Tower Street Ward. Barking Parish. 36

Tower Street Ward. Barking Parish.

Oct. 26. 1620. Aged 66. And Camela, about the Age of 46. May 12. 1622.

Charles Thornhil Esq; Son of John Thornhil late of Kent, Knt. Mar. 23. 1667

Will. Lever Gent. Dec. 1. 1666.

Henry Cookson Gent. Nov. 24. 1638.

Bridget Holder, late Wife of John Holder Merchant, aged 51. Oct. 6. 1688.

Antonius Death, A.M. Aulæ Pembroch. Cantabr. Ob. Feb. 9. & æra Christi 1679. Hujus Parochiæ Benefactor magnificus.

Michael Darby Citizen and Painter Stainer of London, 1672.

Margaret Wife of Abraham Ashe, Russia Merchant, Daughter of Arthur Dee, Doctor of Physick, 14 Years Physician to the Emperor of all Russia: She died Jan. 21. 1638. Aged 33.

Certain Sons and Daughters of John Pym and Elizabeth his Wife.

Henry Hunter Esq; 1669.

Henry Richardson late Citizen and Vintner of London, departed Aug. 1. 1690.

John Kimber Citizen and Clothworker of London. Feb. 10. 1684.

William Shipman Merchant, deceased 1681.]

Over against the Wall of Barkin Churchyard a sad and lamentable Accident befel by Gun Powder, in this manner. One of the Houses in this Place was a Ship Chandler's, who, upon the 4th of January 1649. about 7 of the Clock at Night, being busy in his Shop about barrelling up of Gun Powder, it took Fire, and in the twinkling of an Eye blew up not only that, but all the Houses thereabouts, to the Number (towards the Street and in back Alleys) of 50 or 60. The Number of Persons destroyed by this Blow could never be known, for the next House but one was the Rose Tavern, a House, never (at that time of Night) but full of Company; and that Day the Parish Dinner was in that House. And in three or four Days after, digging, they continually found Heads, Arms, Legs, and half Bodies miserably torn and scorched, besides many whole Bodies, not so much as their Cloaths singed. In the Course of this Accident I will instance in two, one a dead, the other a living Monument: In the digging, (as I said before) they found the Mistress of the House of the Rose Tavern sitting in her Bar, and one of the Drawers standing by the Bar's Side, with a Pot in his Hand, only stifled with Dust and Smoak; their Bodies being preserved whole, by means of great Timbers falling cross one upon another: This is one. Another is this, The next Morning there was found upon the upper Leads of Barkin Church a young Child lying in a Cradle, as newly laid in Bed, neither the Child nor Cradle having the least sign of any Fire or other Hurt. It was never known whose Child it was, so that one of the Parish kept it for a Memorial; for in the Year 1666. I saw the Child, grown to be then a proper Maiden, and came to the Man that had kept her all that time, where he was drinking at a Tavern, with some other Company then present: And he told us, she was the Child that was so found in the Cradle upon the Church Leads as aforesaid.]

The Accident by Gunpowder.


God's Blessings bestowed on the Poor of this Parish by the Benevolence and Charity of well disposed People.


Given by Margaret Martin, of the Parish of Alhallows Barking in London, in the Year 1557. to, and amongst the Poor of the said Parish, yearly, for ever, 26s. 8d. And to the Church Wardens for their Pains, 20d. to each, to be paid them yearly for ever.

Charitable Gifts to this Parish.

Given by Mr. William Armorer, to hold for ten Years, one load of Charcoles, and two hundred of Faggots, by his Wife to be delivered every Christmas, to, and amongst the Poor of the same Parish.

Given by Mistress Alice Polsted, to the Use of the Poor of the same Parish, the Sum of 6l. 13s. 4d. to be paid them yearly for ever.

Given by Mr. William Haines 5l. a Year for ever, after the Death of Alice hs Wife.

Given by Richard Smith, his dwelling House, known and called by the Name of the White Lion, situate near to the Tower Hill, to the Use of the Poor of the said Parish; after the Decease of his Wife, and Richard and Margaret his Children, if they happen to die without Issue.

Given by Mr. Wilkinson, after the Decease of his Wife, the Lease of the House situate at Tower Hill, to be let by the Church Wardens of the said Parish; and they to give out of the same Rent, during the said Lease, 40s. yearly to the Poor of the Parish, and 20s. yearly to the Preacher or Lecturer there: And the Residue of the said Rent to be distributed in such sort as in her Will is mentioned.

And here I shall insert a more modern Account of the Gifts and Charities belonging unto this Parish, as it was given in by the Church Wardens thereof, Anno 1693. in a parochial Visitation of the Churches of London, as well exempt as not exempt.

Gifts belonging to the Parish of Alhallows Barking.

J. S.

John BrickhillSeveral Tenements in Brickhill
lane in the Parish of St. Martin
Vintry: Burnt down; and since let
by long Leases to be built upon,
paying annual Rents, 13l. 13s.

Also annual Rents, charged
upon Rents in Alhallows Lane,
and paid by the Company of
Clothworkers, 3l. 6s. 8d.
Henry Campion10l. per Ann. and a Rent-
Charge upon two Houses in Cam-
pion Lane in this Parish.
Anne Hope5l. per Ann. payable upon St.
Thomas Day; charged upon some
Tenements in Bermondsey Street,
in the Parish of St. Olave South-
Bernard Hyde
4l. 10s. every tenth Year to
18 Widows or Maids, viz. 5s.
a piece, paid by the Company of
Dr. ArnoldSome Tenements in Alhallows
Lane in this Parish: Burnt down,
and let out to be built upon by
long Leases, paying the annual
Rent of 8l. 10s.
Mr. Frankland20s. per Ann. payable upon
All Saints Day by the Company
of Clothworkers.

To which may be added what is specified in a Table hanging up in the Church, expressing divers Gifts and Legacies given or bequeathed to the said Parish of Alhallows Barking, to the Use of the Poor, or Church, viz.

A Table of Gifts.

Gilbert Keate
40l. to be let out gratis from 4 years to 4 years for ever, unto two young Beginners, Inhabitants of this Parish, that is to say, 20l. a piece. By his last Will Anno 1658.