Tower Street Ward. St. Olaves Hartstreet. 38

Tower Street Ward. St. Olaves Hartstreet.

The Charge of this Repair amounted to the Sum of 437l. and upwards.

The Charge.

Some especial Particulars (leaving the Steeple, Walls, and Battlements) within the Church were these: The Roof in the middle Ile decayed, to the Danger of falling, was with new Timber rebuilt, new leaded, and the Inside very worthily garnished. The Stone Work of all the Windows greatly defaced and perished, were new wrought, and all the Windows new glazed: And within some few Years before this, two very fair Galleries at the lower End of the Church, one on the North Side, the other on the South, were erected.]


MONUMENTS in this Parish Church of St. Olave, be these,


Richard Cely, and Robert Cely, Felmongers, principal Builders and Benefactors of this Church.
Dame Johane, Wife to Sir John Zouch, 1439.
John Clarentiaulx, King at Arms, 1427.
Thomas Sawle.
Sir Richard Haddon, Mercer, Maior, 1512.
Thomas Burnall, Mercer, 1548.
Thomas Morley, Gent. 1566.
Sir John Radcliffe, Knt. 1568. And Dame Anne his Wife, 1585.
Chapone, a Florentine Gent. 1582.
Sir Hamond Vaughan, Knt.
George Stoddard, Merchant, &c.


In the Wall, on the North Side, is an ancient Monument, but very much defaced, appearing to belong to Sir Richard Haddon, Mercer and Lord Maior of London, with some shew of two Wives, two Sons, and three Daughters: But the Plates of Memory are gone.

In the Chancel.

A. M.

A fair marble Stone lyeth by the Communion Table, and a large Plate upon it, on the Top whereof these Latin Verses are engraven,

On the Ground.

Ortu præclarus curans illustrior Arte     
Efficier * Patriam deserit iste suam,
Discendi studio varias transiverat oras,     
Heu tandem * febrius Anglia finit iter.
Nobilitas, virtus, pietas, doctrina bearunt     
Schraderum, si vis pergere plura scies.

* Fortè, efficitur.

* Fortè, Febris Anglica.

In the midst are two fair Coats of Arms, the one having Schrader as the Motto, and the other Non Wechtelt.

Lower is this Inscription fairly engraven,

Georgius Schraderus, Brunswigæ, An. 1580. Mens. Februarii, nobili Familia Patre autore Schradero, à Consiliis secretissimis Illustrissimorum Duc. Brunswig. & Luneb. Matre Catharina à Vechtelt natus, in vera Dei notitia educatus, postquam maximam Germaniæ partem, totam Galliam, Brabant. Fland. vidisset, in Angliam se recepit, inde domum ut rediret, febri verè correptus, placidè in Domino obdormivit, Octob. 3. An. salutis, 1605. ætatis suæ 24. & in hoc tumulo requiescit.

Two fair marble Stones lye something near to this, bearing these Inscriptions,

Orate pro anima Roberti Byrche, Woolpacker: Qui obiit vicesimo septimo die Julii, Anno Dom. 1433. Cujus animæ propitietur Deus.

D. O. M.
Matthæo Babalio, Nobili Ragusino, pietate ac probitate insigni, immaturaq; morte vita defuncto, Anno ætatis suæ 27. Domini vero, 1567. Mens. Junio. Nicholaus Gozzius amicus posuit.

A fair marble Tomb, with a Knight in Armour lying along on it, and his Wife kneeling by him, thus inscribed,

Hic jacet Joannes Radcliffe, Miles, filius Roberti, Comitis Sussexiæ: Qui obiit (nullis susceptis liberis) nono die Novembris, Ann. Dom. 1568.

Here lyeth Dame Anne, the Wife of Sir John Radcliffe, Knt. who died the tenth of December, Anno Dom. 1585.

A fair Monument erected behind the Tomb of Sir John Radcliffe, but somewhat higher, with half the lively Figure of the Party it concerneth, inscribed thus,

Memoriæ Sacrum.
Petro Turnero, Gulielmi Turneri Patris inclyto filio, probitatis ac eruditionis fama, illustriq; Medicinæ Doctori peritissimo; quem Cantabrigia aluit, Heidelbrigia Doctoris insignibus honoravit, Oxonium cohonestavit, Pascha Turnera Conjux mœstissima æternum pietatis, amoris ac doloris sui Monumentū. L.M. P.

Henricus Parreus Episc. Wigorniensis,
Paschæ Turneræ frater mœroris consors,
Piis defuncti manibus hoc Epicedium parentavit. Obiit Maii 27.
Anno Dom. 1614. ætatis suæ 72.

The forementioned William Turner, Father of Peter, was an ancient Gospeller, Contempory, Fellow Collegian and Friend to Bishop Ridley the Martyr. He was Doctor of Physic in King Edward the Sixth's Days, and domestic Physician to the Duke of Somerset, Protector to that King. He was also a Divine and Preacher, and wrote several Books against the Errors of Rome: and was preferred by King Edward to be Dean of Wells. And being an Exile under Queen Mary I. returned home upon her Death, and enjoyed his Deanry again. He was the first that by great Labour and Travel into Germany, Italy and other foreign Parts, put forth an Herbal in English Anno 1568. (the Ground work of Gerard's Herbal) and then lived in Crutched Friars. From whence he dated his Epistle Dedicatory of that Book to the Queen. But we shall have this Epitaph by and by.]

Dr. William Turner.

J. S.

In the South East Wall, a Stone ingraven, without any Plate, bearing this Inscription:

Gulielmo Turnero, Medico, ac Theologo pertissimo, Decano Wellens. Per Annos triginta in utraq; scientia exercitatissimus, Ecclesiæ & Reipublicæ profuit, & contra utriusque pernitiosissimos hostes; maximè vero Romanum Antichristum fortissimus Jesu Christi Miles accerimè dimicavit, ac tandem corpus senio & laboribus * compertum, in spem beatissim. resurrectionis hic deposuit; devictis Christi virtute mundi, carnisq; civibus cap. triumphat in æternum.

* Fortè, confectum.

Magnus Apollinea,     
quondam Turnerus in arte,
Magnus & in vera     
religione fuit:
Mors tamen obrepens,     
majorem reddidit illum.
Civis enim Cœli     
regna superna tenet.

Obiit 7. die Julii, An. Dom. 1568.