Ealdgate Ward. St. Andrew Undershaft, 67

Ealdgate Ward. St. Andrew Undershaft,

William Draper Esq; 1537. Isabel and Margaret his Wives.

Nicolas Levison Mercer, oneof the Sheriffs, 1534.

John Gerrard Woolman, Merchant of the Staple, 1546.

Henry Man D.D. Bishop of Man, 1550.

Stephen Kyrton Merchant Taylor, Alderman, 1553.

David Woodroffe Haberdasher, one of the Sheriffs, 1554.

Given by his Order at his Funeral 60 Mantle Freez Gowns to Men and Women, and 150 Black Gowns and Coats and Cassocks. The poor Men and Women walked before: After, came twenty Clerks, bearing their Surplices upon their Arms: Next four Aldermen in Black, Mourners, and the Curate: Then a Mourner bearing his Penon of Arms: Next a Herald bearing his Coat Armour: Next, Mr. Clarentieux in his best Coat Armour: Next, the Corse covered with a Pall of Black Velvet, and with Arms hanging on it; six Mourners bearing the Corse. Next, two Penons, born on each side one. The chief Mourners, Mr. Woodroffe his eldest Son: Next, Mr. Stonehouse his Son in Law, and so another Son, and another Son in Law, and many other Mourners; and then many Women Mourners. The four Alderman attending, were, Sir William Garret, Sir Thomas Offely, Sir William Chester, and Mr. Christopher Draper late Sheriff. The Church was hung. In the midst of the Church, Rails made, and hung with Black and Armes; and so was the Street and House. Mr. Gowth preached the Funeral Sermon. After this, they offered his Coat and Penon; and all the Mourners and Craft offered, and then all retired to his Place to Dinner.

His Funeral.

J. S.

This Funeral was Mar. 31. 1563.

Stephen Woodroffe his Son, gave 100l. in Money, for the which, the Poor of that Parish receive two Shillings in Bread weekly for ever.

The best Benefactor to the Poor of this Parish.

Sir Thomas Offley Merchant Taylor, Maior, 1556. he bequeathed the one half of all his Goods to Charitable Actions, but the Parish received little Benefit thereby.

Thomas Starkey, Skinner, one of the Sheriffs, 1578.

Hugh Offley, Letherseller, one of the Sheriffs, 1588.

William Hanbury, Baker.

These other MONUMENTS I find there beside:

A. M.

Nicholai de Nale, Ragusini Caro hoc in tumulo repulverescit. Spiritus ad Cœlum reversus reassumptionem carnis expectat. Obiit die 1 Januar. 1566. A nativitate vixit, An. 50. Mens. 7. dies 29. Augustinus amantissimo frati mœrens ponere curavit.

On a fair plated Stone in the Chancel.

Henry Man, Doctor of Divinity in the University of Oxenford, and sometime Bishop of Man. Which Henry departed this Life the 19. Day of October, An. Do. 1556. and lyeth buried under this Stone.

Before the Door within the Chancel.

Memoriæ Sacrum.

Resurrectionem in Christo hic expectat Joannes Stowe, Civis Londinensis. Qui in antiquis Monumentis eruendis accuratissima diligentia usus, Angliæ Annales, & Civitatis Londini synopsim bene de sua, bene de postera ætate meritus, luculenter scripsit, vitæq; stadio piè & probè decurso, Obiit ætatis Anno 80. die 5. Aprilis, 1605.
Elizabeth Conjux, ut perpetuum sui amoris testimonium, dolens P.

At the upper end of the North Ile in the Choir.

This well deserving Citizen, and most elabo- rate first Author of this Book, is represented in this his Monument by a good Firgure, sitting before a Table with a Book lying open, on which he lays his Hand; and having many Books about him: A reverend Aspect, bald in his Head, a short white Beard, and short Hair above his Ears. Under which is the Inscription as above.]

J. S.

Near to this Place, lyeth buried the Body of Simon Burton, Citizen and Wax Chandler of London: a good Benefactor to the Poor of this Parish. Who was three times Master of his Company, and one of the Governours of St. Thomas Hospital, and one of the Common Councel of this Ward 29. Years. He had two Wives, Elizabeth and Anne, and had Issue by Elizabeth one Son and four Daughters. He deceased the 23. Day of May, Anno Dom. 1593. being aged 85. Years: In whose remembrance, his loving Daughter Alice Coldocke erected this Monument.

A fair guilded Plate in the Wall.

Near unto this Monument, lyeth Alice Byng, in a Vault with her Father, Simon Burton: She had three Husbands, all Batchelors and Stationers. Her first was Richard Waterson, by him she had a Son. Next him was Francis Coldock, by birth a Gentleman, he bare all the Offices in his Company, and had Issue two Daughters, Joane and Anne, with whom she lived 40. Years. Lastly, Isaac Byng, Gent. who dyed Master of his Company. She dyed the 21. day of May Anno Dom. 1616. aged 73 Years, 5. Months, and 25. Days.

In the Wall close by the other.

Near unto this Monument, lyeth buried the Body of Dorothy Greswolde, the only Daughter of Roger Greswolde, Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London: Which Roger was the third Son of Richard Greswolde, of Solyhull, in the County of Warwick, Esq;. She was first married to John Weld, Citizen and Haberdasher of London, who was second son of John Weld of Eaton, in the County of Chester, Gent. By whom she had four Children. viz. John, Elizabeth, Joane and Dorothy. After his decease, she married Hugh Offley, Citizen and Alderman of London, and by him had only one Daughter, named Susanna. After his Death she lived a Widow sixteen years, and being the Age of 60. Years, dyed in the true Faith of Christ, and Hope of eternal Happiness, the 29. June, 1610.

A handsome small Monument in the Wall, South in the Choir.

Here before this Place, lyeth buried the Body of Margery, late the Wife of Humfrey Turner, Gent. who deceased the 10. day of December, 1607. being of the Age of 56 Years. As also the Body of her first Husband, Master Isaac Sutton, late Citizen and Goldsmith of London: who deceased the 2. Day of May, 1589. By which Husband she had Issue, six Sons and six Daughters. All deceased at the time of her Death, only Joane excepted, Daughter and Heir of the said Isaac, married unto William Howpill, Gent.]

In the Ile beneath the Choir and on the same side, a comely Monument in the Wall.

Tempus & Patientia.

In this Church also lyeth Sir William Craven, Knt. and Alderman, and in the Year 1610. Lord Maior of this City: Buried with great Pomp and Splendor; and yet without any Monument erected for him, as I can find or learn; tho' one of the wealthiest and most eminent Citizens of his time; and from whence the Lord Craven descended. But for his Monument, let his last Will stand here in the room of it; an authentick Copy thereof was communicated to me by a worthy Friend, viz.

Sir William Craven, Kt. buried here.

J. S.