Ealdgate Ward. Crutched Friars. 74

Ealdgate Ward. Crutched Friars.

In this Street, at the South East Corner thereof, sometime stood one House of Crouched (or Crossed) Fryers, founded by Ralph Hosier, and William Sabernes, about the Year 1298. Stephen the tenth Prior of the Holy Trinty in London, granted three Tenements for 13s. 8d. by the Year, unto the said Ralph Hosier and William Sabernes, who afterwards became Friars of S. Crosse: Adam was the first Prior of that House. These Friars founded their House in the place of certain Tenements, purchased of Richard Wimbush, the twelfth Prior of the Holy Trinity, in the Year 1319. Which was confirmed by Edward III. the 17th of his Reign. Valued at 52l. 13s. 4d. Surrendred the 12th of November, the 30th of Henry VIII.

Crossed Friars House.

Fryers of St. Crosse.

One Andrew de Bures gave this House 5 Ed. III. one Messe and 28 Acres of Land, and one Acre of Meadow in Aketon; and one Messe and 60 Acres of Land in Waldingfield in the County of Suffolk.

J. S.

There was a Licence granted 23 Ed. III. to the Prior of the Holy Cross, to get Lands in Oxon. And likewise the Prior obtained a Grant for a Tenement in Synedene Lane, the same with that now called Seething Lane.

Lands of the Crutched Fryers.

41 Ed. III.

The very Ruins of this Religious House are not now to be seen, and nothing of it remaining, only it gives Name to the Street, being more commonly called Crutched Fryers than Hartstreet. But in the Place thereof now stands the Navy-Office, a noble Structure; and within the Compass of it many other fine Buildings.]

Navy Office stands upon the Ruins of this House.

At a Common Council, not far from the Beginning of Henry VIII.'s Reign, an Act passed for granting unto the Prior and Covent of the Crossed Fryers, beside the Tower of London (to the Intent that they should pray for the good Estate of the City) some common Ground of the said City, for the Enlargement of their Church, viz. in Breadth from the East End of their Church, from the main Wall thereof on the North part, into the High Street there, five Foot of Assize. And at the West End of their Church in Breadth four Foot and an half, stretching in Length from the East toward the West Part seven Score and eight Foot and an half.

The City give some Ground to these Friars.


Afterwards at a Common Council, holden on Tuesday September 25. Ann. 12 Hen. VIII. the said Prior and Covent petitioned for Succour towards the edifying and Maintenance of their new Church; and to take upon them and the whole City, to be their second Founders. Whereupon it was agreed, that several Exhortations should be made in Writing to every Fellowship in London, to see what they would do of their Devotions towards the same; and such Sums to be certified to the Maior and Aldermen, to the Intent it may be known to what it will amount.]

The Crossed Friars Suit to the City for their Supply.

A Prior of this House in Henry VIII.'s Time was not so observant as he should be of the Rules of his Order: who on a Friday (a Day of somewhat more Mortification and Devotion) was found at 11 of the Clock in Bed with with a Whore, and taken in that Posture by Barthelot and others, appointed Visitors by Crumwel the Vicar General's Order. For the concealing of this Incontinency, the surprized Prior distributed 30l. presently among them, and promised 30l. more. All which was certified to Crumwel in a Letter wrote by the said Barthelot. These scandalous Crimes hastened the Dissolution of these Monasteries.]

A lewd Prior of this House.

J. S.

In this House was buried Mr. John Tirres.

Nicholas the Son of William Kyriell, Esq;

Buried in this House.

Sir Thomas de Mollinton, Baron of Wemese; [Who bequeathed by Will dated 1408. his Body to be buried in the Chapel of St. Mary within the College of the Friars St. Crucis, Lond.] And Dame Elizabeth his Wife, Daughter of William Botelar, Baron of Woine, according to her last Will, An. 1410.

J. S.

Ro. Mollinton, Esq; and Elizabeth his Wife, Daughter to Ferreis of Ousley.

Henry Lovell, Son to William Lord Lovell.

Dame Isabel, Wife to William Edwards, Maior of London, 1471.

William Narborough, and Dame Elizabeth his Wife.

Will. Narborough, and Dame Beatrix his Wife.

William Brosked, Esq;

William Bowes.

Lionel Mollinton, Esq; Son of Robert Mollinton.

Nicholas Couderow, and Elizabeth his Wife.

Sir John Stratford, Knt.

Sir Tho. Asseldey, Knt. Clerk of the Crown, Sub-marshal of England, and Justice of the Shire of Middelsex.

John Rest, Grocer, Maior of Lond. 1516.

Sir John Skevington Knt. Merchant Taylor, Sheriff, 1520.

Sir John Milborne, Draper, Maior in the Year 1521. was buried there, but removed since to St. Edmond's in Lomard Street.

Sir Rice Griffith, beheaded on the Tower Hill, 1531.

Sir John Milborne aforesaid was a Benefactor to this House of the Crutched Fryers: He set up his Tomb in their Church in his Life- time, and appointed a solemn Obit to be kept there, during the Life of himself and his Wife Dame Johan; and after his Decease to be also kept in the said Church by the said Friars for their Souls.

Milbourn's Almsmen to do Devotions at his Tomb.

J. S.

And his thirteen Bedemen, dwelling in his Almeshouse hard by, were to come daily unto this Church, where they should in some convenient Place, near unto the said Tomb, abide and continue while the Service of God, or at the least until such time as a whole Mass, which daily should be begun in the said Church by the Hour of eight of the Clock in the Morning or thereabouts, should be sung or said for evermore, at the Altar called Our Ladies Altar in the mid Ile of the said Church, founded by the said Sir John Milbourn. To the Intent that the said thirteen poor Bedemen afore the beginning of the said Mass, one of them standing right over against the other, about and encompassing the same Tomb or Burial Place of Sir John Milbourn, shall severally two and two of them together say the Psalm of De profundis, and a Pater Noster, Ave and Creed, with the Collect thereunto belonging. And such of them as could not say the Psalm of De profundis, were to say a Pater Noster, Ave and Creed. Which Prayers (as the Will directs) they should especially say for the good and prosperous Estate of the said Sir John, and Dame Johan, their Children and Friends now living: and after their Decease, for the Souls of the said Sir John and Dame Johan, and Margaret his first Wife, their Fathers and Mothers, Children and Friends Souls, and all Christen Souls.

Two Fraternities of Dutch Men (which Nation seem'd chiefly to inhabit hereabouts) were founded in the Church of these Friars. The Foundations and Ordinances whereof follow.

"IN Dei Nomine Amen per presens presentium instrumentum civitatis appareat evident. quod anno ab Incarnatione Domini Millesimo Quadringentesimo Quinquagesimo nono Indictione septima Pontificatus santissimi in Christo Patris & Domini nostri Domini Pii divina providentia Pape secundo anno primo Mensis Aprilis die quartadecima ante horam nonam ejusdem dei, in domo habitationis mei Notarii subscripti in vico vocato Thaimsestrete in parochia sancti Dunstani in oriente Lond. situat. In "

The Fraternity of the most holy Blood of Jesus.

Ed. Alexand.