Ealdgate Ward. St. Andrew Undershaft. 70

Ealdgate Ward. St. Andrew Undershaft.

the 28. Day of October, 1628. He was the second Son of Francis Warner, of Parham in the County of Suffolk, Esq; by Mary his second Wife, Daughter and Coheir of Sir Edmund Rowse of the said County, Knt. Which Francis Warner was truely and lineally descended from the ancient and generous Family of the Warners, who possessed a Place of their own Name at Warners Hall in great Waltham in the County of Essex.
He dyed without Issue, and made Francis Warner of Parham aforesaid, Esq; his Nephew and next Heir in Blood, the Executor of his Will, and principal Heir to his Estate, who out of duty and affection to the Memory of his dear Unlce, hath dedicated this Monument.
He had to his first Wife, Mary, Daughter of Mr. Aylmer of Risden in Hartfordshire; and to his second, Margaret, Daughter of Mr. John Cheynie.

In the lower part of the Monument.

At the entrance into the Choir, and before the Pulpit:

He lyeth buried Joane Cartwright, the Wife of Abraham Cartwright, Citizen and Draper of London; who had Issue by him four Sons and five Daughters. And dyed the 24. November, An. Dom. 1609.

A fair Grave Stone with the Persons of him and her engraven in Brass.

On a fair Grave Stone, lying in the same Ile, is thus written.


I. H. S. Mors Christi, mihi Vita.
The Memorial of Mrs. Elizabeth Turner, Whose Body resteth here,in Expectation of her Saviour. She lived the sorrowful Widow of three Husbands, Andrew White, Cuthbert Burby, and Humphery Turner, Gent. and the most dear Mother of seven Children, being the Issue only of her second. Three of them buried her, Edward Burby, Cuthbert and Joane. Which inherit her Sorrow, to bewail their Loss. Her Dissolution happened in her great Climacterical, being on the tenth Calends of August, in the Year after her Saviour, 1630.]

MONUMENTS of such as were more lately deceased, and buried in this Church.

More modern Monuments.

In the Chancel. Humphrey Brook, Dr. of Physic, deceased ix of the Calends of Decemb. 1693. Aged 76.

J. S.

John Jeffreys, Esq; of an ancient Family in the County of Brecknock, and in the Parish of Llywel, Merchant of London, deceased Nov. 5. 1688.

Bridget, the third Daughter of Sir Christopher Clitherow, Knt. Apr. 12. 1683.

Anthony Abdy, Alderman, and Abigail, his Wife.

Sir Christopher Clitherow, Knt. sometime Lord Maior of London, deceased Nov. 2. 1642. And Dame Mary, his second Wife, 13. Dec. 1645. Also Mary, second Wife to James Clitherow, 14. Sept. 1662. and her only Daughter lying by her.

Charles Thorold, of the ancient Family of the Thorold's of Lincolnshire, Esq; Nov. 30. 1691. Aged 71.

William Wight, of the Company of Fishmongers, 29. July, 1672. And four of his Children.

Abraham Sutton, Merchant, lived in the City of Ghendt 30. and there dyed. Buried here May 24. 1675.

Proctor the Son of Edward and Elizabeth Bourn, 1688.

A great Monument in the North Wall for Sir Hugh Hammersley, Knt. Maior of the City, 1627. A great and general Merchant. Dyed 19. Octob. 1636. Aged 71.

John and William, Sons of William Hook, Esq; and Elizabeth his Wife: Both 1673.

Jane Abraham, the Wife of John Abraham, Free Mason of London, and Elizabeth. Jane deceased 1608. and Elizabeth 1607.

William Braynwood, Citizen and Parish Clerk, Fellow Clerk, and Collegiate Clerk of the City of London; and was Parish Clerk of this Parish of St. Andrew's Undershaft 68. Years. Buried 1586. with Margery his Wife.

Upon a Monument fixt to the North Pillar in the Chancel, is an Incsription for Sir Jeffrey Jeffreys, Alderman of the City.

M. S.
Juxta Sepultus jacet dict. GALFRIDUS JEFFREYS, Eques Auratus, & hujus Civitatis Aldermannus, Patruo suo moribus persimilis. Ob. Oct. xxvito. A.D. MDCCIX. æt. LVII.

J. Worthing.

Upon another Monument fixt in the same Pillar on the South Side.

M. S.
Juxta situs est JOHANNES JEFFREYS, Armiger, de SHEEN de Agro
Surreyensi, JOHANNIS JEFFREYS propè sepulti, Nepos haud degener, Pauperibus propter munificentiam, Amicis propter Beneficia, onmibus propter Hospitium benè notus. Ob. xx Octobris, Anno Dom. MDCCXV. ætat. LVIII.

These two Monuments are placed beneath their Uncles.

A Grave Stone near the South Corner of the Communion Table Rails, covers the Body of Peter Van Sittart, Esq; sometime an eminent Merchant and Citizen of London. His disconsolate Widow caused a Monument to be erected for him on the South Pillar of the Chancel, in the Year of our Lord, 1706.

Upon a Monument fixt to the fourth Pillar at the South Side of the Church, is an Inscription for Henry Sykes Apothecary, with his Wife Margaret, two Sons and as many Grand Children..

PharmacopÅ“us æquè probus ac peritus, &
verè Opifer. Societatis suæ Decus, Olim Præfectus, & tandem Pater.

He was born in Ashby de la Zouch, in Leicestershire, where he was a good Benefactor. Dyed Apr. 22. 1710. Aged 83. And Margaret his Wife, dyed Dec. 31. 1694. Aged 61. His Son and two Daughters erected this Monument for them.

Against the South Wall. A Monument for Mrs. Katharine Heemes, Widow, Daughter of Sir Thomas Chamberlain, Knt. sometime Wife of John Heemes. Ob. 12. Decemb. 1716.]

Gods Blessings by Christian Benefactors, to the Poor of this Parish.


Mr. Stephen Woodroffe, Citizen and Haberdasher of London, by his last Will and Testament, bearing date the 20. of April, 1576. gave one hundred Pound in Money, to the Use of the Poor of this Parish: With which Sum, and 20l. 12s. 4d. more, laid out by the said Parish, they purchased a House, called by the Name of the White Horse in Holywell Street, in the Parish of St. Leonard in Shoreditch, in the County of Middlesex. Out of which, is and hath been given to the Poor of the said Parish, every Sabbath since his Death, 2s. in Bread, and so shall continue for ever, 5l. 4s. per annum.

Benefactors to this Parish.

A. M.

Mr. Simon