Ealdgate Ward. Crutched Friars. 75

Ealdgate Ward. Crutched Friars.

" mei Notarii Publici & testium subscripter. præsentia personalit. constituti discreti viri Dominius Johannes Johnson Capellanus, Dediricus Hunter, Bertramus Johnson, & Conradus Molle, noib. Fratrum & Sororum Fraternitatis Sanctissimi Sanguinis Jhu Christi voc. Almus Sanguis de Wilsuak in Saxon. in Ecclesia Fratrum ordinis Crucis Civitatis London. ut asseruerunt, fundate & ordinate jurarunt, & quilibet eorum juravit ad sancta Dei Evangelia per ipsos & eorum quemlibet, tunc ibidem corporaliter tacta, quod ipsi & eorum quilibet bene & fidelitèr oberservabunt ordinationes & fundationes ejusdem fraternitatis, omnes & singulas & quamlibet particulam in hujusmodi content. juxta ipsor. & cujuslibet eor. posse & facultates. Que quidem ordinationes & fundationes & quelibet particula ear. fuerunt & fine eisdem fratribus tunc ibidem in vulgari Anglicano lecte & exposite, prout & sicut in una papri cedula tunc ibidem ostensa & perlecta, pleniùs continetur. Cujus quidem cedule tenor sequitur & est talis."

Almus Sanguis de Wilsuak in Saxonia.

IN the Name of God that is Almighti and of our Lady Seynt Mary his Moder, and for the blissid Blode of hir Sone Jhu Cryst, which is by all cristen people wourshipped ad Wilsuak in Saxon, and opynly called the Holy Blode of Wilsuak and of all the Seynts of Heveyn the xiiij day of April the Yere of our Lord God MCCCClix. and the Yere of Kyng Henry the Sixt xxxvii. A Fraternite in the speciall Honour of the seid holy Blode of Wilsuak and of all the holy Seynts of Hevyn, is ordeyned, founded and devised in the Chirche of the Crossid Freres of London, for to norish. encreese, and engender Love and Peas amonge gode Cristen People in the Fourme sewyng, that is to weten.

The Orders of this Fraternity confirmed 1459.

First, hit is ordeyned that no maner of Person shall come in the same Fraternite, but with good Will of all the Brethern, as wele of the most as of the lest, and shall pay his Entre xxd. to the use of the same Fraternite: And he shall be of good Conditions and Conversations.

Also, if any Brother or Suster of the same Fraernite have any Action ageyn any Brother and Suster of the forseid Fraternite, the Pleyntiff shall complayne hym to the Masters of the same Fraternite, beying for the time, and they shall make an Ende, Reste and Peas between them as good Fay and Conscience asken: and who that will nought stonde to the accorde and warde of the same Maysters, shall pay a Pound wex; for to be awered * of him by the same Maysters to the use of the same Fraternity. And who that will nought do so, shall be put oute of the same Bretherhede, and never have no manner good longying ther to.


Also, what maner Brother or Suster disklaundreth or defameth other of the same Bretherhede in Wourdis of Malice or otherwise, in unhonest Maner, that hit be proved and verified on hym with good and trew Men, withoute Fraude or Male-engyne, shall pay iil. Wax to be awered of him to the use of the same Bretherhede within xv Days sewying, withoute any longer Respite; and he that will not pay so, if he be funde gilte in the maner aforeseyd, shall be pute oute of the Bretherhede for evermore.

Also, yf any Brother or Suster of the same Bretherhede, Desese, Greve or Disclaunder other on the Day of the Bretherhede holden of the seid holy Blode of Wilsuak, which shall be Yerely on Holyrode Day, whiche is the iiijd. Day of May, by any grevouse Wurds, what they be founde in Defaute, shall make Amendes hey and lowe, after the Awoade and Jugement of the Mestris beying that time, uppon the Payne of ijl. Wex, or elles to be pute oute, as it is aforeseyd.

Holyrood Day.

Also, yf any of the same Brotherhede greve or decesse with grevouse and evil Wurds the Mastris, when they go aboute to gadyr Money and Duettes, longying to the Brotherhede, what may be founde in dafaute shall pay a l. Wex within xv Days sewing.

Also, by the oon assent of all the Brethern of the same Bretherhede, every Yere shall be chosyn ij. or iij. sufficiaunt and honest Men of the same Bretherhede for to be Maystris for the Yere sewyng; for to rule and governe well and trewly the same Brotherhede. The which Maysteris shall be bound in a certeyne Some, for to kepe gode Rule and goven all maner of Constitutions and Ordainments to the same Brotherhede belongyng. And for to yelde and geve at the Yeris ende good and trewe Rekenyng and Accomptes of all manner of Receytes and Paymentes by them ydo, duryng theyr Year: And all the Bretherne shall be at the same Rekenyng. And who that will not come thereto, and he be weanid *, shall pay at every time at his absence a l. Wex; but if he maye resonablie excuse hym.


Also, whon any Brother or Suster of the same Brotherhede is dede, he or she shall have iiij Torchys of Wex of the Brotherhede to bryng the Body in Erthe. And every Brother and Suster shall come to his Masse of Requiem, and offer 1d. and abyde still in to the tyme the Body be buryed, uppon payne of a l. Wex, yf he or she be within the Cite, but yf he or she cane resonablie excuse them.

Also, yf any Brother or Suster of the same Brotherhode by fortune shall [fall] yn Natural Sikeness by Visitation of God, so that he norshe nought laboure and travel to helpe themselfe, the same, Seke by warnyng to the Maysters fro the tyme beyng the same Day of the Sekeness comyng, or on the Morow at forthest, shall have xxd. every Wike sewyng, unto the same Seke be recovered of the Sekenesse, and that trewly be payed at every Wikes withoute any longer delay.

Also, every Brother and Suster of the same Fraternite shall have every Yere a Hode of Lyverey; the which shall be kepped ij Yere sewyng: And every Brother and Suster when any of the same Brotherhode be dede, shall be there in his Hode of Lyverey, to bryng hym in Erthe, as it is aforeseyd. And every Brother and Suster shall kepe his Hode the first Yere after hit be ordeyned for Holy Dayes. And who that wurkyth in his Hode the werkedayes or werke, having on the same of the same Yere, shall pay ijl. Wex. And what Brother or Suster of the same Fraternite that is behynd unpayed of the Quarterage by iiijd. ob. shall not opteyne the right of Guylde withoute amendes making, bithe Discretions of the Maistres for tyme beyng.

Also, ther shall no Brother ne Suster go oute of the Brotherhode withoute special License of all the hole Fraternite; and to pay iijs. iiijd. for the Lycense to be hadde.

Also, every Brother and Suster of the same Brotherhode shalbe swourn to be good and trewe, and to perfourme and to fulfill to his Powre all manner of good Conditions and Ordinaunces longyng, to encrese and profit of the same Brotherhode. And thereupon an Instrumente shalbe made, and every Brother's Name entred in Record of a Notari, for to fulfill the Conditions aforeseyd. And that every Brother and Suster shall be of good Conversations and good Conditions.

"Super quibus omnibus & singulis præfatus Johannes & prædictus Dedericus, Bertramus & Conradus, ut gra. dicte fraternitatis, ut asseruerunt, requisierunt me Notarium publicum subscriptum sibi confirmare presentium Instrumentum, acta sunt hæc "

Reg. London. Lib. Sharp. 404.