Broadstreet Ward. S. Martins Outwich. 117

Broadstreet Ward. S. Martins Outwich.

Thredneedle Street being too strait for them. The Ministers have allowed them a good yearly Salary, and Houses to dwell in, conveniently situate neer the said Church: and competent Subsistance allowed also to their Widows. M. Vendermersh, a Merchant and one of their Elders, at his own Cost, built a good House for one of their Ministers: which cost 400l. and after, finished it within, at a considerable further Expence; very much to his Commendation, and the lasting Memory of his Charity and good Will to this Church.

They maintain their Poor at their own Charge, which stands them in neer 1200l. per ann. Part of which they collect every Sunday, and Week Day customarily, whensoever there is a Sermon, at the Church Door, by Deacons of the Church, who stand there with Basins to receive what the People are pleased to throw in. They have a fair Almeshouse built by themselves, standing in Moorfields, to contain 26 Poor: together with a very handsome Room, for their Elders and Overseers to meet in, to consult together for the good Estate and Ordering of these Poor, as Occasion may require.]

Their Poor.

Their Almeshouse.

On the South side, and at the West end of this Church, many fair Houses are builded: namely in Throkmorton Street, one very large and spacious, builded in the Place of old and small Tenements, by Thomas Cromwell, Master of the Kings Jewel-house; after that, Master of the Rolls, then Lord Cromwell, Knight, Lord Privie Seale, Vicar General, Earl of Essex, high Chamberlain of England, &c. This House being finished, and having some reasonable Plot of Ground left for a Garden, he caused the Pales of the Gardens adjoining to the North Part thereof, on a sudden to be taken down, 22 Foot to be measured forth-right into the North of every Mans Ground, a Line there to be drawn, a Trench to be cast, a Foundation laid, and an high Brick Wall to be builded. My Father had a Garden there; and a House standing close to his South Pale: this House they loosed from the Ground, and carried on Rowlers into my Father's Garden 22 Foot, ere my Father heard thereof: no Warning was given him, nor other Answer, (when he heard thereof and spake to the Surveyers of that Worke) but that their Master, Sir Thomas, commanded them so to do. No Man durst goe to argue the Matter, but each Man lost his Land; and my Father paid his whole Rent, which was 6 Shillings 8 Pence the year, for that half which was left. And so much of mine owne Knowledge have I thought good to note, that the sudden rising of some Men causeth them to forget themselves.

Throkmorton Street.

T. Cromwel his House.

Stow's Fathers House.

The Company of Drapers in London bought this House, and now the same is their common Hall. This Company obtained of King Henry the 6. in the seventeenth of his Reigne, to be incorporate. John Gedney was chosen to be their first Master; and the 4 Wardens were, I. Wotton, I. Darby, Robert Breton, and T. Cooke. The Armes granted to the said Company, by Sir William Bridges, Knight, first Garter or Principal King at Armes of England in Blason are thus: Three Sun Beames, issuing out of three Clouds of Flame, crowned with three Crownes Imperial of Gold, upon a Shield Azure.

The Drapers-Hall.

The Drapers Armes.

From this Hall, on the same Side, down to the Grates and Course of Walbrooke, have ye divers fair Houses for Merchants and other, from the which Grates back again on the other Side in Lethbury (so called in Record of Edward the third, the 38 year, and now corruptly called Lothbury) are Candlestick Founders placed, till ye come to Bartholomew Lane, so called of Saint Bartholomews Church, at the South East Corner thereof. In this Lane also are divers fair builded Houses on both Sides, and so likewise have ye in the other Street, which stretcheth from the Friers Augustines South Gate, to the Corner over against Saint Bennets Church. In this Street, amongst other fair Buildings, the most ancient was (of old time) an House pertaining to the Abbot of Saint Albans. John Catcher, Alderman, now dwelleth there. Then is there a large Free School, pertaining to the late dissolved Hospital of Saint Anthony. In this School hath been many good Scholars trained up. Whereof more shall be shewed in another Place. And so up to Three Needle Street.

Lethbury or Lothbury.

Abbot of St. Albans his Inn.

S. Anthonies School.

Three Needle Street. St. MARTINS OUTWICH.


On the South part of which Street, at the East End, by the Well with two Buckets, (now turned into a Pump) is the Parish Church of Saint Martin called Oteswich, of Martin de Oteswich, Nic. de Oteswich, William Oteswich, and John Oteswich his Son, new Founders thereof, [and all buried there, as appeareth by their ancient Monument.]

Three Needle Street.

S. Martins Oteswitch.

It is since this Church was repaired and beautified 39 Years. In the Passage of which time that Repair and Beauty being lost, it was intended shortly after to be repaired again with a great deal of Cost.]



There be Monuments in this Church, of William Constantine, Alderman, and Emme * his Wife.

Monuments of Persons deceased.


Katherine, Wofe to Benedict Augustine.

Sir William Drifield *, Knight.


John Oteswich and his Wife, under a fair Monument on the South side.

John Churchman, one of the Sheriffes in the Yeere 1385.

Richard Naylor, Taylor, Alderman, 1485.

Dame Elizabeth Nevyl Lady of Burgavenny buried according to her last Will in this Parish Church, in a Vault in the Chapel of our Lady, there where the Body of Rich. Nayler her Husband rested. John and Robert her Sons: And she appointed a Priest to pray in the said Church for all their Souls.

J. S.

John Breux, Rector of this Church, 1492.]

James Falleron.

John Melchborne.

Thomas Hey and Ellis his Wife.

William Clitherow and Margaret his Wife.

[Nicolas Wotton Bachelor of Law, sometime Rector of this Church, 1482.]

J. S.

Oliver and William, Sons to John Woodroofe *, Esquire.


Hugh Pemberton, Taylor, Alderman, 1500. and Katharine his Wife.

Matthew Pemberton, Merchant Taylor, about 1514. he gave 50l. to the repairing of St. Lawrence Chapel.

Illustri ac Nobilissimo V. Domino Jacobo Falckio, Domino Zelandiæ Thesaurario, summo Consiliario Ordinum ejusdem Provinciæ, post plurimas apud plerosque Europæ Reges, ac Principes obitas Honorificè Legationes, & regendarum rerum infinitas, cum omnium laude ac admiratione, curas, in extremis Ecclesiæ ac Patriæ cum hostibus luctis, defuncto Legati munere communi Patriæ totius Provinciarum Belgicarum fÅ“deratarum apud Serenissimum & potentissimum Jacobum I. Angliæ, Scotiæ, Franciæ, & Hiberniæ Regem: Hoc intestinorum receptaculum; Reliquum à funere totius molem, in Patriæ Zelandia pietati inter planctus posuit affinis ex Sorore Anthonius Taymon. Obiit 4. Nonas Junii. 1603.

A faire engraven Stone on the South side of the Communion Table.

A. M.

Parte solo recubo
peregrino, parte paterno,
Hoc bene sic didici
vivere, & hocce mori.
I. Murdisonius.