Portsoken Ward. Barking Church. 34

Portsoken Ward. Barking Church.

Close by it is another Stone this inscribed:

Hic jacet Dom. Thomas Vyrby, quondam Vicarius istius Eccles. Qui obiit 2. die Mensis Decemb. 1453. Cujus anima, &c.

Near unto it is another Stone, thus inscribed:

Hic jacet Nicholaus Bremisgrave, quondam Vicarius istius Eccles. Qui obiit 11. die Mens. August. An. Dom. 1416. Cujus, &c.

By it also another Stone, thus inscribed:

Hic jacet M. Radulphus Darling, Almæ Univer. Oxoniæ olim Magist. in artibus, & hujus Eccles. quondam Vicarius pertissimus. Qui obiit An. Dom. 1500. 9. Die Mens. Octob. cujus, &c.

By it also another Stone, thus inscribed:

Hic jacet tumulatus M. Thomas Cayfi. Can. & Baccalaurius in art. vir perit. & unus Vicar. istius Eccles. Qui obiit 6. die Mens. Feb. 1475. Cujus, &c.

By it another Stone, thus inscribed:

Hic jacet Dom. Willielm. Tylling, quondam Capellanus istius Eccles. Qui obiit 24. die Mens, Julii, An. Dom. 1430. Cujus, &c.

On the same Stone:

Ac Johannes Vale, nuper Capellanus, & bonus reparator Cantar. ejusdem Eccles. Qui obiit 10. die Novemb. An. Dom. 1463. Cujus, &c.

Upon a very fair Marble Stone, verged about with Plates of Brass, and concluding with the like Plates in the middle, is thus engraven:

Pray for the Soul of M. William Thinne, Esquire one of the Masters of the honourable Houshold to King Henry VIII. our Sovereign Lord. He departed from the Prison of this frail Life the 10. Day of August, An. Dom. 1546. in the 38. Year of our said Soveraign Lord the King. Which Body, and every part thereof, in the last Day shall be raised up again, at the sound of the Lord's Trumpet. In whose Coming, that we may all joyfully meet him, our heavenly Father grant us, whose Mercy is so great towards us, that he freely offereth to all them that earnestly repent their Sins, everlasting Life, through the Death of his dearly beloved Son Jesus: To whom be everlasting Praise. Amen.

Before the Entrance into the Vestry lyeth a fair Marble Stone, without any Plate of Brass, but thus engraven upon it:

Nicholas Andrewes to his dearest Wife Anne doth this last Office of Love: For she was
Obedient. She lived but 25 Years, and died at Chigwell in Essex the 12. Day of June 1606, and was hereunder interred (in great Sorrow) the Monday following: leaving behind her living two Sons, William and Nicholas.

Hard by it, is another Stone, thus inscribed:

Here resteth the Body of Agnes Bond, Widow, some time the Wife of William Bond Esquire; the which William and Agnes had Issue betwixt them 8 Sons and 8 Daughters; which Agnes deceased the 4. Day of February, in the year of our Lord God 1552. Cujus animæ, &c.

Lower in the Chancel toward the Door, is another fair Stone plated, and thus engraven:

Here under lyeth the Body of Roger James, late of London, Brewer, who being of the Age of 67. departed this Life the second Day of March, An. Dom. 1591. leaving behind him Sara his Wife, eight Sons, and one Daughter.

Near unto it, anothe Stone, thus inscribed:

Here under this Marble Stone lyeth M. Henry Poulsted, Esquire; and Alice his Wife; the which Henry deceased the 10. of December, 1556. and begot of her Body one Son and one Daughter, Richard and Mabell, &c.

Close by it, another smaller Stone, thus inscribed:

Here lyeth buried Barbara Thornix, Daughter of Thomas Thornix Esquire, who deceased the eleventh Day of April 1613, being of the Age of three years.

By it another fair Stone, thus inscribed,

Here lyeth the Body of Mary Burnell, late Wife of John Burnell, Citizen and Merchant of London, the only Daughter of Matthew Brownrig, of Ipswich in the County of Suffolk, Esq; A Woman sincerely living in the Fear of God, and dying constantly in the Faith of Christ Jesus. She departed this Life the 5th Day of April, 1612. being of the Age of 20 Years: Having finished in Wedlock with her said Husband 2 Years and 5 Months, and bearing him Issue one Son, whereof she died in Childbed, and expecteth now (with the Elect of God) a joyful Resurrection.

Then there is a goodly ancient fair Tomb, dividing the North Ile from the Chancel, bearing these engraven Lines,

Hic jacet Johannes Bacon, quondam Civis & Woolman London, Qui obiit 6. Die Mens. Maii, Anno Dom, 1437. Et Joanna Ux. ejus.

There is a very goodly Tomb, but much defaced, and the brass Plates stoln off from it; but so many of the Words as are remaining are these,

In the North Ile of the Quire.

Stapule fuit seniorum, & unius Londoniis habitans, sermone fidelis, cum Margareta Domina castaq; beata. Hunc rapuit Michael ad Cœli gaudia lati, &c.

By it is a fair Monument in the Wall bearing this Inscription,

Hic jacet Hieromymus Benalius, Bergomi natus, qui dum vixit, pietatem coluit, & futuræ vitæ resurrectionem expectat. Obiit 4. die Martii, An. Dom. 1585. ætatis suæ 58.

On the Ground, in the midst of the Way, lyeth a fair Stone, by the Appearance, entring into a Vault: The Stone is thus engraven,

This Stone belongeth to Francis Cherry, Merchant, Vintner, and to his Heirs.
Here lyeth Margaret Cherry, the Wife of Francis Cherry, by whom he had Issue 11 Children, 4 Sons, and 7 Daughters, and died of the 12th Child, 1595.

A small brass Plate is fixed in the Wall, East, thus inscribed,

Of your Charity pray for the Soul of Philip Dennis, of London, Esquire: Whose Body lyeth buried