Portsoken Ward. Bounds and Limits. 27

Portsoken Ward. Bounds and Limits.

go they on so far as M. Duppa, or Dupper's House, and so round about St. Katharines till they come to the Sign of the Maidenhead, and there they fix their Mark.

And then pass over Tower Hill to the House of one John Atkinson, near to the Postern Gate; and then go directly Northward up the Minories Street till they come to the Portcullis under Aldgate, where the Testimony of their Mark concludeth all.

In these, or the most part of these latter Directions, I have been greatly favoured by Mr. John Brigges, the painful and industrious Minister of St. Botolphs, who, by the Help of the Clerk and Sexton, most lovingly and gently befriended me.]

Now for the present State of this Ward, and what the Places for Habitation are, whether Streets, Fields, Lanes, Alleys and Courts, it briefly standeth thus upon a late Survey.

The present State of the Ward.

In this Ward the principal Streets and Places are, Whitechapel, the Minories, and Houndsditch, together with the West Side of Petticoat Lane; in which Streets there are divers Alleys and Courts. Of these in Order.

R. B.

Whitechapel is a spacious fair Street for Entrance into the City Eastward, and somewhat long, reckoning from the Laystall East unto the Bars West, where the Ward ends. It is a great Thorough fair, being the Essex Road, and well resorted unto, which occasions it to be the better inhabited, and accommodated with good Inns for the Reception of Travellers, and for Horses, Coaches, Carts and Waggons.


Here on the South Side is a Hay Market three times a Week.

The South Side within the Bars, as well as a little way without, is taken up by a great many Butchers, who drive a considerable Trade, and kill excellent Beef, Veal, Mutton and Lamb; lying conveniently for driving and carrying Cattel from Rumford Market.

The Butchers.

On the North Side are divers considerable Inns much resorted unto, as the Three Nuns, the Crown, the Black Bull, the Blue Boar; with several Shopkeepers, who have a good Retail trade out of the Country.


Here, about the Bars, ply a great Number of Stage Coaches, for the conveniency of bringing to Town, or carrying into the Country, such as please to make use of them. Coaches there are, tending there for this Purpose, that belong to Stratford Bow, Stratford Langton, Low Leyton, Leyton Stone, West Ham, East Ham, Walthamstow, Woodford, Wansted, Barking, and other Places.

Stage Coaches.

J. S.

Places of Name in this Street within the Bars, are as follows; beginning at St. Botolph's Church, and so Eastward.

Places in Aldgate Street.

First, Hatchet Alley, pretty well built, but hath a narrow Entrance. White Bear Alley hath a long, narrow and dark Passage into it; but within are pretty new Brick Buildings. Sun and Trumpet Alley, very ordinary: Near unto this Alley is the Bell Brewhouse, of a good Trade; and near unto the Blue Boar Inn is the Boar's Head Tavern, being a House of a pretty good Trade. Red Cross Court well built, with new Brick Houses, hath a pretty large Passage into Petticoat Lane. Anchor and Harp Alley, both narrow and ordinary. Harrow Alley, conataining two large Courts, and a long Alley that leads into Goodman's Fields; and at the upper End of this Alley is a Place called the Blue Gate; all but indifferent built and inhabited. Checker Yard also but ordinary. These on the South Side of the Street.

Hatchet Alley.

White Bear Alley.

Sun and Trumpet Alley.

Red Cross Court.

Houndsditch is now built into Houses; and besides the Street (which is taken up by Brokers, Joyners, Brasiers, Salesmen, and such as deal in old Cloths, Linen, and Upholstery Ware, (for which it is at present a Place of considerable Trade) here are a great many Courts and Alleys: I shall only take notice of these in this Ward, beginning at Still Alley; the others, which lie in Bishopsgate Ward, being there treated of.


Still Alley hath a narrow Entrance, but is very large, containing several Turnings to other Places, as the lower Ground, which hath a Passage into Gravel Lane. And Gutteridge Rents, which hath pretty good Buildings. And out of this Place is a Passage down Steps into a Court, which leads into Devonshire Square, treated of in Bishopsgate Ward. Greyhound Alley small and ordinary. Flower de lis Court, a Square Place, with old decayed Buildings, ill inhabited. Woolsack Alley leads into Gravel Lane, a large Place, with pretty good Buildings, and contains several Places, as Crab Court, where there is a large Brewhouse; and over against this Place is Pine Apple Court, which hath a Free Stone Pavement, and contains four pretty good Brick Houses. Here is also Star Court, with three or four other indifferent Places without a Name. Hand Alley small and ordinary. Skinners Alley also small and ordinary, with old Timber Houses. Castle Yard hath a long turning Passage, with pretty good Houses, indifferently well inhabited. Ball and Shear Court small and mean; and adjoining to this is another small Place without a Name. Angel Alley. long and narrow, falls into Gravel Lane. Fire Ball Alley pretty big, but ordinary. Fire Ball Court, a good handsome open Place, well built, and inhabited, with a Passage into Gravel Lane. Cock and Hoop Yard, a good large open Place, with Buildings fit for good Inhabitants. Red Lyon Court, a pretty square Place, with indifferent good Buildings. Shepherd and Dog Alley both small and mean. Three Bowl Court small and ordinary. Walnut Tree Yard but small. Joiners Court hath tolerable good Buildings, with a Free Stone Pavement. Harrow Alley but small. Cock and Wheatsheaf Alley likewise small, and separate each from the other by a Pale. Rose and Crown Court, a neat Place, with good Buildings, well inhabited, with a Free Stone Pavement. Seven Star Alley indifferent Good. And to some of these Houses there are Gardens. Here is a Calenders, which is enclosed from the rest by a great Gate.

Still Alley.

The lower Ground

Gutteridge Rents.

Greyhound Alley.

Flower de lis Court.

Woolsack Alley.

Crab Court.

Pine Apple Court.

Star Court.

Hand Alley.

Skinners Alley.

Castle Yard.

Ball and Shear Court.

Angel Alley.

Fire Ball Alley and Court.

Cock and Hoop Yard.

Red Lyon Court.

Shepherd and Dog Alley.

Three Bowl Court.

Walnut Tree Yard.

Joiners Yard.

Harrow Alley.

Cock and Wheatsheaf Alley.

Rose and Crown Court.

Seven Star Alley.

Church Lane very large and open, the North Side fronting St. Botolph's Church, and Churchyard, hath a Row of good Buildings, of which two are large, and at the upper End is a fair Carpenter's Yard, with Livery Stables over against it. Gun Yard, a very handsome square Court, with good large Houses, very well inhabited, with an Entrance wide enough for Coach or Cart.

Church Lane.

Gun Yard.

Gravel Lane.

Gravel Lane very large, branching it self into several Parts, as Seven Step Alley. Blackamore Court, which falls into Petticoat Lane. Shrewsbury Court, a pretty handsome square Place. Stony Lane, somewhat long, and falls into Petticoat Lane. Sutton's Rents small and ordinary. Wood Greens Court, a pretty handsome open square Place, indifferently well inhabited. Harrow Alley, long and narrow, falls into Petticoat Lane. Clark's Court pretty handsome. Hand and Crown Court, a good open Place. New George Court hath indifferent good Brick Buildings, with a Free Stone Pavement. Vine Court, a good handsome square Place, with new Brick Buildings, and a Free Stone Pavement. Pease Porridge Alley small and ordinary. King's Head Court pretty large, but hath some part at present unbuilt. Almost over against this Court is Olives Court, small and ordinary. Hand Alley hath a Passage into Bishopsgatestreet. Petticoat Lane (formerly called

Seven Step Alley.

Blackamore Court.

Shrewsbury Court.

Stony Lane.

Sutton Rents.

Wood Greens Court.

Harrow Alley.

Clarks Court.

Hand and Crown Court.

New George Court.

Vine Court.

Pease Porridge Alley.

Kings Head Court.

Olives Court.

Hand Alley.

Petticoat Lane.