Broadstreet Ward. St. Peters Poor. 113

Broadstreet Ward. St. Peters Poor.

In the Year 1617. the Roof and the Inside of the Church throughout was richly and very worthily beautified.

In the year 1629, and 1630. the Steeple and a very costly Gallery at the West end of the Church, were new built and beautified, and the Bells new cast and hung.

The Charge of all this amounting to the Sum of 1587l. and upwards. All which (deducting the 400l. (Cost of the Isle) was the Cost and Charge of the Parish.

This Church was again repaired, and both in the Inside and Outside, beautified, and new pewed, Anno 1716.

BURIED in this Church.


Richard Fitzwilliams, Merchant Taylor, 1520.

Persons buried here.

Sir William Roch, Maior, 1540.

Robert Calthrope, Maior, 1588.

Dominus Joannes Hales, à pueritia literis deditus, excellenti ingenio. docilitate, memoriâ, studio & industria singulari, adjuncta Linguarum, Disciplinarum, Juris, Antiquitatis, rerum divinarum, atque humanarum, magna & multiplici doctrina instructissimus, evasit. Innocentia, integritate, gravitate, constantia, fide, pietate, Religione, gravissimæ etiam ægrotationis, & rerum difficilium diuturna perpessione, & patientia ornatissimus fuit, vitæ honestissime sanctissimeque actæ, diem supremum quinto Cal. Januar. 1572. clausit; anima ex corporis * ; reliquiæ hoc loco sitæ sunt.
Expecto resurrectionem mortuorum, & vitam æternam.

On a faire ancient plate, in the Wall North the Quire.

This Hales was Clark of the Hanaper to King Edward and Queen Elizabeth.

J. S.

*Annon, anima exeunte, corporis reliquiæ, &c.

Two other Plates there are beneath in the same Wall, the one of John Quarles, Draper, and the other of Edward Catcher, Pewterer.

Here under this Stone, are buried the Bodies of John Lucas, of St. John's beside Colchester, Esq; Master of the Requests to the most virtuous, noble and worthy Prince, King Edward the sixth. He departed this Life the 26. day of October, Ann. Dom. 1556. And his Daughter Margaret, late Wife to Thomas Pennie, Doctor of Physick, here buried the 13. day of November, 1587.

A fair plated Stone on the Ground in the Chancel.

Here lyeth the Body of the worshipful Mr. William Cockaine the elder, Citizen and Skinner of London, who departed this Life the 18. day of November, 1599. Also here lyeth the Body of Elizabeth Medcalfe, his first Wife; by whom he had 7. Sons and 4. Daughters. All which Daughters departed this Life; before any of them accomplished the age of 10 Years. The 7. Sons lived, and the youngest of them (at his Death) was fully 28. Years of Age. Which said Elizabeth departed this Life, the 5. day of April, 1589. Here also lyeth the Body of Katharine Wonton, his second Wife, who dyed the 19. of September, 1596. by whom he had no Issue.

A comely Monument fixed in the Wall, at the East end of the Chancel.

In the East end of the North Ile, there is a fair and comely Monument, there raised and placed, in the remembrance of Sir William Garaway, Knt. and his Wife. This Monument standeth highest of all, next to the Doors entrance.

A beautiftul Monument in the North Ile.

Hic vivit Gulielmus Garway, Eques Auratus, Civis Londinensis, qui Annos egit 54. cum Elizabetha Uxore integerrima, Filia Thomæ Anderson, Civis etiam Londinensis, beatitudine Lecti fructifera. Pater erat 17. liberorum, illustre probitatis & pietatis exemplar, Industria singulari, universalem exercitavit Mercaturam. Feliciter magis quam avarè, his ad Senatoriam dignitatem vocatus: qui purpuram recusavit, nunc triumphat in Albis. Tandem postquam Alam hujus Templi sinistram construxisset, placidè corpus suo operi, Animam suo opifici reposuit.


Anno ætat. suæ 88. Domini 1625. Sept. 26.

Templa Dei in terris duo sunt, Ecclesia, Corpus!
Una Domus carnis, Cultus Domus altera, & Ambo
Conveniunt tumulo, parvo coëúntq; Sacello.
Non quæras igitur cineres sub cespite, Lector,
Est templum in templo clausum, non ossa Sepulchro,
Marmore sublato, subsellia, porta, columnæ,
Ala hæc & Paries, spacium totum atq; senestræ
Omnia Structorem monstrant, resonantq; patronū.
Sic tenet immortalem, & mortalem locus idem
Conditur in templo quod condidit, & Monumentum
Hoc unum vitæ & mortis commune relinquit.

Thomas Lowe, Eques Auratus, D. Majoris Civitatis London, An. Domini, 1604. Vir probus & prudens. Obiit 11. die Aprilis, An. 1623. ætat. 78. Cui 28. die Jan. 1615. ætatis suæ 67. Accessit Anna lectissima fÅ“mina ex eodem Thomas mater 15. liberorum. Vixerunt suavissima conjuntione, An. 48.

Too mean a remembrance (in my mind) for a Man so deserving.

In the North Ile upon a fair Marble Stone is this Inscription, as in a Sheaf of Arrows,


Vis unita fortior
The Band of Love.
The uniter of Brethren.
Here lyeth the body of Thomas Harvey of London, Merchant. Who departed this Life the 2. of Febr. Anno Dom. 1622. With his first Wife Elizabeth, the Daughter of Nic. Exton of London, Merchant. She dyed the first of January, Anno 1618.
He was a faithful man, and feared God above many. Jer. vii.2.

A fair Monument at the upper end of the Chancel, with this Inscription:

Anno 1624. ætatis 54.
A Memorial
Of the worshipful Master Robert Wadson, Citizen and Merchant Taylor of
So frail and brittle is the Life of Man,
That who lives longest, liveth but a Span.
In Youth and Age al dy, God hath so doom'd,
The Earth returns to Earth to be entomb'd.
WADSON who of that Substance was compos'd,
Lyes in his Mothers Center here enlcos'd.
A Sheet doth hide his Face, but not his Fame,
The Grave contains his Corps, not his good Name,
For his good Name out lives (O blessed Man)
When others good Names dy, before they can.
The Sixth of January, that fatal Day,
Sixteen hundred twenty four, he did pay
The Debt to Nature, which all Men do know,
He was no sooner born, but he did owe.
If Virtues could have stay'd the hand of Death,
Then WADSON still had drawn his vital Breath.
His Soul above, his Worths do here remain,
Till Christ shall come to raise him up again.
Thus he enjoys Heaven's Immortality,
And here on Earth, Earth's happy Memory.
Post varios vitæ casus, dabit Urna quietem.]