Broadstreet Ward. Monuments in S. Augustines. 116

Broadstreet Ward. Monuments in S. Augustines.

had of the said Lord Marques Barkely, and the said Lady his Wife: And his own, to be buried in the Friars Preachers London.

In the West Wing, Sir John Tirrell, and Dame Katharine his Wife.

Sir Walter of Powle *. Knight.

*Atte Pole.

Sir John Blackwell and his Wife.

Dame Jane Sanye, Daughter to Sir John Lee.

Sir John Dawbeny, Sonne and Heire to Sir Giles Dawbeny.

[Joane, Wife of Richard Ailsbury.]

William, Sonne to Roger Scroop.

Dame Joane Dawbeny, Wife to Sir William Dawbeny.

Thomas Charles, Esquire.

Sir John Dawbeny, Knight, and his Sonne Robert.

Sir James Bell *, Knight.


Sir Oliver Manny, Knight.

Henry Deskie *, Esquire.


Sir Diones Mordaske *. By him, Sir Bernars Rolingcort.

*Morbeck, Kt.

Sir Peter Kayor *.


Sir William Tirrell, Brother of the other Sir William [mentioned before.]

William Collingborne, Esquire, beheaded, 1484.

Sir Roger Clifford, Knight.

Sir Thomas Coke, Maior in the Yeere 1462.

William Edward, Maior, 1471.

Sir James Tirrell, Sir John Windany, Knights, beheaded, 1502.

Sir John Dawtrie, Knight, 1519.

Dame Margaret Rade, 1510.

Edward, Duke of Buckingham, beheaded, 1521.

Gwiscard, Earle of Huntington.

Some also of the ancient Family of the Scots of Stapleford Tawney in Essex, seem to have been here interred. Will. Scot of the same Place Esq; by his last Will bearing Date 1490. willed his Executors with his Goods, assone as they goodly may, to be leyd and longe for his Sowle and other Sowlys aforesayd [viz. of his Fadye and Modyr, Benefactours and al Chrysten Sowlys] in the Covent Chyrch of the Freers Austyns of London, by the Freers of the seyd Place xxx Masses, whyche bene callyd a Crental of St. Gregory, &c. Also, in the seyd Covent Chyrche of Freer Augustines, by the Covent of the seyd Place, a Dirige and Mass of Requiem by Note, if it happen hym there to decese. And to the same Freers for the same Dirige and Mass to be kept, that is to sey, the Principal thereat, beyng XL to the Pryour, XL to the Freers which shall syng the seyd Mass of Requiem. xiid. to every other Freer of the same Howse being a Pryest, and helpying at the same Dirige and Mass viiid. and to every other Freer of the same Howse, being no Pryest, helping therein lykewyse iiiid.

The Scots of Essex.

J. S.

Rob. Sheffield Knt. by his Will dated Aug. 18. 1518. bequeathed his Body to be buried in the Augustin Friers Church neer the Tomb of Elenor his Wife. His Will was proved February following.]

Since this Church hath been appropriated to the Use of the Dutch Nation, few have been buried here except the Ministers belonging to it, and the Elders or others of more eminent Quality, or Wealth. Such as have Monuments or Stones with Inscriptions are these that follow.

Monuments in the Dutch Church.

J. S.

Against the East Wall of the North Ile, a Monument for Margaret Laurence, Daughter and Heire of Laurence Huyssen Heer Van Weelde in Zeeland. She was married to Collonel Henry Cornwall of Bredwardine in the County of Hereford. Dyed Apr. 26. 1692.

Elizabet Philippine Widow of Wylen Albert George Graaf tot Bronchorst; and Lamborg Stirum, borne Baronesse of Boetzlaer: Dyed Oct. 1692.

Jacob George Beck Merchant, born in Frankford at Mayn: Dyed in London 22 Jan 1702/3.

Sarah Kesteman Widow of Gabriel de la Porte. July 18. 1694.

Elizabeth Gronen, Wife of Frederick Gronen Merchant. Jun. 18.1693. And Frederick Gronen beforenamed, Oct. 28. 1697.

Joas Bateman, 13. Apr. 1704.

Katharine Otgher Widow of David Otgher. 3 Apr. 1676. And Elizabeth Otgher Wife of Justus Otgher, 16 Apr. 1686.

In the South Ile is the common Place of Burial for the Ministers of the Church: tho' some others be also here interred.

Katharine Biscop, Daughter of Sam. and Sarah Biscop: dyed 1686/7, five years old. Sarah Biscop, Wife of the said Samuel, 1689/90. And Samuel Biscop, who very commendably served in the Office of Preacher in this Church 32 years; dyed Jun. 11. 1700. Aged 58.

Arnoldina, Daughter of the Heer Arnold Citters, Ordinary Ambassador of the States General to his Majesty of Great Britain. She dyed Jun. 5. 1686. Aged 5 years.

Agneta Vander Merch, born at Harlem: dyed Aug. 21. 1703.

Johannes Von Rooye, Mar. 10. 1686/7.

West End of the Church, Flat Stones for,

Thomas Viroot, Elder: 22 Jun. 1704.

Theodore Cock, Son of John and Hanna Cock: 21 Feb. 1697/8.

Isaack Vinck Merchant, born in the City of Norwich, Elder of this Church: dyed Nov. 27. 1702. Aged about 80.

Josyna Schapelinck. Aged 76. Dyed Feb. 9. 1689. And her Sister Anna Schapelinck Widow of John Ellsworth, Sept. 7. 1700. Aged 77.

At the East End of this Dutch Church between the two Isles, is a Rising with several Steps both from the North and South Sides, and likewise on the West, unto a large Platform, whereon is placed a long Table with Seats against the Wall, and Formes round, for the Use of the holy Communion. On the East Wall at a due Height are the Ten Commandments in Dutch largely written in Golden Letters.

The Communion Table.

On the West End over the Skreen is a fair Library, inscribed thus, Ecclesiæ Londino-Belgicæ Bibliotheca, extructa, sumptibus MARIæ DUBOIS 1659.

The Library.

In this Library are divers valuable MSS. and and Letters of Calvin, Peter Martyr, and others Foreign Reformers.

The Church is very large and spacious, supported with two Rows of Stone Pillars. The Seats are all long Benches lined with green Cloth, stuffed for easy sitting. The Floor with Deal-Boards laid over the Stones for Warmth: The Windows on the South side have painted on them JESUS TEMPLE.

The present State of this Dutch Church in Augustin Friers, and the Congregation of Strangers or the Children of Strangers belonging to it, is thus.

The State of the Dutch Congregation.

They have two Ministers, Mr. Biscop was lately one, and another who is his Assistant. They preach twice every Lord's-Day, and once in the Week besides; and they administer the Holy Sacrament Monthly, the last Sunday in the Month. And lend their Church every first Sunday in the Month to the Walloon Congregation, for their Reception of the Sacrament; their own Church in