Ealdgate Ward. St. Katharine Coleman. 80

Ealdgate Ward. St. Katharine Coleman.

Gold, Pearls, or Gems,
which Custom did intend,
Our Riches ought
to wait upon our Friend,
In Life and Death.
O blessed Ages, when
Men parted Fortunes,
and not Fortunes Men!
But now perverted
are our present Ends,
That (for Wealth) sell
the Fame of living Friends:
The Dead we live by,
now can scant afford
The Rites and Sacrifice
of one good Word:
Of which, lest I be one,
though I can bring
(For worthy Obsequie)
no precious thing;
My Gratitude
presents unto her Hearse,
My Tears for Balme;
for Offering, my sad Verse.
Give leave then, Griefe,
let my drown'd Muse declare
What she that's dead was,
unto them that are.
The Rule and Index
to find all the Good
That ever Heaven dealt
upon Womanhood:
For if we but
anatomize her Life,
We find both a good Woman;
and good Wife:
First, she lov'd God,
Not like the Pharisee,
In Ostentation
an Hypocrisie;
But even with all her Heart,
and all her Soul,
She secretly
did raging Sin controul:
For she (for Goodness sake)
was innocent,
And not for Glory,
or fear of Punishment.
Next, to her Neighbour
did her love extend,
Ready to help at need,
and to befriend
The poor, and those
that never could repay,
But with their Prayers
at the latter Day:
The remnant of her Love
she did bestow
Upon her Husband
not in outward show,
Or else in feign'd
adulterate Flattery;
But in sound Truth,
and deep Sincerity.
Thus did she live,
divided in her Love
From this unworthy World:
and Nature then,
Which had but lent her,
took her back agen.
Where let us live in peace,
and let us try
To live like her,
that we like her may dye.
Come hither, Women,
leave your Vanities,
Your Lust, your Scorns,
your Pride, your Fooleries:
For hither you must all.
The Dust and Grave
All your adored
Braveries must have:
And all those Beauties
that now are afraid
Of Air, of Sun,
must in the Ground be laid.
Then deck your Souls,
unto whose Quintessence,
Nor Time, nor Death,
nor Grave can bring Offence.
For so you may
(for ever) beautifie
Your selves as Angels,
in Eternity.

Add these Monuments and Grave Stones, to preserve the Memories of the Persons that follow.

More Monuments.

J. S.



David Doeringk, a Gentleman of Misnia, and Son of David Doeringk, Lawyer, and Counsellor to the Elector of Saxony in the Affairs of his Chamber, and of his Metals, and a Count of the Empire.

Dame Mary, late Wife of Sir Richard Heigham, of East Ham in Essex, Knt. one of the Gentlemen Pensioners to King Charles, 27th Day of October, 1634.

Robert Thacker, Yeoman of the Armory to three Princes, June 17. 1642.

Lucas Lucy, Merchant, Octob. 14. 1663.

Anna, the Relict of John Lucy, June 10. 1653. Jacob Lucy set up this Monument to his Brother and Mother.

George Christopher George Sebastian ab Osterhausen, Knt. of Thuring. Dyed 11 of the Kalends of December, 1638.

On the East Wall toward the South a Table hangs up for Jonas a Weely of Amsterdam.

In the Chancel flat Grave Stones for the aforesaid Doeringk, and George Christopher Osterhausen.

Nathaniel, Edgar and Samuel, Sons of Nathaniel Tench, Esq; and of Anne his Wife; Daughter and Heir of William Fisher, Esq; dying Annis 1680, 1681.


Anna Mary Papillon, Wife of David Papillon, of Lubenham in the County of Leicester, Gent. Nov. 8. 1675. ætat. 84. And George Papillon, of London, Merchant, Son of the said David, July 6. 1684. And Jane, Daughter of Philip Papillon, and Anne Jollif, his Wife, June 24. 1690. And David Papillon, Son of Thomas Papillon, of Paris. April 22. 1693. Aged 77.

Captain James Birkdel, 1652.

Tho. Bodicote, Son of Thomas, 1701.

Jane Hart, only Daughter of Nathaniel Hart, 1666.

George, Son of Michael Stanhope, 1691.

In the Churchyard, a fair Table Monument over a Vault, purchased 1674 for Mary Wesenham, Daughter of Rob. Wesenham, of Tottenhill of Norfolk, Gent. and for their Relations.

Concerning CHARITY to the Poor in this Parish, besides the Christian Disposition of the Parishioners themselves, I find by Information, that Sir James Deane hath given 2s. weekly in Bread for ever, which is duly performed every Friday. And as much they themselves do give in Bread every Sunday.

Charitable Gifts to Katharine Coleman Parish.