Tower Street Ward. Barking Church. 33

Tower Street Ward. Barking Church.

This Church had a Chapel also, called St. Mary de Berkingshaw, as appears by this ancient last Will, dated 1506 Jul. 26. Ego Dionysius Spicer, Capellanus in Capella B. Marie de Berkingshave juxta Turr. Lond. condo Testamentum meum. Imprimis, Lego animam meam Deo omnipotenti, &c. Corpusque meum sepeliendum in Capella predict. ante introitum Chor. ejusd. Capellæ. Item, Lego pro lapide marmor. ad tegend. Corpus meum, & pro pavimento ejusd. 40s. Item, Lego ad Constructur ejusd. Capelle, si ante 3 annos ad ejus reparationem vel confirmationem.... Gardiani & Confratres 5l. expendend. si autem distulerint ulterius construere, tunc volo dict. summam 5l. expendend. in altos pios usus juxta discretionem Executorum meorum.

Dionys. Spicer Chaplain.

J. Worthing.

But from this Barking Chapel we return to Barking Church; which was repaired and beautified in the Year of our Lord God 1613. And within some few Years before and after (in their several times) other Wants were supplied and furnished, viz. a very fair new Pulpit set up; many convenient Pews, a decent Communion Table, with other graceful Ornaments to it. This Table was the Gift of Mr. John Burnell. All the rest, the Charge of the Parish. Also in the South Ile, over the Entry into the Church, in the Year 1627 was a very handsome Gallery erected at the Cost and Charge of the Parish.

Barking Church repaired 1613.


Thomas Covel,
John Shaw,

On a Table hanging up in the Church it is thus Written. This Church was much defaced and ruined by a lamentable Blow of 27 Barrels of Gunpowder, that took fire the fourth Day of January 1649. in a Ship-chandler's House over against the South side of the Church: And afterwards was repaired and beautified again by a voluntary Contribution of the Parishioners, as is recorded in the Church Book.

Repaired again Ann. 1649.

J. S.

See some Account of this Accident. p.36.

The Steeple of Brick was erected and built from the Foundation, and a sixth Bell added, and the Church new lay'd with ten Inch Tiles, and beautified at the Cost of the Parishioners, and some others, (as appears in the Register Book) 1659.

Repaired again, and a Steeple built 1659.

And there is another Table in the Church, containing a List of the Names of sundry Parishioners, and others that contributed toward building of the Steeple, An. 1659.

It was again repaired in the Year 1701. An Account whereof is given in a table hanging in the Vestry. This Church was new paved with Purbeck Stone; and the two Portals thereof were erected at the Charge of the Parish, and voluntary Contribution of Dr. John Gaskarth, and other worthy Persons in the year 1701.

Repaired again Ann. 1701.

Will,. Alexander
Stephen Slade,

Lastly, It was again very sumptuously repaired and new Pewed the Year 1704.]

And again 1704.

MONUMENTS in the Parish Church of Alhallows Barking, not defaced are these:


Sir Thomas Studinham of Norwich Diocese, Kt. 1469.

Monuments in this Church.

Thomas Gilbert Draper, and Merchant of the Staple, 1483.

John Bolt, Merchant of the Staple, 1459.

Sir John Stile, Kt. Draper, 1500.

William Thinne, Esq; one of the Clerks of the Green Cloth, and Master of the Houshold to King Henry VIII. 1546.

Humfrey Monmouth, Draper, one of the Sheriffs, 1535. buried in the Churchyard. He was a great Ornament, as well as Alderman of this City; being a Person as of good Wealth, so of great Charity, especially towards the promoting of the Knowledge of the Gospel. He harboured Tyndal, and encouraged his English Translation of the Testament, and contributed largely to the Printing of it, and of other pious Books, against the Errors of Rome. For which in the Year 1528. he was put to great Trouble by Sir Tho. Moore, then Lord Chancellor, and put into the Tower. He made his Will in the Year 1537, and therein appointed Bishop Latimer, Dr Barnes, Dr. Crome, and Mr Tayler, (all Gospellers and famed Preachers) to preach in his Parish Church of Alhallows Barking two Sermons a Week, till they had preached 30 Sermons; which he thought would do more good than saying so many Masses for his Soul: For which he allotted them a Legacy. In his said Will he forbad the ordinary Superstitions of Candles, and singing Dirige, and ringing of Bells at his Funeral. He seems to have been favoured by the Lord Cromwel, and Audley, Lord Chancellor, (Favourers of the Gospel) to whom he gave Legacies.

Humfrey Monmouth.

J. S.

William Denham, one of the Sheriffs, 1534.

Henry Howard, Earl of Surry, beheaded 1546.

Sir Richard Devereux, Son and Heir to the Lord Ferrers of Chartley.

Richard Browne, Esq; 1546.

Philip Dennis, Esq; 1556.

Andrew Evenger, Salter.

William Robinson, Mercer, Alderman, 1552.

William Armorer, Clothworker, Esq; Governour of the Pages of Honour, or Master of the Heance Men, Servant to Henry VIII. Edw. VI. and Queen Mary, buried 1560. Besides which, there be divers Tombs without Inscription.

John Crolys and Thomas Pike, Citizens of London, founded a Chantry there, 1388.

Laurence Coke, Citizen and Draper, buried in the Chancel of the Church of Alhallows Barking: By his last Will, dated Octob. 27. 1466. gave to Isabel his Daughter his Lands and Tenements in Petty Wales, called Stewkey, in the Parish of Barking]

Petty Wales.

J. S.

Upon farther View of this Parish Church, and the Monuments, I find these following:

A. M.

In the Chancel lyeth a fair Marble Stone, with a Plate of Brass engraven, bearing this Inscription:

Hic jacet Joannes Rushe, Generosus, qui obiit octavo die Mensis Maii, An. Dom. 1498. Cujus animæ propitietur Deus.

All these Monuments are in the Chancel on the Ground near to one another as they are here set down.

Upon a fair Marble Stone, by occasion lately taken up, and being buried somewhat deep in the Ground, on a Brass Plate fixed thereon, was this Inscription:

Hic concluduntur offa Jacobi Zamboni, illustrissimi Dom. Veneti Secretarii, Agentis apud Serenissimum nunc Angliæ, &c. Regem.

On a fair Marble Stone, but without any Plate, are these Lines following engraven.

In this Vault here under lyeth Elizabeth, late Wife unto William Denham, Alderman of London, and Merchant of the Staple at Callis: Who departed unto God on Wednesday at five of the Clock in the Afternoon, in Easter Week, the last Day of March, 1540. On whose Soul Jesu have Mercy. Amen.
And by the Grace of God, the said William Denham, purposing to lye here by her, departed unto God the Day of &c.