Bishopsgate Ward. 90

Bishopsgate Ward.


St. Botolph Church. A New Churchyard here. A Persian Merchants Tomb. St. Mary of Bethlem. Fisher's Folly. St. Mary Spittle. Lolesworth, or Spittle Fields. Urnes found there; and other strange Things. St. Ethelburgh's. St. Helen's. Crosby Place. Sir T. Gresham's House. The modern Estate of the Ward.

THE next is Bishopsgate Ward, whereof a part is without the Gate, and of the Suburbs, from the Bars by St. Mary Spittle to Bishopsgate, and a part of Houndsditch, almost half thereof, also without the Wall, is of the same Ward.

Bishopsgate Ward.

The Compass of it.

Then within the Gate is Bishopsgate Street, so called of the Gate, to a Pump, where sometime was a fair Well with two Buckets, by the East End of the Parish Church of St. Martin Oteswich. And then winding by the West Corner of Leadenhall, down Grass Street, to the Corner over against Grass Church: And these are the Bounds of that Ward.

Monuments there most to be noted, are these: The Parish Church of St. Botolph without Bishopsgate, in a fair Churchyard, adjoining to the Town Ditch, upon the very Bank thereof, but of old time inclosed with a comely Wall of Brick, lately repaired by Sir William Allen Maior, in the Year 1571. because he was born in that Parish, where also he was buried.

Parish Church of St. Boltolph without Bishopsgate.

Sir Will. Allen.

An Anchoress (by Bishopsgate) received 40s. the Year of the Sheriffs of London.

An Anchoress.

The Parish Church of St. BOTOLPH BISHOPSGATE.


The North Wall of this Church, with the Roof thereof, and the middle Roof likewise, were new built, and the Church begun to be repaired in the Year of our Lord 1617. Mr Stephen Gosson being then Parson.

Some part new built, the whole repaired.


William Whitwell,
Dominick Lomlie,

The Repair of it, in Pewing the Church throughout, in painting, altering, adding and ordering to its greater Convenience and Beauty, continued to the Year 1620. in which it was fully finished.

Samuel Fond,
John Day,

The Charge of it amounting to 600l. and upwards.]

The Monuments that I observed in the Church of St. Botolph without Bishopsgate, were these:

A. M.

Johannes Threll Armig. nobili familia Sussexiæ ortus, hic jacet. Vixit usque ad annum sexagesimum tertium: Mortuus est sexto die Octobris. Anno Domini 1609.

Fair plated Stones lying one by another on the Ground in the Chancel.

Sub hoc Marmore jacet corpus Johannis Redman, quondam hujus Ecclesiæ Rectoris bene meriti: qui ab hac luce migravit tertio die Julii, Anno Domini 1523.

Hic jacet Johannes Picking, Magister Artium, nuper Rector istius Ecclesiæ. qui obixt 6. die Septemb. An. Dom. 1490.

Here under lyeth the Body of Joane Wood, Wife of Robert Wood, Citizen and Brewer of London, who had Issue, two Sons and three Daughters; viz. John, Richard, Joane, Anne and Frances. She deceased the 25. day of November, An. Dom. 1600. She gave large Gifts and Legacies to this Parish, as here under is expressed.

At the Entrance into the Quire in the middle Ile.

A Monument on the South Side of the middle Ile.

Hugo Wicksteed Filius Hugonis Wicksteed, nuper Civis Mercatoris Scissoris London, & Aliciæ Uxoris ejus: Hoc Monumentum, & Lapidem inferius positum, Parentibus suis, & sibi ipsi dicatum ultimo Testamento suo curavit fieri: Fuit Juvenis egregiæ indolis, mira suavitate morum præditus, erga Deum & Parentes summè pius, Flore Juventutis suæ arreptus, magnum dolorem amicis reliquit.
Quis non, qui novit Juvenem,     
Sua funera destet?
Terra tegit Corpus,     
Spiritus astra tenet.
Obiit vicesimo septimo die Augusti, An. Dom. 1625, & ætatis suæ, vicesimo primo.

Gualterus Stonus, hanc Inscriptionem amici sui dilectissimi Memoriæ consecravit.

North Side of the Communion Table is a Monument for Sir Paul Pindar, his Majesty's Ambassador to the Turkish Emperor An. Dom. 1611. and nine Years Resident there. A Benefactor to this Parish. Deceased Aug. 22. 1650. Aged 84.

Later Monuments.

J. S.

Tho. Worall D.D. sometime Prebendary of St. Paul's, and Incumbent of this Parish. Nov. 22. 1639.

Mary Rogers, Daughter of Rogers Rector of this Church, 1642.

John Tutchin Merchant, Son of Will. Tutchin, Deputy of this Ward, Aug. 25. 1658.

Mary Dashwood, late Wife of Francis Dashwood, Feb. 6. 1693/4. And two Sons by her, Francis and Lewis.

A Child of Sir Samuel Dashwood.

Upon a Pillar in the lower part of the Church, is a Memorial for Andrew Willaw, Esq; June 10. 1700. By his Will he devised and gave to the Churchwardens and Overseers of the Poor, and their Successors for ever, all his Messuages, Tenements and Ground in Garland Alley in this Parish, to clothe 12 poor Men and 12 poor Women of the same Parish, on the first of Jan. yearly for ever. The Overplus of the Rents to be divided among such poor People.

Also Elizabeth his first Wife; and Anne his second.

In the Chancel, George Dashwood Esq; Mar. 8. 1682. Aged 65.