Ealdgate Ward. St. Katharine Creechurch. 62

Ealdgate Ward. St. Katharine Creechurch.

My Life's first Hour proved the last to me;
My Day began, begun strait ceast to be.
My Father unto Christ my first Prime meant:
Father no need; to our Father Christ I went.

In the Body of the Church, a flat Stone thus inscribed for Booker the famous Astrologer;

In oblivione conteretur urna JOHANNIS BOOKERI Astrologi. Qui

Fatis cessit VIto Idus April. An. Dom. MDCLXVII. Hoc illi posuit Amoris Monumentum Elias Ashmole Armiger

Upon the Cieling of the Chancel is written SIR EDWARD BARKHAM Maior, 1622. for a lasting Memory of him who was the great Promoter of erecting this Church.]

The Parish Church of St. KATHARINE CREECHURCH.


The Parish Church of St. Katharine standeth in the CÅ“mitery of the same dissolved Priory of the Holy Trinity, and is therefore called St. Katharine Christ's Church.

The Parishioners, as it appeareth, by a Leiger Book of Christ's Church Priory, did at first meet together for Divine Service at the Altar of St. Mary Magdalen in the South Part of this Conventual Church. But afterwards an Inconvenience being found therein, per Dissonantiam vocum; when Service was saying to the Canons in another part of the Church, and at the same time to the said Parishioners here in this part of it: Therefore by the Consent and Agreement as well of the Prior and Convent, as of the Parishioners aforesaid, the Chapel of St. Katharine was built in the Church Yard of the said Church, at the Motion of the Lord Richard de Graveshende Bishop of London [who was Bishop from the Year 1280. to 1303.] In which Chapel Service might be more quietly performed. But there happened upon this much Contention and Discord between Robert Exeter the Prior, and the Parishioners; which continued to the Time of William Haradon Prior, and Lord Richard Clifford, Bishop of London, who in the time of his ordinary Visitation, (which happened anno 1414.) made an Agreement between them by mutual Consent, in the Composition following:

The Occasion of building St. Katharine Creechurch. J. S.

Lib. Trinit. penes me.

That a Baptismal Font in the Church or Chapel should be erected anew, for baptizing of Children, and other Things there necessary or seasonable to be done. And that other Solemnities and Services should be performed for perpetual future Times in their said Church or Chapel.

Composition between the Parishioners and the Priory.

Also, that the Parishioners repair yearly to the Conventual Church in the Festival of the Holy Trinty, and also in the Festival of the Dedication of the said Conventual Church, falling out on the Morrow of St. Bartholomew the Apostle, every year; and giving due Reverence to the said Church, in token of Subjection and Acknowledgment, each at least in the same Festivals, should offer humbly and devoutly single Pence, Halfpence, or Farthings.

But in case the same Parishioners were minded to celebrate the Solemnity of the Dedication of the said Church or Chapel of St. Katharine, in the same Church or Chapel, we kindly do not hinder the Devotion and Will of the said Parishioners; yea, rather with a Paternal Affection yield to it.

That there be no Ringing to the Office of the Resurrection in the Chrch or Chapel, till such Office in the Conventual Church, on the usual time, be done.

That Service be said to the Parishioners by one of the said Canons in their said Church or Chapel, according to the Will of the Prior and Convent, as was accustomed antiently before this Ordinance.

To have to the said Parishioners all the Sacraments and Sacramentals to be performed by him, or by some other Canon, or secular Priest to be deputed in his Absence.

The Prior and Convent not bound to find anew, or support any Ornaments or Burthens to the same Church, on account of this Ordinance, or having been enjoyned by any, may they be forced to it. Given and acted in the Chapter House of the Priory, in the Year of the Incarnation of our Lord 1414. Witness John Swayn Doctor of both Laws our Chancellor, Peter Hynewick, &c.

This Composition was confirmed by Pope Martin.]

This Church seemeth to be a very old Thing. Since the building whereof, the high Street hath been so often raised by Pavements, that now Men are fain to descend into the said Church by divers Steps, [seven in Number.] But the Steeple or Bell Tower thereof hath been lately builded; to wit, about the Year 1504. for Sir John Percivall Merchant Taylor, then deceasing, gave Money towards the building thereof.

Now concerning this Parish Church being now newly built, and made a very fair Church indeed; the ascending into it is by four or five Degrees. Very gladly would I have delivered further Satisfaction concerning the new Structure thereof: But I was answered, they would admit no meddling therewith, untill they had new built the Steeple, and other necessary Occasions thereto belonging.

The new building of St. Katharine Christ's Church.

A. M.

The Monuments formerly mentioned in the Edition of the Year 1618, I find (by their Report) to remain there still, with the Tomb of Sir Nicholas Throckmorton, and the rest there named; but I find no newer to be spoken of.]

There be the Monuments of Sir Thomas Flemming, Lord of Rowalls [alias Rowles] in Essex, and Margaret his Wife, 1464.

William Creswick Citizen, buried in St. Maries Chapel in Creechurch. By his Will, about 1405. he gave his Manor of Heston, and his Manor of Halls in the Town of Heston, &c. And to the Poor of the Church of St. Augustin Papey, juxta Bewes Marks, London, and to the Rector and Parishioners, of the same Church for the time being, a Tenement, Garden, and Shops, with its Appurtenances, &c. in the same Parish to the said Rector and Parishioners and their Successors for ever, in augmentationem sustentationis Rectoris ejusd. Ecclesiæ, ad orand. pro animâ suâ: And also, to the Rector and Parishioners of the Church of St. Sepulchre, and their Successors, for ever, 13s. 4d. of yearly Rent, to be received out of his Lands and Tenement; which he hath at a certain Inn, called the Castle, near Barram [the Barrs] of West Smithfield, within the Liberty, pro sustentatione Ornamentorum dicte Ecclesiæ.

Wil. Crisewyk.

Regist. Lond.

E. Alex.

St. Augustin's Pappey.

St. Sepulchre.

Henry Elvedon of London, Esq; buried in in Christ's Church within Algate, Lond. by his Will dated Aug. 27. 1498. gave to Joyce his Wife the third part of his Lands and Tenements lying in Brakking, Mochel Hadham, Lytel Hadham, &c. and the Residue of his Goods and Chattels after his Debts paid, requiring her to be a good Mother to Florence and James his Children.


E. Alex.

This Elvedon was Esquire of the Body to K. Henry VII.

Richard Monnes of London, Scrivenor, by Will, dated 26. Apr. 5. of Edw. VI. gives to the Re-


Reg. Lond.