Cornhil Ward. Monuments in S. Peters. 140

Cornhil Ward. Monuments in S. Peters.

of England at his Death. Who dyed 16 Febr. 1558. His Coat born quarterly, a Fesse indented charged with six Annulets betwixt five Cranes. 2. Fretty. The third as the second; the fourth as the first.]

Thomas Gardener, Grocer.

Justice Smith, and other beside.

In the Yeere of Jesus     
Christ's Incarnation,
One thousand, five hundred,     
forty and foure,
The 22. Day of April,     
by just Computation;
In this place was buried     
with great Honour,
Which proved a Man     
meet to bee a Governour,
For the Common-wealth     
of this high and famous Citie:
Called Sir William Bowyer,     
Lord of the Maioralty,
Which departed not with     
finding great Calamity:
And pray we to GOD,     
to grant his Soule mercy.
O London, if thou looke     
to the Lacedemonies,
There to finde Lycurgus     
that noble and kinde King;
Or if thou seeke for Ciceroes     
Men most of Prize,
Or if thou apply thee to have     
all the whole desiring
Of Amphyon, Orpheus,     
or of Mecænas demeaning;
Seeke no further to finde,     
for here hee is buried,
Which had all their Proprieties,     
for London's good ordering.
Bee wee then of his honourable     
Degree well conceiving,
For his Acts for ever     
be registred in London's meaning.

A faire ancient Tombe for Sir William Bowyer in the South Ile of the Quire.

A. M.

Here lyeth Sir Henry Huberthorne, sometime Lord Maior and Merchant Taylor of this Citie of London, and Dame Elizabeth his Wife. Hee departed this Life, &c. And the said Dame Elizabeth left this transitory Life in Anno Domini, 1551.

A faire Marble Stone under the Communion Table, plated about.

Here under lieth buried     
William Messe of this Citie,
Whil'st he lived, free     
of the Grocers Company,
And Julian his Wife.     
To whom 24. Yeeres married was he.
By whom God sent him     
five Sonnes and Daughters three,
And to Gods will     
his Heart was alwaies bent.
So did his Death     
shew a Life well spent.
Here this is written,     
that other may remember,
His godly departure,     
from this World the 26. of September.

A faire plated Stone, neere to the other.

In the same Vault with Sir William Bowyer's Body, is Mr. Alderman Walthal's also laid, but no Monument as yet made for him, beside his Funerall Banners.


In a Vault in the Chancel, upon the 18th Day of December, in the year of our Lord 1625, was buried the Body of Thomas Westrow, Alderman and Sheriff of London; the Son of Timothy We- strow, sometime Citizen and Grocer, in this Parish.

His Hatchments, and such Ensignes as were belonging to his Name and Degree, hanging over him.

Neer to this in the Chancel, about a fair Marble Stone, is this Inscription.

Here lieth buried the Body of Judith Fowler, with her new born Son, deceased the 22th of November, Anno. Dom. 1613. Stilo Angliæ.

Upon it thus.

She was born in Antwerp, the Daughter of John Schine Merchant (Stranger) of Middleborough, and Wife of Jasper Fowler, Citizen and Mercer of London; She died in Childbed in the Faith and Love of God. She left behinde her living, one only Sonne, and one Daughter, Richard and Cornelia.

Of late, since the rebuilding of this Church of St. Peters, are these Monumental Remembrances of Persons buried here.

Monuments of later times.

J. S.

In the Chancel.

Colinge Bendy, Son of Nic. Bendy of this Parish, Oct. 6. 1687. And Sarah his Wife, Daughter of Jeremiah Green Esq; Mar. 12, 1691.

In the Body of the Church, middle Ile, Will. Hinton, Citizen and Ironmonger of London, dyed 1689. And Elizabeth Chewning his First Wife, and Rebecca Leman his second Wife.

Robert Fowler, 1691.

Against the West Wall an Inscription for James Buck S.T.B. Aged 89. Dyed 1685.

In the lower End of the Church a Stone for eight Sons and five Daughters of Robert and Elizabeth Rowland. An. 1682.

Round the Place where thew Font stands are white Marble Bannisters. On which is thus writ: Here ly the Bodies of Margaret and Mary, Wives of Samuel Purchas: by whom he had 8 Sons and 7 Daughters. All which, except two Daughters, ly here interred. Who shall rise again and live for ever, An. Dom. MDCLXXXI. This Purchas gave this Font.

Mary Weston, 1694.

Upon a Gravestone in the middle of the Chancel an Inscription importing, to ly there the Body of Martha the Daughter of Francis Breerewood Esq; by his first Wife Martha Graves. She was married to Roger Burroughs Citizen of London, and deceased without Issue Jan. 24. 1698. Aged 25 years.

Here also resteth the Body of the abovenamed FRANCIS BREEREWOOD Esq; who was the Fourth Son of Sir Robert Breerewood of Cheshire, and divers years an Inhabitant of this Parish. He departed this Life the 25. of March, 1707. in the 66th year of his Age.

This Gentleman had been a Linnen Draper in Cornhill: and afterwards Treasurer of Christs Hospital.

This Church destroyed in the great Fire, was rebuilt and finished Anno 1681. There belongs to it a good pair of Organs, and a decent Font enclosed with Marble Pillars.]

The Church rebuilt.

The CHARITIES of the Parish of St. Peter upon Cornehil.


Launcelot Tompson of London, Draper, was buried in this Parish Church, and gave 20l. for the yeerely preaching of five Sermons, untill the Money should be fully run out. Which Sermons were all preached by Dr. Ashbold, Parson there. Also he gave 100l. to the Drapers Com-

Charities belonging to this Parish.