Cornhil Ward. Monuments in S. Peters. 139

Cornhil Ward. Monuments in S. Peters.

in this Parish, as appeareth in the Yeere 1425. I read, that John Whitby was Rector, and John Steward Schoolemaster there: and in the 25. of Henry the Sixth it was enacted by Parliament, that four Grammar Scholes in London, should be maintained, viz. In the Parishes of Alhallowes in Thames Street: Saint Andrews in Olborne: Saint Peters upon Cornehill; and Saint Thomas of Acars.

Grammar Schooles commanded by Parliament.

This Church is yet in Repair. The Steeple began to be repaired in the Year of our Lord 1628. and was finished 1629. The Church it self was begun to be repaired in March 1632. and is (as they make account) about All Saints Day in this present Year 1633. to be finished; and, at the sole Cost and Charge of the Parishioners, without, within, in all and every part of it, richly and very worthily beautified. The certain Charge cannot yet be known, but as I have heard probably imagined by what is done and to do, it is about 1400l. The Churchwardens this Year of finishing are

This Church when repaired.


Thomas Birkett,
Theophilus Bolton.]

In this Parish of S. Peters were seventeen Messuages and Tenements in the separate Tenures and Occupations of Lamb, Wright, Lindsey, Wait, &c. all belonging to Chauntreys and Guilds, that is, religious Fraternities, which came to the King by vertue of the Act whereby they were dissolved. And 3. Edw. 6. they were sold to Edward Elrington and Thomas Bental.

Seventeen Messuages belonging to Chantries in this Parish.

J. S.

There used anciently to be a great Procession on Whitsun-Monday from S. Peters Cornhill: All the Rectors of London first going; then the Livery of the Maior and Sheriffs; through Cornhill and Cheapside to S. Pauls Churchyard. And on the North they were met by the Procession of the Church of S. Pauls.]

A Procession of Rectors of London.

MONUMENTS of the Dead in this Church defaced.


I read of Hugh Waltham.

Monuments and Benefactors.

Nicholas Pricot, Mercer, Alderman,

Richard Manhall, 1503.

William Kingstone, Fishmonger, gave his Tenements called the Horse-mill in Grasse Street, to this Church, and was there buried, about the Yeere, 1298.

John Unisbrugh, Poulter, 1410.

John Low.

Margerie Clopton, Widow, Relict of Robert Clopton, sometime Citizen and Alderman of London, was buried in the Chapel of St. Mary, annexed to the Chancell of S. Peters Cornhill, An. 1462.]

S. Peter's Cornhil Reg. London.

J. Wor.

Also, Peter Mason, Taylor, gave to this Church seven Pound Starling yeerly for ever, out of his Tenements in Colechurch Parish, and deceased about the Yeere, 1416.

Joane Clerke of London, Widow, in her Testament made 15. Decemb. 1490. willed that out of the Revenues of a Tenement Brewhouse, called The Helme, lying in the Parish of S. Peter upon Cornhill of London, 10s. be paid unto Mr. John Breton, then Parson of the aforesaid Parish, and to his Successors, the Parsons of the same Parish, to be dealt by them to the Poor of the said Parish, on the day of the Year she died.]

Joan Clerke Registr. Test. Harvey, fol. 20.b.

J. Worthingt.

John Foxton founded a Chauntry there.

Whose Coat of Arms remaining in this Church was a Chevron, Gules, betwixt three Bugles braced.]

J. S.

A Brotherhood of Saint Peter was in this Church established by Henry the Fourth, the fourth of his Reigne. William Brampton, and William Askham, Fishmongers and Aldermen, were chiefe Procurers thereof, for the Fishmongers. Of late buried there.

Brotherhood of S. Peter.

Sir William Bowyer, Mayor, 1543.

Sir Henry Huberthorne, Maior, 1546.

Sir Christopher Morice, Master Gunner of England to King Henry the Eight.

Edward Elrington, Esq; chief Butler to Edward the Sixth. And divers other that be defaced.

Some whereof I have received the Memory of, with their Inscriptions and Coats of Armes that stood upon the Monuments: namely,

J. S.

Orate pro anima Johannis Beauchamp de la Holt Militis. Qui obijt 1407. Cujus animæ propitietur Deus. Amen. The Coat was a Feffe between six Billets, a Helmet for the Crest.

Hic jacet Johannes Sparke Civis & Cheesman, Lond. Qui ob. 29. Sept. 1425. Et Isabel Uxor ejus. Quæ ob. 24. Jan. 1428.

Hic jacet in tumulo Doctor venerabilis HUGO
DANSET olim Rector vero fideiq; Protector.

M.C. quater qt. X. ter IX. sit I. sex
Aprilisq; die ter IV. semel I. migrat ille.

Pray for the Souls of Thomas Lomner Citizen and Mercer of London, and Elizabeth his Wife. Which Thomas deceased 28 March, 1492. And for the Children of them. On whose Souls Jesu have mercy, Amen. The Coat on the dexter side of the Inscription is a Bend with three Escalops, two Bendlets on each side charged with three Ermin. On the Sinister, a Chevron between three Libbarts Heads erazed.

Of your Charite, pray for the Soul of Thomas Pend, Citizen and Draper of London; and Elizabeth and Joan his Wives, Thomas dyed 26. Jun. Anno Dom. 1499. The Coat Baron and Femme. 1. A Chevron Ermin between three Wiverns. 2. A Fesse indented between 3 Libbarts Heads.

Hic jacet Magister Joannes Breton Dr. S. Th. ac quondam Rector istius Ecclesie. Ob. 29. Sept. An. Dom. 1500.

Pray for the Soul of Will. Spinke, Draper of London. Who dyed 9 Octo. 1503. Here be the Drapers Armes only.

Pray for the Soul of Henry Ade, Citizen and Grocer of London, and Merchant of the Staple of Calais: [And of] Margaret and Julian his Wives. Henry died 15 Apr. 1516. His Coat Barry of three.

Orate pro animabus Henrici Patmer Pannarii & Civis Lond. Johnannæ, & Julianæ filiæ Wilhelmi Poines de Essex generosi, Uxorum ejus. Henricus ob. 7. Oct. 1520. The Coat on the dexter side Baron and Femme: Both quarterly. 1. Three Shields. 2. Three Chevrons. The third as the second; the fourth as the First. The Femme Coat. 1. Barry of Eight, a Muller. 2. A Chevron Ermin, between three Lozenges Ermin. The third as the second; the fourth as the first.

Pray for the Souls of Richard Vannel, Citizen and Goldsmith of London; and of Elizabeth and Joane his Wives. Richard dyed 1521.

Agnes Reed, Daughter and Heir of Andrew Reed of Wrangle, sometime Merchant of the Staple of Calis. Agnes dyed in the 31. Year of her Age on St. Luke's Day, 18. Oct. 1522. The Coat is Baron and Femme. Barry of four, on the Chief three Roundlets.

Hic jacet Willielmus Page Civis & Pistor, London. Et Idonia, Johanna & Johanna Uxores ejus. Quorum animabus propitietur Deus. Amen.

Here lyeth Edward Erlington, which was Esq; of the Body of King Edward VI. and chief Butler