Bishopsgate Ward. St. Helens. 101

Bishopsgate Ward. St. Helens.

In the Church of St. Helen, have ye these MONUMENTS of the Dead.


Thomas Langton, Chaplain, buried in the Quire, 1350.

Monuments in St. Helen's.

Adam Francis, Maior, 1354.

Elizabeth Venner, Wife to William Venner, Alderman, one of the Sheriffs, 1401.

Dame Elizabeth Greystock, Widow, late Wife of Sir John Vatasor, Knt. Which Lady by Will dated May 14. 1509. bequeathed her Body to be buried in the Monastery of St. Helen, within Bishopsgate, London, in the Chapel of our Lady in the North side of the Chapel; and gave to the Prioress and Convent of the same a Bason and Ewer of Silver.

J. S.

Robert Knollys, Esq; Gentleman Usher of the Privy Chamber of the King. He bequeathed An. 1420. to the Prioress and Convent of this Monastery, a Suit of Copes and 20l.]

In this Church there was a Figure of the Trinity, and a high Altar of St. Helen: To which much Devotion was paid. In the Year 1488. Rafe Machin, Esq; of this Parish, made his Will, to be buried before the TRINITIE in St.Helen's Parish in Bishopsgate Street, &c. Item, I bequeath to the Church a blake Velvet Gown and a blake Velvet Cloke. Item, I bequeath to the high Aultare of St. Ellen's a fyne Diaper Tabull Cloath.]

A Figure of the Holy Trinity in this Church.

J. Wor.

Joan, Daughter to Henry Seamer, Wife to Richard, Son and Heir to Robert Lord Poynings; Dyed a Virgin, 1420.

John Swinslet, 1420.

Nicholas Marshall, Ironmonger, Alderman, 1474.

Sir John Crosby, Alderman, 1475. and Anne his Wife.

Thomas Williams, Gentleman, 1495.

Joan Cocken, Wife to John Cocken, Esq; 1509.

Mary Orrell, Wife to Sir Lewes Orrell, Kt.

Henry Sommer, and Katharine his Wife.

Walter Huntington, Esq;

John Langthrop, Esq; 1510.

John Gower, Steward of St. Helen's, 1512.

Robert Rochester, Esq; Serjeant of the Pantry to Henry VIII.

Sir William Sanctlo, and Sir William Sanctlo, Father and Son.

Sir William Pickering, and Sir William Pickering, Father and Son.

Elianor, Daughter to Sir Thomas Butler, Lord Sudley.

John Southworth.

Nicholas Harpsfield, Esq;

Thomas Saunderford, or Somerford, Alderman.

Alexander Cheyney.

Walter Dawbeney.

George Fastolph, Son to Hugh Fastolph.

Robert Lyade.

Thomas Benolt, alias Clarentiaulx, King at Arms, 1534.

William Hollis, Maior, 1540.

John Fauconbridge, Esq; 1545.

Hacket, Gentleman of the King's Chapel.

Sir Andrew Jud, Maior, 1551.

William Bond Alderman, 1567.

Sir Thomas Gresham, Mercer, 1579.

William Skegges, Serjeant Poulter.

Richard Gresham, Son to Sir Thomas Gresham, 1564.

Quiescit hic Gulielmus Pickeringus, Pater, Equestris Ordinis vir, Miles Mariscallus. Qui obiit 19. die Maii, Anno salutis à Christo, 1542.

A very goodly Tomb standing in the North side of the Chancel.

Jacet hic etiam Gulielmus Pickeringus, Filius, Miles, corporis animiq; bonis insigniter ornatus; Literis excultus, & Religione sincerus; linguas exactè percalluit. Quatuor Principibus summa cum laude inservivit: Henrico scilicet octavo, Militari virtute: Edvardo sexto, Legatione Gallica: Reginæ Mariæ, negotiatione Germanica: Elizabethæ, Principi omnium illustrissimæ, summis officiis devotissimus. Obiit Londini, in ædibus Pickeringiis, ætate 58. Anno Gratiæ, 1574. Januarii quarto.

A. M.

Sir William Pickering.

Cujus Memoriæ, Thomas Henneagius, Miles, Cameræ Regiæ Thesaurorius; Johannes Asteley, Armiger, Jocalium Magister; Drugo Drureius, & Thomas Wotton, Armig. Testamenti sui Executores, Monumentum hoc posuere.

Here lyeth the Body of William Bond, Alderman, and sometime Sheriff of London; a Merchant Adventurer, and most famous (in his Age) for his great Adventures both by Sea and Land. Obiit 30. die Maii, 1576.

A goodly Monument in the North Wall of the Quire.

Flos Mercatorum,     
quos terra Britanna creavit,
Ecce sub hoc Tumulo     
Gulielmus Bodus humatur.
Ille mari multum     
passus per saxa, per undas,
Vitavit Patrias     
Peregrinis mercibus oras.
Magnanimum Græci     
mirantur Iasona vates,
Aurea de gelido     
retulit quia vellera Phasi.
Græcia docta tace,     
Graii concedite vates,
Hic jacet Argolico     
Mercator Iasone Major.
Vellera multa tulit,     
magis aurea vellere Phryxi,
Et freta multa scidit     
magis ardua Phasidos undis:
Hei mihi! quod nullo     
mors est superabilis auro;
Flos Mercatorum,     
Gulielmus Bondus humatur.

Wil. Bond Merchant.

Hic situs est Johannes Spencer, Eques Auratus, Civis & Senator Londinensis, ejusdem Civitatis Prætor, An. Dom. 1594. Qui ex Alicia Bromfeldia Uxore, unicam reliquit Filiam Elizabeth, Gulielmo, Baroni Compton enuptam. Obiit 30. die Martii. Anno salutis. M.D.C.IX.
Socero bene merito Gulielmus Baro
Compton gener posuit.

A fair good Tomb in the South Ile of the Quire, as in a Chapel by itself.

Within this Monument lyeth the earthly parts of John Robinson, Merchant of the Staple in England, free of the Merchant Taylors, and sometime Alderman of London: And Christian his Wife, eldest Daughter of Thomas Anderson, Grocer. They spent together in holy Wedlock 36 Years, and were happy (besides other worldly Blessings) in nine Sons and seven Daughters. She changed her mortal Habitation for a heavenly, on the 24. day of April, An. Dom. 1592. Her Husband following her, on the 19. day of February, 1599. Both much beloved in their Lives, and more lamented at their Deaths; especially by the Poor, to whom their good Deeds (being alive) begot many Prayers, now (being dead) many Tears. The Glass of his Life held seventy Years, and then ran out. To live long, and happy, is an Honour; but to die happy, a greater Glory: But these aspired to both. Heaven (no doubt) hath their Souls, and this House of Stone their Bodies, where they sleep in Peace, till the Summons of a glorious Resurrection wakens them.

A fair Monument beneath the Body of the Church in the North Wall.

Here lyeth the Body of William Kerwin, of this City, free Mason. Who departed this Life the 26th day of December, 1594.

A comely Alabaster Tomb standing in the midst of the Church below.