Broadstreet Ward. St. Christophers. 123

Broadstreet Ward. St. Christophers.

Close by the Word Eliza is the Figure of three Crowns, and these Words by them,

Manet ultima Cœlo.]

Upon a Gravestone in the North Ile,

Here lyes interred Henry Asgil Silkman. Who departed this Life the 25. of Mar. 1714. In the 36 Year of his Age. And also Charles Asgil his third Son. Aged three Years and two Months.

J. S.

In the same Ile the Body of Matthias Giesque Gent. Dyed 7. Dec. 1705. Aged 37. Also Francis and Matthias Giesque, his Sons by Joanna his Wife. Both dying 19 Febr. 1699.

Concerning the Glebe and Charities to the Poor, thus was a Presentment brought in to the Bishop of London An. 1693.

Glebe and Gifts to the Poor.

J. S.

There was a Parsonage demolished by the Fire: Since rebuilt; now in Lease to Henry Whistler Esq; for about 18 Years to come.

Other Glebe: the Total let for more than an hundred Years.

Several Encroachments made upon the Church and Churchyard. Timbers of the Cock Alehouse laid in the Chapel Wall. A Coal-Hole made in the East End of the South Ile. A Cistern of the said Alehouse set in the Churchyard. A Chimney built from another House into the Church Steeple, and some Closets built over part of the Churchyard.


Seven Pounds yearly given for the Repair of the Church.

Shops in Thredneedle Street in Front of the Church are built upon part of the Churchyard and part of the City Ground. For which the Parish paid the City 100l. Fine, and yearly Rent for above 20 Year before the Fire, and had a Lease thereof from the City. Which Shops were built for the Use of the Poor of the Parish. And the said 100l. was given by the Parishioners for that only Use and Purpose. But since the Fire (the Shops being demolished thereby) our Minister hath siezed upon all; and kept the same to himself, and the Poor of the Parish have no Benefit at all by, or out of the same ever since.

The Parish of St. CHRISTOPHERS.


Then lower downe, towards the Stockes Market, is the Parish Church of St. Christopher, but re-edified of new: for Richard Shore, one of the Sheriffes, 1506. gave Money towards the building of the Steeple.

This Church was repaired and beautified at the proper Cost of the Parish in the Year 1621. About 12 Years after it was repaired and beautified again with a great deal of Cost.]



Rich. Sherington of the Parish of St. Christophers Lond. By his Will bearing Date Nov. 1392. gave Lands and Houses to the Parish, for the Poor and Church.]

Rich. Sherington, Lib. Courtney.

E. Alex.

There lye buried Richard Sherington, 1392. who gave Lands to that Church.

The Lady Margaret Norford, 1406.

John Clavering, 1421. who gave Lands thereunto.

John Gidney *, Draper, twice Maior of London, 1427.

*Guedney an Alderman of London put to penance by the Cleargie, for wedding a Widdow professed to Chastitie.

This Gidney, in the yeere 1444. wedded the Widdow of Robert Large, late Maior, which Widdow had taken the Mantle and Ring, and the Vow to live chaste to God for terme of her Life; for the breach whereof, the Marriage done, they were troubled by the Church, and put to Penance both he and she.]

A. M.

William Hampton, Maior,1472. was a great Benefactor, and glased some of the Church Windowes.

Sir William Martin, Maior, 1492.

Roger Acheley, Maior, 1511. He dwelt in Cornhill Ward, in a House belonging to Cobham Colledge, rented by the yeere, 26s 8d.

Robert Thorne, Merchant Taylor, a Batchelor. 1532. He gave by his Testament in Charity more than 4445 Pounds.

John Norryholme*.
Margery Norford.
Ralph Batte*.
Alice Percivall*.
Jane Drew.
William Boresbie.
John Beke*.
Richard Sutton.
William Batte*.
James Well.
Henry Beecher, Alderman, 1570.

* Norris.



Robertus cubat hic     
Thornus Mercator honestus,
Qui sibi legitimas     
Arte paravit opes.
Huic vitam dederat     
puero Bristollia quondam,
Londinium hoc Tumulo     
clauserat ante diem.
Ornavit studiis     
patriam, virtutibus auxit;
Gymnasium erexit,     
sumptibus ipse suis.
Lector quisquis ades,     
requiem cineri precor optes,
Supplex & precibus     
numina flecte tuis.

A very fair Tomb of pure Touch, in the South side of the Quire.

A. M.

Obiit 1532. ætatis verò suæ, An. 40.

Here lye the bodies of Henry Beecher, Alderman, and late Sheriffe of London; and of Alice his first Wife, one of the Daughters to Thomas Heron of Edgecomb, in the County of Surrey, Esquire, by whom he had 10 Children. After whose decease he married with Jane, the Widdow of one Oliver Loveband, of London, Gent. with whom he lived three yeeres, and dyed the 15. day of January, Anno Dom. 1570.

Here lyeth the body of John Tryon, who departed this Life at Paris in France, the 15. of August, and was here interred the 14. day of September, An. Dom. 1612.

In this Church is this following Epitaph.

Siste viator, leviter preme,
Jacet hic juxta, Quod mortale fuit:
C. V.
Thomæ Harrioti.
Hic fuit Doctissimus ille Harriotus
de Syon ad Flumen Thamesin,
Patria & educatione.
Qui omnes Scientias calluit,
Qui in omnibus excelluit.
Mathematicis, Philosphicis, Theologicis.
Veritatis indagator studiosissimus,
Dei Trini-unius cultor piissimus,
Sexagenarius, aut eo circiter,
Mortalitati valedixit, Non vitæ,
Anno Christi M.DC.XXI. Julii 2.]


The Monuments and Gravestones that appear at present in this Church of St. Christophers, since the Fire, are these.

Modern Monuments.

J. S.

In the North Chancel, a Figure in Appearance as Brass, being a Head well graven, Armour about the Neck: Underneath Petrus Le Maire Eques Auratus, ætat. suæ 88. 1631.

Against the East Wall, a Brass Plate, in Memory of Daniel Brewster, Citizen and Grocer, 1697.

Against the North Wall, a fine Pillar of white Marble, supported by two good Figures of Faith