Broadstreet Ward. The Streets, Courts, &c. 132

Broadstreet Ward. The Streets, Courts, &c.

Sutton Court, which hath a Passage into Bishopsgate Street. It is a pretty handsome new built Court, with a Free Stone Pavement, and well inhabited, but this Court is in Bishopsgate Ward. Betwixt Helmet Court and Queens Head Alley is Cock Yard, a Place of ordinary Account.

Suttons Court.

Cock Yard.

Now going back again, we turn South into Broadstreet, very spacious graced with good Buildings, which are well inhabited; which said Street from London Wall runs Southwards, till bending West it falls into Throgmorton Street, and more South into Little Broadstreet, and thence into Thredneedle Street. In this Broadstreet are these Alleys, Courts, and Places of Name: beginning next to London Wall. First; White Horse Court pretty large, with old Timber Houses, nigh unto which is White Horse Yard, only for Stablings. Vine Court, now built up into Houses. Bull Alley, but narrow, and ordinary. The Pay Office, that which formerly was Winchester Place, a good large House, made use of, now of a long time, for the Payment of the Navy, &c. By the Corner of this House South is Winchester Street already mentioned. Pin-makers Hall and Pin-makers Alley, a pretty handsome Place, with a Free Stone Pavement. Crown Court, still more South, a handsome broad Place, with good Houses, well inhabited by Merchants and others.


White Horse Court and Yard.

Vine Court.

The Pay Office.

Pin-makers Alley.

Crown Court.

On the East side of this Street hereabouts is the back part of Gresham Colledge, which is in part in this Ward, but the greatest in Bishopsgate Ward, and there spoken of. Here stands Gresham's Almeshouse for 8 poor Men: To each of those poor Men there is the allowance of 6l. 13s. 8d. per ann. Near unto these Almeshouses is a Yard for Livery Horses, but without Name; having in it some Houses: and through it, is a common Passage into Bishopsgae Street. Next is the Excise Office, a very large and handsome Building, enclosing a square Court, being a Place very convenient for the Management of an Office of soe great a Concern, by reason of the many Rooms proper for the several Offices, Officers and Clerks: Divers of which Rooms are spacious, and to this Buildng is a large Yard, &c. Here now the Officers and Members of the South Sea Company meet and do their Business.

Greshams Almeshouses.

Excise Office.

South Sea Company.

Opposite to this Office is the Parish Church of S. Peters Poor, with a Dial hanging over the Street. A little beyond the Church is a Place called Augustin Fryers, now built into several large Houses partly inhabited by the Ministers of the Dutch Church, standing here, and partly by Merchants: One of these Houses belong to the Lustring Company.

St. Peters Poor Church.

Augustin Fryers.

Little Broadstreet.

Over against Augustin Fryers is Little Broadstreet, much narrower than the other. Wherein are these Places: Adams Court pretty large, well built and inhabited, at the upper end is one House larger than the rest, being the Habitation of a Merchant. Cushion Court, pretty handsome, but small, containing only two good Houses. Britains Yard, but small, having but one House. French Court indifferent well inhabited, with a Free Stone Pavement. Now back to Throgmorton Street; very well built and inhabited; the chief Place here is the House and Garden belonging to the Drapers Company. In this Street are these Courts and Places of Name, viz. Red Lyon Court, both small and ordinary. New Court, a pretty handsome square Place with good Houses. Shorters Court, a very neat square Place, with open Passage, the Houses well built and inhabited. St. Bartholomews Court, but mean. Angel Court, very large and handsome, garnished with good Buildings, the Habitation of Merchants, and People of Repute. Copt Hall Court, a large and handsome open Place, with Houses fit for good Inhabitants. Warnford Court, a good large Place, very well built and inhabited, at the upper end of which is a handsome large House, severed from the rest by a Wall which opens into a Court Yard, with a Garden, which House the Royal African Company made use of, until their removal to their House in Leadenhall Street; and is now made use of by the Managers of the Linnen Manufacture. Drapers Hall, a very large and spacious Building, having a comely Quadrangle in the Entrance to it.

Adams Court.

Cushion Court.

Britains Yard.

French Court.

Throgmorton Street.

Red Lyon Court.

New Court.

Shorters Court.

St. Bartholomew's Court.

Angel Court.

Copt Hall Court.

Warnford Court.

Drapers Hall.

Next Throgmorton Street West is Lothbury, a Street of a pretty good Trade, especially for Founders for the making of Candelsticks, Bells, and divers Utensils of Brass and Copper; the part of this Street which is in this Ward goeth but to the Corner of St. Margarets Lothbury Church, which it takes in but a small part of, the rest is in Coleman Street Ward: The Courts in this part are, Greens Court but ordinary. Princes Court, likewise but ordinary. Faulcon Court, but small, with a Free Stone Pavement. Token- house Yard, a large Place, with well built Houses fit for good Inhabitants, especially the Row on the East side, which have Court Yards, with Brick Walls before them; At the upper end of this Yard is a small Passage down Steps into Bell Alley in Coleman Street Ward. This Place took its Name from an old House there standing, which anciently was the Office for delivering out of Farthings. Whalebone Court, large, with a Free Stone Pavement, hath good Houses, pretty well tenanted.


Greens Court.

Princes Court.

Faulcon Court.

Tokenhouse Yard.

Whalebone Court.

Coming back we pass up St. Bartholomew Lane, which runs up to the North side of the Royal Exchange; a Place well built and inhabited, and of a good Trade, and the rather for being so great a Throughfare to and from the Exchange. In this Lane are Ship Yard, which hath a wide Entrance, is replenished with good Buildings, which are well inhabited; and the Court, which is spacious, hath a Free Stone Pavement. Nags Head Court is large, pretty well built and tenanted, with a Free Stone Pavement.

St. Bartholomew Lane.

Ship Yard.

Nags Head Court.

Then we come to St. Bartholomews Church seated at the South East Corner. This Church was destroyed in the Fire of London 1666. and is rebuilt of Free Stone, with a Towred Steeple.

St. Bartholomews Church.

Out of Bartholomew Lane we come into Thredneedle Street: which takes its beginning on the West in the Poultrey, and passing by St.Bartholomew Lane, and leaving Little Broadstreet on the North side, and Finch Lane on the South, falleth into Bishopsgate Street: In this Street are several good Buildings, well inhabited with divers noted Places, with Taverns, Coffee-houses, and other publick Places of Entertainment. At the West End of this Street is Princes Street, which with a turning Passage falls into Lothbury; this Street is very well built and inhabited; but the part next to Lothbury is in Coleman Street Ward. In the Part in this Ward is Drapers Court, which is pretty handsome, with a Free Stone Pavement, which with a turning Passage leads into Lothbury. Also Katharine Court, which is but small and ordinary.

Thredneedle Street.

Princes Street.

Drapers Court.

Katherine Court.

But to go back again into Thredneedle Street, wherein are these Courts and Places, at the West End Three Nun Court, pretty large and indifferent good, with a Free Stone Pavement.

Three Nun Court.

Next Eastward is S. Christophers Church, a good Structure, new built since the great Fire, wherein the old Church was consumed. On the North side it hath a good Curchyard enclosed with a Wall with Rows of Trees about it.

St. Christophers Church.

At the East End of this Church is another narrow Alley, which bears the Name of St. Christophers Alley. At the upper End whereof, going down Steps, is a handsome open Court,