Tower Street Ward. 32

Tower Street Ward.

thers, of her Majesty's most Honourable Privy Council, by the Lord Maior and Commonalty aforesaid, against the said Lieutenant, for divers Injuries alledged to be offered on his Part to the Citizens of London without Order of Law or Equity: After Consideration had of which several Complaints, it pleased their Lordships (having care to procure an End of those Controversies, for avoiding of Inconveniences that might ensue) by their honourable Letters to give order to Sir Christopher Wray, Knt. Lord Chief Justice of England; Sir Edmond Anderson, Knt. Lord Chief Justice of the Common Pleas; and to Sir Gilbert Gerrard, Knt. Master of the Rolls, that they (calling the said Lieutenant and the Parties Complainants before them) should effectually hear and examine the Controversies (on both Sides) and certify their Lordships what they should find, together with their Opinions touching the same, who having called the Parties accordingly before them, and advisedly and with good Deliberation sundry times heard their Allegations and Answers, as well by writing as by word, with Council learned on all Parts, have signified their Opinions of the said Controversies in writing, as hereafter followeth:

First, touching such Liberties as M. Lieutenant claimeth to have been used for the Officers and Attendants in the Tower, as not to be arrested by any Action in the City of London, and Protections to be granted to them by Master Lieutenant, and not obeying of Writs of we think such Persons as be daily attendant in the Tower serving her Majesty there, are to be privileged, and not to be arrested upon any Plaint in London, but for Writs of Executions, or and such like, we think they ought to have no Privilege.

Seondly, concerning Protections granted by Master Lieutenant for such as be condemned in any Action in the Court, kept in the Tower, to go at large, and not to be arrested by any Process out of the Queen's High Courts, or elsewhere, or any other Protection to that effect for any privileged Person, we think the same against her Majesty's Laws and Dignity.

Thirdly, that Master Lieutenant ought to return every Habeas Corpus out of any Court at Westminster, so as the Justices, before whom it shall be returned (as Cause shall require) may either remand it with the Body, or retain the Matter before them, and deliver the Body as Justice shall require.

Lastly, whereas the Lieutenant doth also claim a liberty, that if any Person privileged in the Tower be arrested in London, he may take the Body of any Citizen that shall come within the Liberties of the Tower, and keep his Body there until the other be delivered; we think the same to be altogether against the Laws of the Realm.

The Lords therefore of her Majesty's said Privy Council, upon grave and deliberate Considerations had of the Certificate and Opinions of the said Lords Chief Justices and Master of the Rolls, and to the end Occasions of Contention, Trouble, and Disorder, and the Danger of Breach of her Majesty's Peace, which have heretofore of late Years arisen and grown upon the Controversies aforesaid, may from henceforth cease, and be altogether removed and taken away.

It was this Day by their Lordships ordered and decreed, betwixt the Lord Maior, Commonalty and Citizens of London, and their Successors, and the Lieutenant of her Highness's said Tower of London, and all other Lieutenants and Officers of the Tower at any time hereafter to succeed, That the Matters, Points, and Articles, contained in the Certificate of the said Justices and Master of the Rolls beforementioned, wherein their Resolutions, Opinions, and Determinations, be set down, declared, and signified, shall at all times from henceforth stand and remain for Rules and Resolutions and final Determination and Decision: For so much and so many of the Points of Controversies as are contained in the said Certificate (whereof they have delivered their Opinions) to be for ever hereafter duly observed and kept; and that nothing be hereafter at any time done, or attempted on either Part, to the violating or interrupting of the same.]

There was a Place within the Liberties of the Tower, called the Jewry, bacause it was inhabited by Jews. Where there happened 22 Hen. III. a Robbery and a Murther to be committed by William Fitz Bernard, and Richard his Servant; who came to the House of Joce a Jew, and there slew him, and his Wife Henna. The said William was taken at St. Saviour's for a certain Silver Cup, and was hanged. Richard was called for, and outlawed. One Miles le Espicer, who was with them, was wounded, and fled to a Church, and died in it. No Attachment was made by the Sheriffs, because it happened in the Jewry; and so belonged not to the Sheriffs, but to the Constable of the Tower.]

The Jewry near the Tower.

J. S.

Lib. Alb.

On the North Side of this Hill is the said Lord Lumley's House, and on the West Side divers Houses lately builded, and other Encroachments along South to Chick Lane, on the East of Barking Church; at the end whereof you have Tower Street, stretching from the Tower Hill, West to St. Margaret Pattens Church Parsonage.

L. Lumley's House.

Chick Lane.

The Parish Church of ALHALLOWS BARKING.


Now therefore to begin at the East End of the Street; on the North Side thereof is the fair Parish Church called Alhallows Barking, which standeth in a large, but some time far larger, Cemitery, or Churchyard. It hath a fair Dial extending over the Street from the Steeple: On the North Side whereof was some time builded a fair Chapel founded by King Richard I. Some have written that his Heart was buried there under the high Altar. This Chapel was confirmed and augmented by King Edward I. Edward IV. gave Licence to his Cousin John, Earl of Worcester, to found there a Brotherhood for a Master and Brethren. And he gave to the Custos of that Fraternity, which was Sir John Scot Knt. Thomas Colt, John Tate, and John Croke, the Priory of Totingbroke, and the Advowson of the Parish Church of Stretham in the County of Surrey, with all the Members and Appurtenances, and a part of the Priory of Okeborne in Wiltshire, both Priors Aliens, and appointed it to be called the King's Chapel, or Chantry, In Capella beatæ Mariæ de Barking.

Tower Street.

Alhallows Barking a Parish Church.

Barking Chapel of our Lady.

Fraternity here.

The King's Chapel of Barking.

King Richard III. new builded this Chapel, and founded therein a College of Priests, consisting of a Dean and six Canons: All which that King placed there. The Deanry he gave to Edmund Chaderton, a great Favourite of his. The Canonries he disposed, at the time that Chaderton was made Dean, to these Persons following, viz. Mr. Tho. Cowton a Canon there; Richard Baldry another; Mr. Jane another; James Molineux another; Richard Selsie another; Maculin Cosin another. Hamond de Lega was buried in that Chapel. Robert Tate, Maior of London 1488, and others, were there buried.

K. Rich. III. a new Founder. K. Rich. Ledg. Book.

J. S.

This College was suppressed and pulled down in the Year 1548. the second of King Edward VI. The Ground was employed as a Garden Plot during the Reigns of King Edward, Queen Mary, and part of Queen Elizabeth, till at length a large strong Frame of Timber and Brick was set thereon, and employed as a Storehouse of Merchants Goods brought from the Sea, by Sir William Winter, &c.