Broadstreet Ward. St. Alhallowes the Wall. 110

Broadstreet Ward. St. Alhallowes the Wall.

the Church of Alhallows on the Wall, London, and his Successors, his Tenement with a Garden, &c. in the same Parish, inter Tenementum quondam Nichi. Rumbold, &c. for ever; on Condition that the said Rector and his Successors, do cause to be celebrated my Obit and Anniversary in the said Chapel of St. Thomas the Martyr of Acon, on St. Martin's Day yearly, as his Will ran.

Alhallows the Wall. Reg. Lond.

In this Church have been buried, Thomas Durrem, Esq; and Margaret, his Wife.

Persons buried in this Church.

Mr. Stanley, (buried Feb. 16. 1560.) Priest, and Steward unto the Lord Treasurer, Earl of Winchester, living in Broadstreet. His Corps in the Afternoon was conducted to the Church with twelve Clerks singing. His Funeral adorned with three dozen of Escutcheons. Four of my Lord's Men bare him. He gave much Money to every one of my Lord's Servants.]

A Priest, Steward to the Lord Treasurer.

J. S.

Ro.... Robert Beal, Esq; 0b. 1601.
Deo Opt. Max. Sacrum & Memoriæ.
Nobilis viri Dominici ab Heila, ex antiqua apud Flandros Equestri familia, ob singularum fidem in Principem & Patriam, in Historiis subinde celebrata, oriundi. Qui cum Orthodoxæ Religionis ergo, relicta Patria, cui cum laude diu inservierat; in Angliam, ut tutum fidelium resurgium, se recepisset, ibidem XXIV. postremos senectutis annos in Divini verbi jugi studio, pauperumq; subventione potissimum transegisset, & diu ante, ut quotidie moriturus, de domo sua disposuisset; Dissolvi, & cum Christo esse cupiens; tandem satur dierum placidè in Deo Salvatore obdormivit, 28. Aprilis, An. Christi, M.D.CVIII. ætatis, 82. Londoni Anglorum.

A fair Monument in the Wall close by the Pulpit on the West side thereof.

Item Memoriæ
Nobilis Matronæ, Gulielmæ ab Heila, Conjugis ipsius, natæ Patre Joanne Domino Haleme & Finæ, prope Insulas Flandorum, ex Salopia Equestri apud Artesios Familia. Quæ marito Patriam ob Religionem relinquenti, in utraque fortuna fida socia, & in educandis piè liberis, curandáque re domestica Materfamilias incomparabilis. Obiit in Christo, die ult, Maii. Anno M.D.CV. ætatis 70. Conjugii, LI. Huic utrique Parenti optimè de se merito, debiti Honoris & gratitudinis ergo, Petrus ab Heila, F. Serenissimi Electoris Palatini Consiliarius,

H. M. Mœst. P.

Queen ELIZABETH's Monument.


Reade but her Reign,     
This Princess might have been
For Wisdom call'd     
Nicaulis, Sheba's Queen.
Against Spain's Holofernes,     
Judith she,
Dauntless gain'd many     
a glorious Victory:
Not Deborah     
did her in Fame excel,
She was a Mother     
in our Israel.

An Hester, who     
her Person did ingage,
To save her People     
from the publick Strage;
Chaste Patroness     
of true Religion,
In Court a Saint,     
in Field an Amazon,
Glorious in Life,     
deplored in her Death,
She was unparallel'd     

Born, Anno 1534.
Crowned, Anno 1558. Jan. 15.
Reigned Years 44. Months 4. Days 17.
Died, Anno 1602. March 24.

Add these Persons interred here with Monuments and Inscriptions. In the Chancel.

Monuments more modern.

J. S.

Susan Woodcock, Virgin, eldest Daughter unto Tho. Woodcock, Esq; aged 17 Years. Departed 26 Feb. 1637. Her Epitaph here was made by her Father.

Joan Bence, Daughter of Sampson Cotton, Merchant; married first to John Wood, Merchant; afterward to John Bence, Esq; Jan. 16. 1684.

The worthy Gentleman Edmond Hammond, Esq; April 24. 1643. Who gave by his Will 150 large Legacies to pious Uses.

Middle Ile under a flat Stone, Richard Smith, May 19. 1694.

Under a Grave Stone at the upper End of the South Ile, lyes the Body of John Webb, Son of Richard Webb, dyed 25 Dec. aged 4 Years; and Richard Webb, who dyed May 2. 1709. aged 39.

Under another Stone, John Sands, Son of Robert and Anne Sands, dyed Feb. 18. 1698/9. aged 14. And Anne Sands, Wife of Robert, dyed Sept. 23. 1711. aged 52.

Elizabeth Watson, Jan. 5. 1706. aged 50.

Upon a raised Tomb Stone in the Churchyard. Here lye interred the Bodies of Will. Turner, Gent. who dyed April 11. 1705. aged 74. And Elizabeth Singleton, late Wife of Luke Singleton, Niece of the said William Turner, who departed this Life, 27 April 1706. Also of Katharine and Anne their Children. Also Luke Singleton, Gent. departed Oct. 31. 1712. aged 56.]

Charities in this Parish are few or none, but ordinary Benevolences from the Parishioners themselves: Except some slender Moiety, issuing from certain Almshouses builded by London Wall, near to Bishopsgate, by Mr. Kemp, and in his Life time, as I have been informed.

Charities in this Parish.

The latest Account of the Charities given to this Parish, appear by a Table hanging up in the Church, and by a Writing given in at a Parochial Visitation, Anno 1693. by the Churchwardens.

Years. Donors.

1610. Laurence Camp, did settle by Indenture for the Use of the Poor of the Parish, 20l. payable out of an Estate in Houses in St. Andrew Undershaft. Part whereof to six poor Alms People in an Almshouse built by the said Laurence Camp in this Parish, viz. 2s. 8d. to each, each Month, that is to each per ann. 34s. 8d. Besides what is given of the said 20l. to Bridewell, and to the Parishes of St. George's Southwark and Friern Barnet.

1629. William Chapman, left by Will to the Poor per ann. 5l.

Anne Bowyer, per ann. 2l. 10s.

So in the Table.

Anne Bowyer, 30l. in the Hands of the Company of Carpenters, to pay ten poor Widows 2s. 6d. a piece, 1l. 5s.

So in the Writing given in at the said Visitation.

Edmund Hammon, per ann. 10l.

Margaret Danes, for ever, 5s.

William Wilson, per ann. 5s.

Mr. Hide, to be paid every tenth Year, 4l. 10s.

The Parish hath a House in Shoreditch, of the yearly value of 9l.