Aldgate Ward. Trinity Priory. 56

Aldgate Ward. Trinity Priory.

phen, obtained the full Payment by a Charter from that King. For the new Money was 20d. ob. the Ounce, 20s. 6d. the Pound; so that now the Prior's due was 25l. 12s. 6d. i.e. 25l. ad Scalam, at the Scale. The Charter was in this Tenor;

"HENRICUS, Rex Angliæ, & Duz Normann. & Aquitan. & Comes Andagav. Præpositis & Civib. Exoniæ Sal. Præcipio vobis, quod sine dilatione & juste habere faciatis Canonicis meis Sancte Trinitatis London. Reddit. suos de Exon, sicut unquam melius & plenius habere solebant, tempore Regis HENRICI Avi mei, & ad terminos Statutos; & nisi seceritis justiciam, vel Vic, meus faciat fieri, ne inde a modo clamorem audiam pro penuria Recti. Et de hiis qui Reddit. suos eis detinuerint, justiciam faciatis. Teste M. Biset Dap. apud Wirecest."

There was also a Charter found in the Rolls of the Exchequer by Geffrey Paine Attorney to the Sheriff; Quod Ecclesiam Christ. London. debet habere prædict. denarios blanc. & ad Scalam, i.e. ad pondus, qui fuerint meliores in pondere quam illa nova moneta per 6s. 3d. pro termino Sancti Michaelis Archang. præd. Et sic prædict. Prior & Conventus haberent quolibet anno 12s. 6d. de incremento 25l. Blanc. prout patet in Cart.

I shall add one Chater more; whereby this Priory was privileged to enclose the Way along London Wall, and stop the Passage, and enlarge their Priory to the very Wall.

A Charter to enclose the Way to London Wall.

"HENRICUS Rex Angliæ, &c. Ric. Episcopo & Alberico de Vere Vic. & omnibus Baronibus & fidelibus London. Salutem. Sciatis me concessisse Sancte Trinitati & Homanno [Normanno, ut videtur] Priori, & Canonicis Sancte Trinitatis London. ut claudant muro viam quæ erat inter Ecclesiam & Officinas eorum, & murum Civitat. Et in pace teneant. Et via quæ solebat ibi esse sit a modò ante Ecclesiam suam ex alia parte. Et hoc concedo eis pro animab. Patris mei & Matris, & Prædecessorum & Successorum meorum, & pro salute mea & statu Regni mei. Test. Ranulph. Cancellario meo, & Gaufri. de Guntona & Rad. Basset apud Northamptonam.]"

Lib. C. fol. 48.b. in quadam Scedulâ pergamen.

Norman took on him to be Prior of Christ's Church, in the Year of Christ, 1108. in the Parishes of St. Mary Magdalene, St. Michael, St. Katharine, and the Blessed Trinity, which now was made but one Parish of the Holy Trinity, and was (in old time) of the Holy Cross, or Holy Rood Parish.

Parish of the Holy Trinity.

The Priory was builded on a piece of Ground in the Parish of St. Katharine, towards Aldgate, which lyeth in length betwixt the Kings Street, by the which Men go towards Aldgate, near to the Chapel of St. Michael towards the North, and containeth in length eighty three Ells, half quarter, and quartern of the King's Iron Ell, and lyeth in breadth, &c. The Soke and Ward of Aldgate was then bounded, as I have before shewn: The Queen was a mean also, that the Land and English Knighten Guild was given unto the Prior Norman. The honourable Man Geffrey de Clinton was a great helper therein, and obtained, that the Canons might inclose the way betwixt their Church and the Wall of the City, &c. This Priory in process of time became a very fair and large Church, rich in Lands and Ornaments, and passed all the Priories in the City of London, or Shire of Middlesex, the Prior whereof was an Alderman of London, to wit, of Portsoken Ward.

The Situation of the Priory.

The King's Iron Ell.

Prior of Christ's Church, an Alderman of London.

After this great Priory had swallowed up those four Parishes abovesaid, the Inhabitants of the Parish of St. Katharine's, procured themselves a Chapel or Church to be built in the Churchyard of the Priory, for their more convenient and quiet resort to perform their Divine Service in: The Prior appointing them one of his Canons, according to his Pleasure, to say Mass to them: But still they were bound to christen their Children in the Conventual Church, and to come thither at all solemn Times, that being the Parochial Church: Where for a great while before they commonly resorted in a part of that Church on the South, where the Altar of St. Mary Magdalene was placed. So that hereby Mass was saying in two Places of the Church at one time: Which by the Noise of several celebrating together, a great Confusion and Disturbance was occasioned. To prevent this, the said Chapel was at length erected, where one of the Canons officiated. But in time great Discord happened between the Priory and them, about their Neglect of coming to the Conventual Church: And Restraint was put upon them, as to their frequenting their own Church or Chapel, and obliging them to resort to the great Church for the christening of their Children, and upon all the Holidays, especially the greater; as in the Night and Day of our Lord's Nativity, Good Friday, the Day of the Benediction of the Easter Wax Candle, the Morning of Easter Day; the Vespers and Vigils of the Feasts of the Holy Trinity, and the Dedication of the Conventual Church of the Holy Trinity. For these things great Contentions arose between the Prior, Robert Exeter, and the Convent, and the foresaid Parishioners; and continued to the time of William Haradon and Lord Richard Clifford, Bishop of London. Who in the Year 1414 made an Accommodation of their Differences by a Composition between them, which was this that follows:

Contest between the Parishioners of St. Katherines and the Priory.

J. S.

Lib. S. Trinit. pen. me.

Compositio inter Prioratum SANCTæ TRINITATIS, & Parochianos Sanctæ KATHARINæ CREECHURCH, per Episcopum Londinensem facta.


" RICARDUS permissione divina Episcopus London. Universis & singulis ad quorum notitiam infrascripta pervenerint, Salutem, Gratiam & Benedictionem. Summo Regi vota nostra credimus esse gratiora, dum ad divini cultus augmentum, & Ecclesiarum utilitatem perspicimus, ac decorem, dum concordie frigore oves nostras dispersas, caritatis fervore, vinculo pacis conjungimus. Ut sic oves in caritate congregate laudes debitas possint eo devotius suo impendere creatori. Hinc est, quod nobis civitatem nostram London. jure nostro ordinario, Anno Dom. Mo. CCCCXIIIIo. visitantibus, ac in ead. vistatione nostra ad Prioratum aliàs Ecclesiam Conventualem santæ Trinitatis nostræ predictæ, ordinis sancti Augustini, deitinerantib. ad nostrum pervenit auditum, quod dudum ad honrem ipsius sanctæ Trinitatis, & sanctæ Katerine, in cujus honore Ecclesia sive Capella in Cemiterio dict. Ecclesiæ Conventualis extitit constructa, ad hunc finem & effectum, quod dilecti filii parachiani, quibus per prius in dict. Ecclesia Conventuali ad alture sanctæ Mariæ Magdelenæ, ex parte australi Ecclesiæ Conventualis prædict. per unum de Canonicis, ad nutum Prioris dictæ Ecclesiæ Conventualis remotivum, ab olim deserviebatur, propter dissonantium vocum & devotionis impedimentum tum Prioris & Conventus, quum Parochianorum prædictor. consensu & concordia in dict. Ecclesia sive Capella per prædict. Canonicum quietius deserviretur, fonte Baptismali & cæteris solemnib. viz. nocte & die Nativitatis Domini, ac die Parasceves, in toto servitio, die sab-"

The Decree of Richard Bishop of London for the Parish of St. Kath. Creechurch.

Lib. S. Trin. penes me.