Tower Street Ward. Barking Church. 35

Tower Street Ward. Barking Church.

before this Stone: Who died the 3d Day of September, 1556.

A fair marble Tomb much defaced, whereon are figured kneeling a Man and a Woman, he having three Sons kneeling behind him, and the four Daughters: A Label proceedeth from his Mouth with these Words,

Ego resurgam, & in carne mea videbo te Jesum, Deum Salvatorem meum.

Another from her, thus,

Qui Lazarum resuscitasti à monumento fetidum, dona nobis requiem.

Tho. Pilke, Citizen, had a Chauntry here founded 16 R. II. to pray for his Soul: For which he gave a Tenement.]

J. S.

Upon the Ground, somewhat near to one another, are divers fair Gravestones bearing these Inscriptions:

Under this Stone lyeth William Roberts, Citizen and Mercer of London, and Merchant of the Staple at Calais, Son of William Roberts, Alderman of the said Place: Which William his Son deceased the seventh Day of Jnuary, Anno Domini, 1555.

Here lyeth buried the Body of Christopher Rawson, late Mercer of London, and Merchant of the Staple at Calais, who deceased the second Day of October, Anno Domini 1518.

Here under lyeth Master William Robinson, Alderman of London, Citizen and Mercer, and Merchant of the Staple at Calais, and Elizabeth his Wife. He deceased the thirtieth Day of December, 1552.

Here under this Stone lyeth buried the Body of Mistress Jane Russel, one of the Gentlewomen of the Privy Chamber to Q. Mary, and Wife to William Russell, Serjeant of the Cellar to our late Sovereign Lady Queen Elizabeth: And deceased the 16th Day of January, Anno Domini 1558.

Mary Lady Winter, Wife to Sir Will. Winter, Kt, deceased at his House in Seething Lane, Nov. 4. 1575. Her Funerals were celebrated at Barking Church: And then her Corps conveyed to the Church of Lidney in Gloucestershire, and there buried. She had Issue, Edward, Nicholas, James, William, Mary, Elizabeth, Elianor, and Jane.]

J. S.

Heralds Off.

In the South Wall is a Monument with this Inscription.

In the Ile against this Place lyeth the Body of Francis Covell, Citizen and Skinner of London. He lived in this Parish 52 Years, was married to his Wife Margery 42 Years, had Issue by her Thomas his only Son. He had borne Office in his Company, and this Ward, with good Reputation; was in his Life religious, peacable, and charitable, and at his Death gave Cloathing to the Poor of this Parish yearly for ever. He lived 69 Years, and rendered his Soul in Peace to God, September 7. 1625.


Of later Times these following were buried in this Church, and have Monuments or Gravestones.

Still more Monuments here.

J. S.

In the Chancel. John Kettlewell, A.M. some time Pastor of Coles Hill in Warwickshire: Died Apr. 12. 1695. His Inscription upon his Monument fixed to a Pillar at the South Side of the Altar, deserves here to be set down, to preserve the Memory of an excellent Clergyman.

Quod mori potuit
JOANNIS KETTLEWELL, A.M. Ecclesiæ Anglicanæ Presbyteri, Integerrimi, instructissimiq; Viri, Pietatis, Modestiæ singularis, ut verbo omnia, verè Christiani: Qualem fateare par est: Qui totius OFFICII NOSTRI RATIONES, (Annum adhuc agens vigesimum quartum) feliciter adeo atq; ex animo explicuit, ut dictu haud sit facile; mores alienos, ad Virtutem Evangelicam formaverit magis, an ad vitam depinxerit suos. Ecclesiæ Paroch. de COLES HILL, in agro Warwick. per Annos septem invigilavit, Pastor fidissimus, prudentissimusque. Fortunæ tandem utriusq; Victor. Animam Deo reddidit, April 12. An. Dom. 1695. ætat. 42. Morte tali Vita digna.]

J. Worthingt.

In the North Ile a Monument in the Figure of a Pillar, for Lidcoats some time an Officer of the Custom House.

J. S.

George Snayth Esq; some time Auditor to William Laud Archbishop of Canterbury, died Jan. 17. 165x

Sibi suisq; posuit Robertus Huckel, An. 1694.

John Hotham Esq; [beheaded] Jan. 1. 1644. ætat. 36.

Roger Hatton Esq; late Alderman of this City, July 26. 1666.

Dame Joanna Widow of Sir John Kempthorn, the famous Sea Commander. Dec 28. 1691.

George Moor, Citizen and Wine Cooper of London. Sept. 29. 1669.

James Hickson Esq; Jun. 16. 1689. Aged 82. Who in his Life time built an Almshouse for six poor People in the Parish of South Mims in the County of Middelsex: And at his Death endowed the said Almshouse with a Salary of 24l. per An. with some other Advantages.


His good Deeds.

He also founded a School in Plow Yard in this Parish, for the Education of twenty poor Children. To the Head Master of which he appointed 20l. per An. his Dwelling and two Chaldron of Sea Coal. And to a Writing Master 8l. per An. He also gave to the poor Freemen of the Brewers Company 10l. per An. To the Poor of the Hamlet of Wapping White Chapel 3l. per An. To fifteen poor People 2s. one Pair of Hose, and one Pair of Shoes yearly: Also to the Minister of this Parish 20s. per An. for a Sermon to be preached yearly upon New Year's Day: And to the Clerk and Sexton 5s. For the Performance of which he left all his Manour of Williats, and certain other Lands and Tenements in South Mims aforesaid, in Trust, to the right worshipul Company of Brewers of London: He also gave several other charitable Legacies to be paid by his Executors: In Memory of which pious and charitable Actions, and as a Testimony of their Gratitude, Elizabeth Peach and Dorothy Wright, Executors of his last Will, erected this Monument. His Coat is Or, two Cranes Legs in Slateir Sable.

Charles de Beauvoir Esq; descended of the ancient Family of the Beauvoirs of Guernsey, Son of Charles de Beauvoir D.D. Tutor to the Duke of Gloucester: Died March 7. 1702. Aged 66.

In the Body of the Church. Margaret Basano, late Wife of Arthur Basano Gent. And Camela Whitton, late Wife of Henry Whitton of Lamberhurst in Kent, Gent. eldest Daughter of the said Arthur and Margaret: The said Margaret died