Broadstreet Ward. St. Bartholomews. 122

Broadstreet Ward. St. Bartholomews.

Sic illum variis     
jactatum casibus, ista
Excepit gremio     
terra benigna suo.

Here lyeth buried the body of Richard Bowdler, Citizen and Draper of London, being one of the Society of Merchant Adventurers in England, for Muscovia and the East- Indiaes. Here lyeth also Anne his Wife. By whom hee had issue, 7 Children, 5 Sonnes, and 2 Daughters; whereof three deceased, but the other foure were living at the time of his death. He dyed the 16. day of November, 1603. And shee, &c.

Several fair plated Stones in the Chancel.

Rich Bowdler

Here lyeth the body of John Dent, whilest he lived, Citizen and Merchant of London, borne at Halloughton in Leicestershire, and free of the Salters Company, as also of the Spanish and Muscovia Companies: but his chiefe trading was to France. Hee was once chosen Sheriffe of London, and once Alderman, and fined for the same. His last Fine was 1000 Markes, towards the repairing of Christs Hospital in London. He married twise; his first Wife was Margaret, by whom hee had one Sonne, who dyed, and the Mother. The second Wife was Alice, by whom he had 3 Daughters, Elizabeth, Mary, and Elizab. The first dyed in her Fathers life time, the rest with the Mother remained living. Hee being aged 63. yeeres, dyed the 10. of Decemb. 1595.

John Dent.

Here lyeth the body of Master Thomas Church, Citizen and Draper of London. He was helpfull to many, hurtfull to none, and gave every one his due. In memory of whose Love to them, and theirs to him, Mary Bagwell, his Sister, William Bagwell, her Sonne, his Executors, and Bernard Cooper, the second Husband to the said Mary Bagwell, caused this Stone to be laid here the 28. day of May 1617. He departed this Life in August the 26. day, 1616. being aged 55. yeeres.
A good Life hath the Days numbred, but a good Name endureth for ever.

Tho. Church.

In pious Memory of the nobly-vertuous, and religious Matrone, Margarite, Wife of Robert Hill, Doctor of Divinty, and Parson of this Parish.

To Gods Glory.
HEre lyes a Margarite     
that most excell'd,
(Her Father Wyts,     
Her Mother Lichterveld,
Rematcht with Metkerke)     
of remarke for birth,
But much more gentle     
for her genuine worth:
Wyts (rarest) Jewell,     
so her name bespeakes)
In pious, prudent,     
peacefull, praise-full life,
Fitting a Sara     
and a Sacred's Wife,
Such as Saravia,     
and (her second) Hill,
Whose joy of Life,     
Death in her death did kill.

A fair Monument in the North Wall of the Chancel.

Quàm piè obiit, Puerpera, Die 29. Junii Anno Salutis 1615. Ætatis, 39. Pignus Amoris, Signum Honoris, ac Mœroris, Posuit Rob. Hill. Composuit Jo. Syl.

Uxor Fœlix.
Loquitur post Funera Virtus.
FRom my sad Cradle     
to my sable Chest,
Poore Pilgrim, I     
did find few moneths of rest.
In Flanders, Holland,     
Zeland, England, all,
To Parents, troubles,     
and to me did fall.
These made me pious,     
patient, modest, wise:
And, though well borne,     
to shun the the Gallants guise:
But now I rest my Soule,     
where rest is found,
My body here,     
in a small piece of Ground,
And from my Hill,     
that Hill I have ascended,
From whence (for me)     
my Saviour once descended.

Live ye to learne that dye you must,
And after come to Judgment just.

Maritus mœstissimus.
Thy rest gives me a restlesse life,
Because thou wert a matchlesse Wife;
But yet I rest in hope to see
That day of Christ, and then see thee.

MARGARITA, a Jewell.
I, like a Jewell     
tost by Sea and Land,
Am bought by him,     
who weares me on his hand.

Margarita beat, sed Margareta beavit.
O utinam possit dicier, ista beat.

One night, two dreames     
made two Propheticals,
Thine of thy Coffin,     
mine of thy Funerals.
If women all were like to thee,     
We men for wives should happy be.
R. H.
MARGARITA surrepta est, Mons exaruit.

At the West Door is a very fair Skreen with this Inscription; Ex Dono Richardi Croshawe Civis & Aurifabri, Londinensis, 1631.


Here lyeth Richard Croshawe, sometime Master of the Company of Goldsmiths, and Deputy of this Ward. He was very liberal to the Poor, and in the Time of the great Plague 1625. neglecting his own Safty, he abode constantly in this City, to provide for their Relief. He did many charitable Acts in his Time, and by his Will he left above 4000l. to the maintaining of Lectures, Relief of the Poor, and other pious Uses.

A Monument in the South side of the Chancel.

He dwelt in this Parish 31 Years, and being 70 Years old, he dyed the 2. of June, An. 1621.

*Mistaken, for 1631 I suppose.

Here lyeth interred the Body of William Drew, Citizen and Grocer of London. Who departed this Life the 29. day of August, 1631. being of the Age of 56 Years, expecting a blessed and joyful Resurrection at the Coming of Christ.

In the same Ile upon a fair Stone.

Spain's Rod, Rome's Ruin,
Netherland's Relief,
Earth's Joy, England's Jem,
World's Wonder, Nature's Chief.
I have fought a good Fight, &c.

Queen Elizabeth's Monument.