Tower Street Ward. St. Olave Hartstreet. 37

Tower Street Ward. St. Olave Hartstreet.

Tho. Leaver, of
the East Indies,
100l. for the purchasing of
6l. per ann. for ever. To be di-
stributed every Christmas to six
poor Men, and six poor Women,
that is, to each of them 10s.
By his last Will.
Michael Darby50l. to buy three Gowns eve-
ry Christmas for ever, for three
poor Men or Women of the Pa-
rish. By his last Will dated Anno 1672.
David Edwards
30l. to the Use of the Poor, to be laid out in Sea Coals, for ever, at the cheapest Rate in Summer, and to be sold out in the cold time of Winter. Anno 1673.
Tho. Wylson of
Chattham in
Kent, Gent.
An Annuity of 5l. per Ann.
for ever, to be issuing out of a
Messuage or Tenement in Dow-
gate, to be distributed by 2s. a
Week in Bread every Lord's
Day for ever among the Poor of
the Parish. By his last Will dated
Robert Richard-
Gave the large Altar Piece,
with all the carved Work, Paint-
ing and Gilding, Anno 1684.
Richard BurdenGave the curious Wrought
Communion Table standing in the
said Altar Piece.
Other Persons gave the Pulpit
Cloth and Cushions, and other
Ornaments: Whose Names are
set down in a Table in the Vestry.

Besides these, certain yearly Sums of Money were given for Sermons to be preached in this Parish: Which were as followeth.

Gift Sermons to this Parish.

Hugh Bullock.Four Quarterly Sermons, viz.
On Christmas Day, Lady Day,
Midsummer Day, and Michaelmas:
Ten Shillings per Sermon, imme-
diately after Preaching, payable
by the Church Wardens, from the
Bell Alehouse in Mincing Lane.
By Will.
Mr. Aytel20s. out of the Rent of a
House in Tower Street, for a Ser-
mon on the fifth of Novemb.
James Hixon20s. for a Sermon to be
preached on New-Years Day: Pay-
able by the Brewers Company.
William Smith
late Curate of
this Parish.
20s. for another Sermon, pay-
able by the Trustees of the said
Smith, from a House of his Build-
ing on part of the Glebeland. The
two last lately settled.

The Vicarage House was burnt down in the Fire. Rebuilt by Dr. Layfield, then Incumbent upon Lease of 40 Years to his Son Dr. Cha. Layfield. The House let some time for 70l. per ann. and the reserved or Ground Rent 4l. In which is included the whole Glebeland: Some of which lieth on the other side of the Church.

Vicarage House.

There is in this Parish a Free School, founded by Alderman Hickson deceased, about the Year 1692. One Mr. Grasty is Master of it: His Salary is 20l. per ann. and two Chaldron of Coals. There belongs also a Writing Master to it, whose Stipend is 8l. per ann.

Free School in this Parish.

Somewhere in this Parish Licence was given in 44 Edw. III. for the founding of an Hospital pro sustentatione Hominum in Frenesim, &c. cadentium,

An Hospital here for mad People.

i.e. for the sustaining of People that fall into Phrensies, &c. ]

Concerning the Bounds and Limits of this Parish according to our precedent Order: They go Northward from the Church so far as the Corner, where is the back Gate, some time belonging to Sir Francis Walsingham, but now to Sir Nicholas Salter. Thence they go on along by the Garden Wall belonging to the Lady Lumley, to the East Corner; where going over, they pass on so far as the House of one Peter Porter, right over against the great Gate of the Lady Lumley's House. Where turning back down a Passage to the South Part of Mr. Covell's Garden, in the midst whereof, Eastward, upon London Wall, their Mark is fixed. Returning back that way again, they cross Southward over Tower Hill, where some time stood a Cross, distinguishing the Tower Liberty and Alhallows.

Bounds of this Parish.

A. M.

So they go on to the Tower Dock, to the House of Mr. Clay, Brewer, where they go up Petty Wales, to the Custom House Gate. And there they turn up Water Lane, on the East Side only, till they come forth thereof, and cross over into Mart Lane, so far as Sir Henry Baker's House, where they turn over East, and so pass on that End of Mart Lane South, where turning again East to Sydon Lane, they go up that Lane North, so far as Part of the House belonging to Sir Nicholas Salter, and there fix their Mark; returning to Chapel Alley, and there ending where they began.

Here I confess my self beholding to Mr. Edward Abbot, Parson of Alhallows Barking, and the Officers that there gave me friendly Assistance.]

By the West End of this Parish Church and Chapel lyeth Sydon Lane, now corruptly called Sything Lane, from Tower Street up North to Hart Street.

Sydon Lane.

In this Sydon Lane divers fair and large Houses are builded; namely, one by Sir John Allen, some time Maior of London, and of the Privy Council unto K. Henry VIII. Sir Francis Walsingham Knt. principal Secretary to the Queen's Majesty that then lived, was lodged there, and so was the Earl of Essex &c.

I know not whether it were this very House, But I am sure hereabouts was a capital Messuage called Sharington House, forfeited to King Edward VI. from Sir Edward Sharington, belonging to the Mint, attainted the 3d of his Reign: Which House the King gave to Henry Earl of Arundel.]

Sharington House.

J. S.



At the North West Corner of this Lane standeth a proper Parish Church of St. Olave, which Church, together with some Houses adjoyning, and also others over against it in Hart Street, are of the said Tower Street Ward: The Church hath a Dial over the Street, and a Churchyard behind it.

Parish Church of St. Olave in Hartstreet.

This Church in the many decayed Places of it (which indeed were many and great) was repaired richly, and very worthily supplied with whatsoever it wanted, and furnished with whatsoever might farther deck and adorn it, at the proper Cost and Charge of the Parishioners, in the Years of our Lord God 1632. and 1633. In the former Year,

Repaired and adorned.


      Church Wardens.
Thomas Redding
Roger Dreyton

In the next

      Church Wardens.
Roger Dreyton
Christoph. Wigley