Bishopsgate Ward. Places here. 108

Bishopsgate Ward. Places here.

eth by the name of Bethlem, is very large, containing several Courts and Alleys. The principal Street comes out of Bishopsgate Street and runs into Moorfields, being a good Thoroughfare and of some note for its Inhabitants, who drive a good Trade, being Flax and Hemp Dressers, Shoemakers, Yarn and Worsted Sellers, and Turners. In this Place are divers Courts and Alleys as aforesaid, which so run into one another that it is something intricate to give a true Description or Account of their Situation; I shall give the Names of them. Bethlem Court, a pretty open place where the Hospital stood, at the upper end of which is a Passage out of the principal Street of Bethlem. Crown Court, pretty large, with indifferent Buildings. Loom Alley, narrow, and very ordinary. Housewives Alley, narrow, which with a turning Passage runs a great length. Half Moon Alley, pretty long, but narrow and ordinary, and falls into Round Court; something open, but ordinary. And out of this Court is a Passage into Petty France. Bullock Court, hath a Passage by Bethlem Churchyard into Cole's Rents, where are several Alleys and Courts within it; some without, and some with Names, as Rose and Crown Court, a large and open Place, but ordinary, leading into Moorfields, and also into Half Moon Alley, which leadeth into Bishopsgate Street. Near to this Alley is Baker's Court, which hath a Passage into Half Moon Alley, as also into Vine Court, and Chequer Court. Bell Court, but small, and opposite to Bethlem Churchyard; as is Three Leg Alley which is narrow and ordinary with a turning Passage. Likewise Dyer's Court, but ordinary, so called, as having a Dyer's House at the upper End.

Bethlem Court.

Crown Court.

Loome Alley.

Housewives Alley.

Half Moon Alley.

Round Court.

Bullock Court.

Cole's Rents.

Rose and Crown Court.

Half Moon Alley.

Vine Court.

Checquer Court.

Bell Court.

Three Leg Alley.

Dyers Court.

Petty France, a large Place, and generally well built. And into this Place is a Passage from Bethlem Street, through Round Court; the West end comes into Moorfields by the Postern Gate: and the East end runneth up to St. Buttolph's Churchyard which fronts one side of it; the other side being a row of nine Alms Houses, of which five belong to Dulwich College; and each House hath four poor Women, of which one in each of the five Houses hath a Gown. The other four Houses, was the Gift of one Mr. Edward Underwood, Apothecary, Grandfather of Mr. Edward Underwood, also Apothecary in Bishopsgate Street living An. 1700. Boarded Alley, a small Place in Petty France.

Petty France.

Nine Almshouses in Petty France.

Boarded Alley.

Northwards of Bethlem in Bishopsgate Street is Still Alley, which is but small. Garland Alley, an open place, at the upper End of which is an Inn, as also a large Yard for Stabling and Coaches, and but ordinarily inhabited. Bottle Alley, hath a narrow entrance, but openeth into a Free Stone Court, with well built Houses, which said Alley leadeth into another down Steps bearing the same name, and out of this is a Passage into Garland Alley. Swan Yard Inn, at the lower end hath Stables and Coach Houses. Crown Yard, indifferent good with an entrance for Carts. Half Moon Alley, very ordinary, and ill inhabited; almost at the entrance it divdes it self, one part falling into Half Moon Court which is a good large place; and the other part in a streight Line runs Westwards into Moorfields: On the South side of this place is Stone Cutters Yard, a pretty open, but ordinary place; and on the North side is a small Alley that leads unto Dunning's Alley. Three Tun Alley, but indifferent. White Hind Court, an open place, with a narrow Passage into it, and indifferent as to its Houses and Inhabitants. Sweet Apple Court, so called from Sir John Sweetapple, Goldsmith, the Owner thereof, a good handsome new built place, with an open Passage for Carts: This Place before its new building was two, viz. Soper's Alley and Horseshoe Yard; the upper end of this Court, or rather Lane, is taken up for Stables for Livery Horses, with Coach Houses. Dunning's Alley, very large and ordinary; the West end divides it self, and falls into Half Moon Alley which leads into Moorfields: In this Alley are these Courts, Tripe Yard, very small and ordinary. Adam's Court, but small, with a Passage into Sweet Apple Court. Pump Court, but mean. Westminster Hall Court, indifferent with a Free Stone Pavement. Cripple Court, very small and mean, with about two Houses. Harrow Yard, also small and ordinary. Bell Yard, inconsiderable. Lamb Alley, very narrow and ordinary, which running a great length, divides it self, one part falling into Sugar Loaf Court, and the other into Long Alley. In this Alley are Courts, Paved Court, Lamb Yard, and White Yard, all three very mean. Angel Court, likewise very ordinary. Angel Alley, long and mean, at the upper end of which is Timber Yard, and on the West side is a small Court, and passing further leads into Angel Court, which is very inconsiderable. In this Alley these Courts, Brown's Court, but small. Balam's Court. Sugar Loaf Yard. Phesant Cock Yard. Three Colts Alley, all four but small and ordinary. Jews Harp Court, a pretty handsome new built Place with a Free Stone Pavement. Brown's Yard, but ordinary. Cock Yard, very mean, at the upper end of which is Thacker's Court, but mean. Acorn Court, very narrow and ordinary; at the upper end it opens into a little Court, and out of this is a Passage into Skinner's Street. George Yard, very inconsiderable. Skinner's Street, a very handsome open place with well built Houses. Ship Yard, hath indifferent good Buildings, with a Free Stone Pavement. Primrose Alley, very long, narrow and ordinary, hath a Passage into Long Alley. Gun Yard, indifferent long; at the upper End it opens it self into two parts.

Still Alley.

Garland Alley.

Bottle Alley.

Garland Alley.

Swan Yard Inn.

Crown Yard

Half Moon Alley.

Half Moon Court.

Stone-cutters Yard.

Dunnings Alley.

Three Tun Alley.

White Hind Court.

Sweet Apple Court.

Dunnings Alley.

Tripe Yard.

Adams Court.

Pump Court.

Westminster Hall Court.

Cripple Court.

Harrow Yard.

Bell Yard.

Lamb Alley.

Paved Court.

Lamb Yard.

White Yard.

Angel Alley.

Timber Yard.

Angel Court.

Browns Court.

Balams Court.

Sugar loaf Yard.

Pheasant Cock Yard.

Three Cols Alley.

Jews Harp Court.

Browns Yard.

Cock Yard.

Thackers Court.

Acorn Court.

Skinners Street.

George Yard.

Ship Yard.

Primrose Alley.

Thus having enumerated the various Alleys, Courts, &c. on the West side of Bishopsgate Street; I shall now proceed to these on the East side, beginning next the Bars.

Gun Yard.

Bishopsgate Street, Without, the East Side.


Mountague Court, a very handsome open place with a Free Stone Pavement, and good Buildings. Katharine Wheel, and George Yard, very long, hath a Passage into Mountague Court, and another into the Artillery Ground. Red Lyon Brewhouse, pretty good, near which is Red Lyon Inn.

Montague Court.

Katharine Wheel and George Yard.

Red Lyon Brewhouse and Inn.

Artillery Lane.

Artillery Lane, a pretty open place, with good Houses, which passing by Petticoat Lane, which hath the South West side in this Ward, runs behind Gun Street.

Wide [or White] Gate Street, a place of some account, falls into Petticoat Lane. In this Street is King's Head Court, as also Savage Court, both but indifferent places. Rose Alley, with a turning Passage falls into Petticoat Lane; an Alley of no great account. Swedeland Alley, very ordinary. Sutton's Alley, both narrow, and mean. Katharine Wheel Alley, very narrow, and without Houses, having only back Yards; it hath one Passage into Hand Alley, and another in Petticoat Lane. Nigh to this Alley Katharine Wheel Inn. Rose Alley, very long and narrow, falling into Hand Alley, the uppper end not yet built. Vine Court, a handsome place, with good Houses on the North side, the South lying open to Newstreet, formerly called Hand Alley, having a Passage for Cart or Coach; its Buildings are good and pretty well inhabited. King's Head Court, but small, with Free Stone Pavement. Three Slippers Court, also small, with Free Stone Pavement: Hand Court, but small, and falls into Rose

Widegate Street.

Kings Head Court.

Savage Court.

Rose Alley.

Sweedland Alley.

Sutton's Alley.

Katharine Wheel Alley.

Hand Alley.

Rose Alley.

Vine Court.


Kings Head Court.

Three Slipper Court.

Hand Court.