Broadstreet Ward. 124

Broadstreet Ward.

and Hope. On the Base an Inscription for Thomas Adrian Esq; who dyed 1701.

Flat Stones over

Richard Nicoll late of this Parish, 1676. And Richard his posthumous Son, 1677. And Rebecca his Wife, 1679.

Katharine Green, late Wife of John Green, 1690. And two of their Daughters, Angeletta and Elizabeth. Also Susanna his second Wife: who departed 1700.

Before the Pulpit: flat Stones; for Henry Bainbrigg Esq; Citizen and Clothworker of London: 1665. And for William Bainbrigg Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London, 1672.

Sarah late Mother of Thomas Kemble of this Parish, 1673. And Sarah his Daughter 1673. And Elizabeth his Daughter, 1676. And Anne his Daughter, 1677. And Anne another Daughter 1683. And James his Son.

South Ile East part: Benjamin and Thomas, Sons of Tho. Blagrave Citizen and Vintener, who both died in May and June 1676.

Elizabeth, Peter, Margaret and Elizabeth, Children of Peter Aylworth, and Thomas his Son: and Margaret his Wife, 1675.

Having seene and observed the said Parish Church of St. Christopher, with-all the Grave Stones and Monuments therein; and finding a faire Tombe of Touch, wherein lyeth the Body of Robert Thorne, Merchant Taylor, and a Batchelor buried, having given by his Testament in Charity, 4445. Pounds, and to pious Uses: Then looking for some such Memory, as might adorne and beautifie the name of another famous Batchelor, Mr. John Kendrick; and finding none, but onley his Hatchments and Banners, yet he being buried so long since; I thought it fit to let his owne last Will and Testament speake his due and deserved Praises, according, and as (among other) it came to my Hands.

Robert Thorne, a bountiful Batchelour, buried in the same Parish.

A. M.

The last Will and Testament of Mr. John Kendrick, Citizen and Draper of London: Who departed this Life the 30. day of December, Anno 1624.


IN the Name of God, Amen. The nine and twentieth of December, Anno Domini, 1624. And in the two and twentieth Yeere of the Reigne of our Soveraigne Lord King James, &c.

Kendricks Will.

Present at this godly Work, Jo. Skinner, Andrew Kendrick, Tho. Singleton, &c.

I John Kendrick, of the Citie of London, Draper, being sicke in Body; but of good and perfect Memory, (for which I give most humble and hearty Thankes to Almighty God) doe make, ordaine and declare this my last Will and Testament, in manner and forme following: That is to say:

First, and before all things, I commend and commit my Soule to Almighty God, my Creator; trusting most assuredly to be saved by the Death, Passion and onely merits of Jesus Christ my Saviour and Redeemer.

Disposition of his Soule to God.

And I will that my Body be decently interred in Christian buriall, in the Parish Church of S. Christopher, where I dwell; as mine Executor, hereafter named, shall order and appoint.

For burial of his body.

Item, I give and bequeath to threescore Poore Men, to every of them a Gowne of Broadcloth, to weare on the Day of my Buriall: and twelve Pence apiece in Money to pay for their Dinners. The same poore Men to bee such as my Executor shall appoint.

For poore Mourners.

Item, I give and bequeath blacke Gownes and Cloakes, to be worne at my buriall by my Kindred, Friends, and Servants, as my Executor shall thinke meet: Not exceeding the Summe of sixe hundred Pounds in the said Gownes and Cloakes, and the rest of the Charges of my Funerall.

For Kindred, Friends, and Servants Mourners.

Item, I give and bequeath the Sum of threescore Pounds, to bee bestowed upon a Dinner, to be provided for my Friends, and the Inhabitants of the Parish of Saint Christopher, where I now dwell, upon the Day of my Buriall, and in such place as my Executor shall thinke meet and convenient.

A Dinner for his Friends, and the Parish Inhabitants.

Item, I give and bequeath to the Maior and Burgesses of the Towne of Reading, in the County of Berkshire, (I meane, to the Body corporate, or Corporation of the said Towne of Reading, by whatsoever name or addition the same is made knowne) the Summe of seven thousand and five hundred Pounds, upon speciall Trust and Confidence, that they shall therewith performe the Uses following: That is to say:

His Gift to the Maior and Burgesses of Reading.

The said Maior and Burgesses shall buy and purchase unto them and their Successors for ever, (I say, to the Body corporate of the said Towne of Reading, by whatsoever name or addition the same is made or knowne) Lands and Hereditaments, of the cleere value of fifty Pounds by the Yeere, over and above all Charges and Reprises. Which Summe of fifty Pounds a Yeere, my will and meaning is, shall bee paid by the said Maior and Burgesses, and their Successours, unto my Sister Anne Newman, yeerely during her naturall Life. And after her decease, the same yeerely Sum of fifty Pounds, shall bee paid by the said Maior and Burgesses, and their Successors, to the Overseers of the Poore of the said Towne of Reading (for the time being) yeerely for ever: And by them the said Overseers (for the time being) shall be bestowed and distributed to and among the poore People of the saide Towne for ever: To wit, the moity thereof every halfe Yeere, in such Sums, and to such Persons, as the said Overseers (for the time being) shall thinke meet, according to the necessity and desert of the same severall Persons.

The Uses intended for the said Sum.

Care of his Sister.

Priovided alwayes, and my meaning is, that this my yeerely Gift shall not any way abridge the said Poore of the ordinary allowances, usually assessed and collected of the wealthier sort of the Inhabitants of the said Towne, towards the reliefe of the said poore People: But shal be unto them an additament, and cleere increase of relief yeerly for ever.

The usual Benevolence of the rich is not to be hindred by this Gift.

And if this my Gift and Provision shall happen (which I trust it shall not) to be by the said Maior and Burgesses, or by the said Overseers for the time being, ordered and disposed contrary to my meaning thus declared; or that my will and desire above expressed, touching the bestowing and distribution of the said Summe of fifty Pounds yeerely, bee omitted, neglected, or left unperformed by the space of one whole Yeere, after it is by this my Will appointed to be distributed and bestowed as aforesaid: Then my will and meaning is, that the said Summe and Revenue of fifty Pounds a Yeere, shall be by the said Maior and Burgesses, and their Successors for the time being for ever, paid unto the Treasurer of Christs Hospitall: And by the Governours of the same Hospitall, imployed and bestowed in the reliefe and education of the poore Children, of the said Hospitall. Or else, that the said Maior and Burgesses for the time being; shall by their Deed in Law, conveigh and make over the Lands and Hereditaments of the said yeerely value of fifty Pounds, unto the

For negligence in the distribution of this Gift.

How to be bestow'd upon their Negligence.