Ealdgate Ward. St. Andrew Undershaft. 72

Ealdgate Ward. St. Andrew Undershaft.

Parishioners, as in a Stock for ever, and the Benefit thereby arising, to be given Weekly to the Poor in Bread.

Mr. Laurence Overton, Citizen and Mercer of London, by his Testament and last Will, dated the 3d Day of Sept. 1612. did give and bequeath to the Poor of the said Parish (whereof then he was a Parishioner) the Sum of 20l. to be distributed at the Discretion of the Churchwardens for the time being, and his Executors.

The charitable Donations belonging to this Parish of St. Andrew Undershaft, as they stand at present, may appear by this following Account of them, and some other things relating to the Minister and Parish, as it was given in at the late Parochial Visitation in the Year 1693.

The present State of the Charities.

Parochial Visitat. Book.

J. S.

Gifts to the Poor in Bread, Coals and Money, and to the Minister and Clerk, by yearly Revenue, as followeth.

Mr. Woodroffe050504
Mr. Burton021800
Mr. Offley040000
Mr. Handbury and Mrs. Handbury021200
Mr. Carter040200
Mrs. Moor041000
Lady Ramsey030000
Mr. Hyde020000
Robert Buck and Clare his Wife120000
Sir Henry Lee031800
The Parishioners0505 04
Mr. Coventrie100000
Mr. Parker100000
Sir William Craven0211 00
Mr. Thomas Rich0900 00
Sir Christopher Clitherow040000

These several Gifts are, some out of Houses, some out of Rent- charges; and settled, according to the Will and Intent of Donors, either in the Parson and Churchwardens, or in certain Feoffees nominated according to the Donors Directions.

There hath also been given to the Church and Parish Stock by yearly Revenue, as followeth:

St. Mary-Axe Glebe, being 15l. Which is paid by Mr. Speed, Schoolmaster of St. Mary-Axe.

10l. Paid by Mr. Sykes.

8l. Paid by Sir Jeffrey Jeffreys.

14l. 14s. 8d. Given and purchased by the Parishioners, and paid by Mr. Colman.

9l. 14s. 8d. Paid by Mr. Skinner.

The Minister receives for Sermons to be preached on several Occasions 10l. 1s.

Glebe and Occasional Sermons.

He hath a Parsonage House near the Church; and another House, besides his House of Residence, being on the Left Hand of it, rented in the Parish Rates at 10l. per Ann. No other Glebe.

And there is a Memorial or Register kept in the Church of the Names of the Benfactors, and a Particular of the Sums by them given; and a Table of the same made Anno 1676.

A further PARTICULAR of Benefactors to this Parish of St. Andrew Undershaft, according to the friendly Informations of the Reverend Incumbent Dr. Brabant, and of Mr. Waylet, a worthy Inhabitant of the said Parish, and Deputy of the Ward, here ensueth.

Queen Elizabeth united the Parish of St. Mary at Axe to this Parish, and confirmed the same Church and one House, now called the Backhouse, and the Parsonage House of St. Mary at Axe, with other Appurtenances, towards the Repair of the Church. By her Letters Patents dated April 12. in the 4th of her Reign.

Mr. Buckford gave 8l. for the Poor, to be distributed at Christmas yearly.

Edmond Hill, Mr. Overton, Cuthbert Martin, Mr. Tarbox, Mr. Clithero, gave several Sums of Money for several charitable Uses. These Sums, together with other Gifts of Mr. Pierse, Mr Balthasar, Mr. Spering, and two Persons unknown, and the Poor's Stock, viz. 17l. 1s. 8d. (in all 100l.) were given for the Corner House over the Church Porch. The Rent whereof is disposed as followeth:

For Mr. Hills Gift every Friday in Bread 12d.

Every Good Friday to the Poor, by Order of Vestry, 2l. 3s. 4d. Which is to answer the Gifts aforesaid.

Robert Gayer gave 50l. to the Churchwardens as an encrease of Stock, upon Trust to deliver to the Poor of this Parish 50s. or so much as the said 50l. shall yearly produce, or Sea Coals at St. Thomas's Day yearly for ever. By Will dated Jan. 15. 1648.

Peter Cully gave to the Poor 5l. and to the Parish 15l. to buy a large and handsome Candlebranch, to hang in the Body of the Church. By Will dated May 21. 1666.

Sir Thomas Rich gave 400l. to purchase Lands, to maintain an Orthodox Minister, and provide Necessaries; for Prayers and Service of the Church of England every Week Day in the Morning, at Six in the Summer, and Seven in the Winter. Whereof 20 Mark to be paid to the Minister. By a Codicil dated Octob. 14. 1667. annexed to his Will dated May 16. 1666.

Hester Acton, Widow of Richard Acton, gave 10l. per Ann. for one to be appointed by the Rector to read Prayers in the Church every Night at six a Clock, according to the Service of the Church of England. And settled the same by a Deed under her Hand and Seal, bearing Date the 12. April 1706.

The Widow of Mr. Van Citters the Year 1706. gave to the Parish 200l. The Interest whereof to be employed to put two Parish Children yearly Apprentices. She gave also a Branch Candlestick for the Church upon its Repair the said Year. For which the Parish have gratified her with a Pew for herself and Family.

1706. Mr. Joseph Chamberlain, Merchant, gave 121l. 1s.

1709. William van Sittart, Gent. gave 50l.

Some of the Gift-Sermons appointed to be preached in this Parish.

A Sermon on some Sunday in Lent, 6s. The Donor Simon Burton, 1593.

Four Sermons on Sunday Mornings, when the Poor shall receive the Communion, 20s. And to administer the Communion the first Sunday in January, 5s. The Donor Mr. Offley. 1594.

A Sermon the next Sunday before Christmas Day, 10s. Given by Sir Henry Lee, 1619.

On the 5th of November. And on some Sunday between the 20th of July and of 8th of August, for Thanksgiving for Deliverance from the Spanish Invasion, 10s. each Sermon. Given by Mr. Buck.

On New-eYars Day, and on the third Tuesday in September, in thankful Remembrance of God's Mercy in saving the Donor's Tenement in the dreadful Fire, 20s. for each Sermon. Given by Mr. Tho. Rich. 1672.

Eight Sermons, 4l. Given by Mr. Parker.

There is an eminent School kept in St. Mary Axe of long time; being a very fair Building, with this Inscription over the Door, Seminarium