Broadstreet Ward. 109

Broadstreet Ward.
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Alley. Wallnut Tree Court, both small and mean. Still Court, or Alley, indifferent good, falls into Houndsditch.

Walnut-tree Court.

Still Court.

Devonshire Square, [made out of an House called Fisher's Folly, an airy and creditable Place, and where the Countess of Devonshire in my Memory dwelt in great repute for her Hospitality;] It consisteth of good Buildings, and they well inhabited by Merchants and Persons of Wealth. In this Square on the North West Corner, is a very large House which is severed from the rest by a pair of great Gates, being the Seat of Sir Samuel Dashwood, Knt. and Alderman, now deceased. In the midst of the Square, upon a Pedestal carved with Figures on each side, and ascended by three Steps, and enclosed with Iron Bars, stands a naked Figure guilt. Hence is a Passage called Cavendish Court, which hath good Buildings, with a Free Stone Pavement, leading to Houndsditch.

Devonshire Square.

J. S.

Cavendish Court.

More towards Bishopsgate is Magpye Alley, which is narrow and indifferent. Near unto this Alley is the Dolphin, an old Inn, very large, and of a good Receipt: And adjoining to Bishopsgate is the Flying Horse Inn.

Magpye Alley.

Dolphin Inn.

Flying Horse Inn.

Houndsditch, over against St. Botolph, a long Street running from Bishopsgate to Aldgate. But the part in this Ward goeth but to the Blue Anchor, the rest is in Aldgate Ward. This Street is a Place of a good Trade, and of note for Salesmen and Brokers, whose Dealings are in Apparel, Linen and Upholsters Goods, and chiefly second hand Goods. In this Street are a great many Alleys and Courts, of which some are without name, and for the most part are but ordinary, viz. Flying Horse Yard, hath a turning Passage into Bishopsgate Street, a place of small account only for Livery Stables. Candish Court falls into Devonshire Street already mentioned. Buckle Court, small and ordinary.


Flying Horse Yard.

Candish Court.

Buck e Court.

There are to watch at Bishopsgate, and the several Stands in this Ward every Night a Constable, the Beadle, and 80 Watchmen both within and without.

The Jury, Men returned by the Inquest, are to serve for Jurors in the several Courts in Guildhall in the Month of December.]

Thus much for this Bishopsgate Ward shall suffice. Which hath an Alderman, two Deputies, one without Gate, another within. Common Counsellors six, Constables seven, Scavengers seven, for Wardmote Inquest thirteen, and a Beadle. It is taxed to the fifteen at 13l.

*At 22l. in London, and in the Exchequer 21l. 10s. Stow's first Edition.

Alderman of this Ward is Edward Beecher Esq.




The Bounds. Alhallows the Wall. Paulet Place and Garden. The Dutch Church. St. Peter the Poor. Augustin Friars. Drapers Hall. St. Martin Oteswich. Merchant Taylors Hall. St. Bennet Fink. St. Anthony's. St. Bartholomew the Exchange. St. Christophers. Kendrick of this Parish, his charitable Will. The modern Estate of this Ward.

THE next is Brodestreet Ward, which beginneth within Bishopsgate, from the Water Conduit, Westward, on both sides of the Street, by Alhallows Church, to an Iron Grate on the Chanel, which runneth into the Water Course of Walbrook, before ye come to the Postern, called Moorgate: And this is the farthest West part of that Ward. Then have ye Brodestreet, whereof the Ward taketh name, which stretcheth out of the former Street, from the East Corner of Alhallows Churchyard, somewhat South, to the Parish Church of St. Peter the Poor, on both sides. And then by the South Gate of the Augustine Friers, West, down Throkmorton Street, by the Drapers Hall, into Lothbury, to another Grate of Iron over the Channel there, whereby the Water runneth into the Course of Walbrook, under the East end of St. Margaret's Church. Certain Posts of Timber are there set up: And this is also the farthest West part of this Ward, in the said Street. Out of the which Street, runneth up Bartholomew Lane, South, to the North side of the Exchange: Then, more East out of the former Street, from over against the Friers Augustines Church South Gate, runneth up another part of Brodestreet, South, to a Pump over against St. Bennet's Church.

Broadstreet Ward.

The Bounds.

Then have ye one other Street, called Three Needle Street, beginning at the Well with two Buckets, by St. Martin's Oteswich Church Wall. This Street runneth down on both sides to Finke's Lane, and half way up that Lane, to a Gate of a Merchant's House on the West side, but not so far on the East. Then the aforesaid Street, from this Finke's Lane, runneth down by the Royal Exchange, to the Stocks, and to a place formerly called Scalding House, or Scalding Wick, but now, Scalding Alley, by the West side whereof, under the Parish Church of St. Mildred, runneth the Course of Walbrook: And these be the Bounds of this Ward. Especial Monuments therein are these:

Three Needle Street.

The Parish Church of ALHALLOWES the WALL.


First, the Parish Church of Alhallows in the Wall, so called of standing close to the Wall of this City.

This Church was repaired and beautified at the Charge of the Parishioners in the Year of our Lord, 1613.

John Streame,
Robert Priest,

It was again repaired, richly and very worthily beautified at the Cost of the Parishioners in the Year of our Lord, 1627.

Robert Hanch,
Harman Brockard

The Charge of the last Repair amounting to the Sum of 220l.]

Martin Alleyn, Citizen and Leatherseller, by Will dated Jan. 2. 1432. gave to the Rector of