Bishopsgate Ward. St. Helens. 102

Bishopsgate Ward. St. Helens.

ædibus Attalicis
Londinum qui decoravi,
Exiguam tribuunt     
Hanc mihi fata domum.
Me duce surgebant     
aliis regalia tecta,
Me duce conficitur     
ossibus urna meis.

Here also lyeth the Body of Magdalen Kerwin, his Wife, by whom he had issue, two Sons, and two Daughters. She deceased the 23d Day of August, 1592.

Magdalena jacet:
virtus post fata superstes,
Conjugiique fides,     
Religioque manent.
Corpus humo tectum,     
Christo veniente, resurget,
Ut mentis consors     
astra suprema colat.

Christus mihi vita.
Mors mihi lucrum.

Nos quos certus amor     
primis conjunxit ab annis,
Junxit idem Tumulus,     
junxit idemque polus.

About the botton these Words;

Benjamin Kerwin, the Son of William Kerwyn, deceased the 27th of July, 1621. Who had Issue seven Sons, and five Daughters; five of these Children being buried in this Vault.

In the South Ile of this Church, is a very fair Window with this Inscription.

This Window was glazed at the Charges of Joyce Featly, Daughter to William Kerwyn, Esq; and Wife to Daniel Featly, D.D. Anno Domini 1632.

This Window is beautified with three rich Coats, her Fathers, her first, and her second Husbands.

Over against this Window, towards the middle Ile, is a Monument erected to the Memory of her worthy Father, and aforenamed William Kerwyn, Esq; dated 1594. the time of his Death and Burial.

Also of Mrs. Magdalen Kerwyn her Mother, buried in the Year of our Lord 1592.

Of Benjamin Kerwyn, her Brother, buried the 27th of July, Anno 1621. and here (with them all that are before named) interred.

This Monument in this Passage of thirty nine Years, somewhat defaced and withered, was raised, repaired., beautified, and encompassed with Iron Bars, in a fair and graceful manner, at the Charge of this loving Daughter, the aforenamed Mrs. Joyce Featly, 1632.

There is a fair Grave Stone, engraven on a plain Stone, being there laid in Memorial of Mr. Abraham Orelius, a learned Preacher of the French Church. It lyeth near to Sir John Spencer's Tomb in the South Ile of the Chancel; but none new else beside.

Abraham Orelius.

J. S.

Besides the Monuments abovementioned, there are these later ones.

Later Monuments.

John Standish, D.D. Chaplain to K. Charles II. and K. James II. deceased the second of the Kalends of January, 1686.

In a Chapel on the South side, Charles Chamberlain, Esq; Alderman of this City, consecrated this Monument to the Memory of Rachel his beloved Wife, Daughter of Sir John Laurence. She dyed Aug. 21. 1687. His fourth Daughter, Hester, dyed Jun. 1687.


In the same Vault with his dear Wife and Daughter, and with like Hopes of a joyful Resurrection together, lyeth the Body of Charles Chamberlan, Esq; Alderman of this City. Who departed this Life, Jan. 29. 1704. Aged sixty five Years: Having no where left behind him either a Merchant better accomplished, or a Gentleman more compleatly adorned with all sorts of useful Knowledge. In Memory of her most affectionate and intirely beloved Father, Abigail his sorrowful Daughter and sole Executrix, the Wife of Lemyng Rebow, Esq; caused this Monument to be enlarged.

This is set up by his Daughter under a Monument set up by himself for his Wife Rachel Chambrelan.

Against the South Wall, Henry White, late of Bilboa, Merchant, Jan.1. 1702/3.

Dame Abigail Laurence, late Wife of Sir John Laurence, Knt. and Alderman. She was the Mother of ten Children; the nine first, being all Daughters, she suckled at her own Breasts. Her last, a Son, dyed an Infant. She dyed 16. June, 1682.

On the North Side.

William Finch, Merchant, and Ester his Wife.

William, Drax, Esq; Dec. 17. 1669.

Henry Draper, Esq; Citizen and Grocer of London, 17 Jan. 1674. and four of his Grand Children.

George Briggs, Esq; 1663.

James Stanier, Merchant of this City, 16 Dec. 1663. And Thomasin, his Wife, Nov. 19. 1676.

A Stone with Armenian Letters. It is laid upon John Wartanis, Armenian Merchant: Born in Persia. Deceased 7 April, 1662.

Walter Briggin, Citizen and Merchant Taylor, 15 Sept. 1625.

Tho. Chamberlain, Purveigher for the King, May 3. 1684. And Mary his Wife. Sept. 21. 1686.

Geo. Kellum, Esq; April 30. 1672. and several of his Children. And his Wife, Katharine Kellum, 14 Oct. 1703.

Sir Martin Lumley, Knt. Alderman of London, 16- 4.

Charles Senior, Son of Richard Senior, Anno 1664.

South Chapel. Regina Wolf, late Daughter of John Wolfe, of London, Merchant, and Regina, his Wife, Feb. 1. 1690. Also Lucy Wolfe, their other Daughter, Jan. 24. 1691. And Regina Wolfe, the Mother of these, Jan. 28. 1691.

Sir Julius Adelmare, alias Cæsar, Knt. Doctor of both Laws, Judge of the Court of Admiralty, April 18. 1636. Aged 75. The Lady Anne Cæsar set up the Monument, and rests with him.

Christopher Chamberlain, of London, Merchant, 15 Dec. 1640. Aged 72.

Martin Bond, Esq; hath a Monument against the North Wall, Son of William Bond, Sheriff and Alderman of London. He was Captain in the Year 1588. in the Camp at Tilbury: Lived to the age of 85. and dyed in May, 1643.

Edward Berkley, Esq; May 8. 1669.

Near the Vestry Door, a little Monument against the Wall, for Gervase Reresby, sprung of an ancient Family in Yorkshire; who lived thirty Years in Spain in great Reputation, dyed in England, Anno 1704 This Monument was erected by his only Son]

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