Ealdgate Ward. Crutched Friars. 77

Ealdgate Ward. Crutched Friars.

the Rulers for the tyme being; and other sadd and well avysed Personnes of the said Brotherhed; whereby grete Wrath, Ire and Devysyon have benne often provoked among the saide Bretherne, to the grete Grudge and Trowbill of all the good Folks of the said Fraternite. Therefor to kepe a good Order and Rule amonge theme by way of Penaltys for Reformation and Scilence of all suych froward and seducious Peopill, it is ordeynde, that what Persone or Persones of the saide Fraternite, that from hensforwardis at eny suych Assembles or Drinkyns, or uppon Saint Katheryn Day, that soo ungoodly demeane, and behave themesylff, and at the Commaundments and Biddings of the Rulers amd Governours of the said Fraternite for the tyme, being woll not keep Silence, nor be in peas, forfet for the first tyme vl. of Wex; for the ij tyme, xl. of Wex; for the iij time, xvl. of Wex; and for the iiij time, xxl. of Wex: And so as often as the said Rebellis of theyr mallicious Frawardness disobbay the said Commandments and Biddinggs, of the saide Rebellis to be leved withoute Redemption and applyed to the Uses abovesaid.

Also, that no Persone nor Persones, being y Bretherne of the said Fraternite from hensforwardis maytene nor support, ne bere out, in Worde or Dede, eny of the saide Rebellis or Transgressours in theyr ungoodly Demenours ayenste the said Rulers and Governours for the tyme being, or ayenste eny good Brother of the said Fraternite, being of good and honest Demeanours, uppon Payne that he or they that soo doone, forfet as often xl. Wex, to be leved and applyed to thuses aforesaid.

Also, that the Rulers and Governours of the said Fraternite for the tyme being, shall every Year from henceforth xiiij Days afore the Feste of Saint Katherine the Virgin and Martyr, call unto theme the iij old Bretherne of the saide Fraternite, that were Rulers and Governours in the Yere next before passid; and they all vj togidders with one Will and Consent within the said xiiij Days shall chose betwix theme selff of the Feloship of the saide Fraternite, iij new Rulers Bretherne to governe the same Feolashipp for the Yere following. The which iij new Rewlers Bretherne, soo chosen uppon the Day of Saint Katheryn, shall be opinly presented and shewed unto all the Bretherne ther and thenne being presented; and ther and thenne being, they shall be sworene, discretly to rule the said Brotherhed in good love, peas and condition to theyr Powers, and to make Levey of the Fyns, Quartagis and Dewtis growing and longing to the same Bretherhed for the Yere following. And in case be that iiij or v of the said vj Persones in chosing of the said new Rewlers agre togidder; and other ij or i of theme of his or theyr Obstinacy and Frowardness, woll not consent to the same Agrement, that thenne those ij Persones, or that one Persone that soo of his or theyr Wilfulnesse disagre, shall eyther of theme or that one, forfet and pay vl. of Wex to be levyd and applyd to th'uses aforesaid. And yet those iij Bretherne which the said iiij or v chosyn in to new Rulers and Governours shall stand in forse and strength for said Yere. And over that in case be, that the saide iij olde Rulers and Governours that were in the Yere passid as afore is sayde, or eny of theme, refuse and wil not come to the said Election whanne they therto benne required and called in forme abovesaid, that thenne they or suych of theme as so refusith and will not come shall pay and forfett every of theme, as often vl. of Wex, to be levid and applyed to the Uses abovesaid, without a lawful Impediment or Cause provid.

Also, that the olde Rulers and Governours of the saide Fraternite which for the Yere passid all way have benne within xxi Dayes after the Presentation, and shewing of newe Rulers and Governours in forme abovesaid to be electe and presented, shall gyve unto the same newe Rulers and Governours a lawfull Rekenyng and Accompt for theyr time; that is to say, what they have receyvid and taken upp, and what they have paid or gevyn out. And in all things what remayneth to the Use of the said Fraternite as trew and feythfull Governours ought to doo, without concelyng or hyding of eny Point thereof, uppon Payne that every of the said olde Rulers and Governours forfett xxl. of Wex, to be leved and applyed to the Uses aforesaid.

Also, that all other Ordenaunces, Actis, Constitutions and Rules made among the saide Brotherhed by theyr own free Willis and Consencions, specyfyed and declared in Duych tong, whereof a Copy in a Sedule indented to these Presentis is annexed by the said Rulers and Governours and theyr Successors for the tyme being, and by all the Bretherne and Susterne of the saide Fraternite, that now benne and all those that hereafter shall be, and everych of theme from this tyme forwardis, be faythfully holden, kepte, performed and inviolably observid, uppon Paynes therein comprised and written, to be leved and applyed halff thereof to the Use of the said Werkis of Paules, and that other halff to the Use of the Fraternite.

Also, that the Rulers and Governours of the said Fraternite for the tyme being, from hensforth truly presente without Favour or Excuse unto the Judge ordinary of my Lord Bishop of London for the tyme being, the Names of all manner Persones, Transgressours and Rebellis, being Bretherne of the said Fraternite, that offend in eny Point or Article of the Premisses, and woll not be reformed by the Rulers and Governours within the space of xv Days after theyr Offencis and Trespasses committed, and no Manne spare contrary to Truth. And yf the said Rulers and Governours or any of them, for eny Mede, Favour or Love, lete spare or woll not truly presente suyche Trangressours and Rebellis, and say trough in that behalff, forfett, he and every of theme, as often as he or they be founden in Faute, xl. of Wex to be leved and applyed to the Uses aforesaid.

Provided alway, that yff eny of the said Transgressours, being Bretherne of the said Fraternite, Fortune to be of suyche Poverty and Insufficientness, that he is not able to pay the saide hoole Fyns and Forfeturs, or ellis yff eny other consideration or remorse of Consciens or Pitty canne be thought in suyche Losses and Forffeturs, that Consciens and Pitty wolde not that they shulde not be hoole leved, That thenne by the advyse of the said ordinary Juge, and off the saide Rulers and Governours of the said Fraternite for the tyme being, the said Fyns and Forfeituris by Grace shall be mittigated and lessid, as the Case shall require after theyr Discreciouns.]

In place of this Church is now a Carpenter's Yard, a Tennis Court, and such like: The Friers Hall was made a Glass House, or House wherein was made Glass of divers sorts to drink in; which House in the Year 1575. on the 4th of Septemb. burst out into a terrible fire, where being practised all means possible to quench it, notwithstanding, as the same House in a small time before, had consumed a great quantity of Wood by making of Glasses, now it self, having within it about 40000 Billets of Wood, was also consumed to the Stone Walls, which nevertheless greatly hindred the fire from spreading any further.

The Friars Hall made a Glass House.

The Glass House burned.