Ealdgate Ward. Crutched Friars. 78

Ealdgate Ward. Crutched Friars.

Adjoining unto this Friers Church, by the East end thereof in Woodroffe Lane towards the Tower Hill, are certain proper Almshouses, fourteen in number, builded of Brick and Timber, founded by Sir John Milborn, Draper, sometime Maior, 1521.

Almshouses by Crossed Fryers.

Testament of Sir John Milborn.

And over the Gate towards the Street the old Inscription on a four square Stone is still remaining, with the Figure of the Assumption of our Blessed Lady supported by six Angels, in a Cloud of Glory. The Inscription is, Ad laudem Dei & gloriose Virginis MARIE, hoc Opus erexit Dominus JOHANNES MILBORNE Miles & Alderman. hujus Civitatis, A.D. 1535. This Inscription formerly obscure or defaced, is lately refreshed, for the better remembring the Founder of this Almshouse.]

The Inscription on Milborn's Almshouse.

J. S.

Wherein be placed thirteen aged poor Men and their Wives, if they have Wives: These have their Dwellings Rent free, and 2s. 4d. a piece, the first Day of every Month for ever.

Sir Richard Champion, Draper, Maior, about the eighth of Queen Elizabeth, gave 19l. 14s. per Ann. to thirteen poor Almsmen at Tower Hill: On whom Sir John Milbourn, Draper and Founder, had settled the like Maintenenace of 19l. 14s. before.

J. S.

Champion a Benefactor to this House.

Willet's Catal.

"One also is to have his House over the Gate and 4s. every Month. More he appointed every Sunday for ever thirteen Penny Loaves of white Bread to be given in the Parish Church of St. Edmond in Lumbard Street to thirteen poor People of that Parish: And the like thirteen Loaves to be given in the Parish Church of St. Michael upon Cornhill. And in either Parish every Year one Load of Charcoal of thirty Sacks in the Load. And this Gift to be continued for ever."

These Points not performed, the Drapers have unlawfully sold these Tenements and Garden-Plots; and the Poor be wronged.

" For performance whereof by the Master and Wardens of the Drapers of London, he assured unto them and their Successors twenty three Messuages and Tenements, and eighteen Garden Plots, in the Parish of St. Olave in Hart Street; with Proviso that if they perform not those Points above mentioned, the said Tenements and Gardens to remain to the Maior or Commonalty of the City of London."

[Thus it was in the first and second Edition of Stow published by himself. But he that set forth the next Edition thought fit to leave out what is abovesaid, and the Note in the Margin, and thus to correct him, as followeth.]

Stow here corrected.

J. S.

Whereas there is mention made by Mr. Stow (in this his Survey) of a monthly Pension of 4s. to belong to a fourteenth House, being one of the said Almshouses; also of certain Bread and Coals, to be delivered to the Parishes of St. Edmund in Lumbard Street and St. Michael in Cornhill: And of divers Messuages and Garden Plots in the Parish of St. Olave in Hart Street, London, mentioned to be given to the Company of Drapers, for the Perfomance thereof: Upon a perfect view of the Will it self, by which the said Almshouses were given to the Company of Drapers, and upon other Writings touching the same; and withal, upon diligent and painful search touching that Matter; I find that Mr. Stow was much deceived or mistaken in that Matter; and that there was no such Bread and Coals given to those Parishes, neither at any time had the Company any such Houses or Gardens, whereby to perform the same. But the Company, by the Will, had Lands given them in other Parishes, (which now they do enjoy) only to maintain the Almshouses, and for Payment of the Pensions there, and to pay some small Sums of Money to the Officers and others of that Company, for the looking to the Houses, and pains taking in paying the Pensions, according as by the Will is limited, and for no other Use or Purpose.]

A. M.

The Drapers vindicated.

Concerning this Gift of Sir John Milbourn, it appears by Dolphin's Will, that he built thirteen Almshouses in his Life time on a Plot of Ground in the Parish of St. Olave's near the Tower in Algate Ward, next adjoining on the South part of the Choir, or Chancel of the Conventual Church of the Priory of Crossed Friers of London, and the Convent of the said Place, within the Precinct sometime of their House. Which Plot or Parcel of Ground contained in the East part thereof from North to South; that is to say, from the South East Corner of the said Church along by the Highway there, unto the new House of one John Martin, 115 Feet and one Inch of Assize: And in breadth from East to West, that is to say, from the foresaid Way to the Convent Garden, 16 Feet and six Inches of Assize, &c. And so it goes on setting out the Dimensions. The said thirteen Tenements or Cottages contained about the eighth part of an Acre, with the Appurtenances. This Sir John Milbourn had of Edmund Stretham, Prior of the Crossed Friers and the Covent, recovered 26 H. 8. as in the Hustengs of London appeareth of Record.

A true Account of Milbourn's Almshouses.

J. S.

Of these said thirteen Tenements or Cottages the said Milbourn, and Dame Johan his Wife, made a Gift in Trust unto one William Dolphin, Citizen and Draper; as also of eleven other Messauges in several Parishes in London: Which were bought with Money and Goods of the said Sir John Milbourn and Dame Johan.

Milbourn's Gift to the Drapers. Vid. Dolphin's Will.

The Houses were these: Five Messuages in Thames Street in the Parish of St. Laurence Pountney: Two Messuages with their Appurtenaces in the Parish of St. Nicolas near Newgate: Two Messuages with their Appurtenances in St. Martins the Great; sometime belonging to the Reverend Father in Christ, John Archbishop of Thebes, and Commendatory perpetual of Carlisle. Two Messuages or Tenements and Gardens, sometime John Chesters, afterwards Dame Johan his late Wife, married to Sir John Milbourn, lying in the Parish of our Blessed Lady of Aldermary: Eleven in all.

All these eleven Messuages with the said thirteen Cottages, the said William Dolphin by his last Will bearing Date 8th Day of December, 36 H. 8. devised and bequeathed to the Master and Wardens, Brethren and Sistern of the Guild or Fraternity of our Blessed Lady of DRAPERS; to have and to hold to them and their Successors for ever: For these Uses, viz. With part of the Rents and Issues to dispose and distribute thirty two Shillings and ten Pence Sterling, at twelve times of the Year, to thirteen poor People Householders, either wedded Persons ot unmarried, Brethren or Sistern of the same Fraternity of Drapers, as should be admitted to the thirteen Rooms: That is, 7d. a Week a piece, on every first Day of the Month, beginning the first Day of May in the Year 1536.

And in case there should not be found within the Company of Drapers so many poor Householders as would receive the same Alms, then there should be named, to supply the same number of Almsmen, other Householders of the Parish of St. Edmund's in Lumbardstreet, and St. Bartholomew the Little to receive the said Alms.

These poor People were to be thus qualifyed; viz. to be of honest Conversation, and not detect of any open Crime: And after their Admission, should be restant and abiding upon the same: And not to keep any common selling of Ale, Beer, or Wine, or any other thing concerning Tippling, or any petty Ostrey.