Broadstreet Ward. Augustine Friers. 115

Broadstreet Ward. Augustine Friers.

" Hands a due Consideration of so worthy a Work, as to help to build up the House of God; one of the cheefest Fountains, from whence hath sprung so great Glory to your Lordships nmost noble Descendency of the Pawlets. Whose Steps your Lordship must needs follow to continue to all Posterity the Fame of so bountiful Benefactors both to Church and Commonwealth."

" So that I trust, we shall have the less need to importune your Lordship in so reasonable a Suite, first, Bycause it doth principally concern your Lordship, being the Owner of the greatest part of the said Speare, or Steeple: But especially that by disbursing of a small Sum of Money, to the value of 50 or 60l. your Lordship shall do an excellent Work, very helpful to many, and most grateful to all, as well English as Strangers. Who by this means shall have cause to magnify to the World this so honorable and charitable an Action. And I and my Brethren shall much rejoice to be releeved herein by your Lordhsip's most noble Disposition, rather then to fly to the last Remedie of the Law of the Land; which in this Case hath provided a Writ, De reparatione facienda."

" Thus hoping as assuredlie on your Lordships Favour, as we pray incessantlie for your continual Felicitie, we humbly take Leaves of your Lordshp." From London the 4th of August, 1600.

Your Lordships humbly to be commaunded,
Thomas Lowe,
Leonard Holiday,
Robart Hampson,
Ry. Godard,
John Wattes,
Tho. Smythe,
William Craven,
Humprey Weld.
Nycholas Mosly, Maior.
Richard Martyn,
John Hart,
Henry Billingsly,
Stephen Soame,
William Ryder,
John Garrard,
Thomas Bennett,

But this took no Effect.]

This House was valued at 57. Pound, &c. and was surrendred the 12. of Novemb. and 30. of Henry the 8.

Statutes of the Brotherhood of St. Christopher of the Water Bearers: founded in the Friers Augustine: Confirmed by Tho. Brent, Dr. of Laws, Commissary of London, Oct. 20. 1496.]

Water Bearers Regist. Lond.

J. S.

There lie buried in this Friers Church, amongst others, Edmond, first Sonne to Joane, Mother to King Richard the Second, 1375.

[Lady Margery de Ilderton, in Com. Northumberl. buried in Augustin Friers, London. Her Will bore date, 1338.]

S. Augustine Friers.

Guy de Mericke, Earle of S. Paul.

What Persons of note and name, were buried in the Augustine Friers Church, are briefly here remembred.

Lucie, Countesse of Kent, and one of the Heirs of Barnaby, Lord of Millaine, with an Epitaph.

Dame Ide, Wife to Sir Thomas West.

Dame Margaret West.

Steven Lindericle *, Esquire.


In the Middle Ile lyeth Sir Humfrey Bohun, Earle of Hereford and Essex, Lord of Brekenake *, who died 1361.


Richard the great Earle of Arundell, Surrey and Warren, beheaded, 1397.

Sir Edward Arundell, and Dame Elizabeth his Wife.

Sir Frauncis Courte *, Earle of Pembroke, which married Alice, Sister to the Earle of Oxford.

*Perhaps Courtney.

Dame Lucie Knowles *, of Kent.


Sir Peter Garinsers *, of France. [And with him lyeth his Son Sir Thomas.]

*Grainsers, Knight.

The Lord John Vere, Earle of Oxford, beheaded on the Tower-hill, 1463. Aubery de Vere, Son and Heire to the Earle of Oxford.

Sir Thomas Tadnam, Knight.

Sir William Bourser, Lord Fitz Warren.

Sir Thomas de la Lande *, Knight.


Dame Joane Noris, the Lady of Bedford.

Anne, Daughter to John, Viscount Welles.

[In the Walk by the Quire,] Walter Nevell *, Esquire.


Sir John Manners, Knight, in St. Thomas Chapel.

[In the side Chapel lyeth] the Wife of Sir David Cradocke, Knight.

The Mother to the Lord Spencers, Wife of Sir Bartlemew Rodelgate.

[In S. Johns Chapel, John Sonne to Sir John Wingfielde.

The Lord Angleure of France. By him the Lord Tremayle of France.]

Sir Walter Mewes.

Robert Newenton, Esquire.

[In the Chapter House,] Philip Spencer, Son to Sir Hugh Spencer.

Dame Isabell, Daughter to Sir Hugh Spencer.

Many of the Barons, slaine at Barnet Field, buried there, 1471.

[In the Body of the Church,] Dame Julian, Wife to Sir Richard Lacy *.


Sir Thomas Courtney, Son to the Earle of Devonshire, and by him his Sister, wedded to Cheverstone.

The Daughter of the Lord Beaumont.

Two Sonnes of Sir Thomas Morley, to wit, William and Ralph.

Sir William Talmage, Knight.

Nicholas Blondell, Esquire.

Sir Richard Chamberlaine *.

*Rich. Chamberlain, Esq;

J. S.

[Sir John de la Launde. For so his last Will ran, Johannes de la Launde Miles, grandævas ætate 4 Feb. 1465. legat Corpus sepeliend. in Conventu frūm Augustin. Lond.]

John Halton, Gentleman.

[Falces, Esquire, a Gascoin born.]

Sir John Gifford, Knight.

Thomas Manningham, Esquire.

Sir William Kenude *, Knight.


Sir William, Sonne to Sir Thomas Terrill.

John Survill *, Gentleman.


In the East Wing, Margaret Barentine, Gentlewoman.

John Spicer, Esquire, and Letis his Wife.

[Margaret Sparcie, Gent.

Dame Julian Alberton.

Tho. Wigmore, Esquire,

Will. Browderce, Esquire.]

John le Percers *, Esquire.


Roger Chibury, Esquire.

Peter Morens *, Esquire.


Thomas, Sonne to Sir William Beckland *.


James Cuthing *, Esquire.


John Chornet, Esquire.

William Kenley, Esquire.

[Tho. West, Esquire.]

Margery, Wife to Thomas Band *, and Daughter to John Huch *.



[Between S. James Altar and S. Maries lyeth] the L. William, Marquesse of Barkeley, and Earle of Nottingham, and Dame Joane his Wife.

This William, Marques of Barkely, by his last Will bearing date Feb. 6. 1491. bequeathed his Body to buried here in the Friars of Augustines: And two Friars to sing perpetually in the White Friars Church in Fleetstreet in the Suburbs of London, for the Testators Soul, and the Soul of Sir Tho. Barkely his Son, &c. Sir Tho. Brandon, Knight, who married the Lady Marchioness, bequeathed by his Will Anno 1509. to these Friars Augustins, 60l. for a perpetual Memory to be

William Marques of Barkley.

J. S.