. in Essex.



Robert Drope, Maior, [1474.] buried 1485. on the North side the Quire, under a fair Tomb of Grey Marble. He gave to poor Maids Marriages of that Parish twenty pound: To the poor of that Ward ten pound; Shirts and Smocks three hundred, and Gowns of Broad Cloth, one hundred; [to Prisons, Hospitals, and Lazar Houses liberally. He also gave his House in Cornhil to be sold, and the Price thereof to be spent on the Amendment of Highways. And to the Poor at his Burial 16l.]

Benefactors to this Parish.

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Jane * his Wife, afterwards Vicecountess Lisle [matching with Edward Gray, Viscount Lisle] was also buried there by her first Husband 1500. She gave 90 Pound in Money to the beautifying of that Church, and her great Messuage with the Appurtenance, which was by her Executors, W. Caple and other, 1517. the ninth of Henry the eighth, assured to John Wardroper, Parson, T. Clearke, W. Dixson, and John Murdon, Wardens of the said Church, and their Successors for ever. They to keep yearly for her an Obit, or Anniversary; to be spent on the poor, and otherwise. In all three pounds, the rest of the Profits to be imployed in reparation of the Church.

*Johane First Edit.

In the 34 Year of Henry the eighth, Edward Stephan, Parson, T. Spencer, P. Guntar, and G. Crouch, Churchwardens, granted to T. Lodge, a Lease for threescore years of the said great Mes-