Portsoken Ward. St. Botolph Aldgate. 21

Portsoken Ward. St. Botolph Aldgate.

there. You shall live in all charitable and christian sort with your Neighbours, and be Peace and Love-makers to your power. Considering with your selves that you be aged, and therefore most meet for you to give good Example, and be ready prepared to go hence when God shall call you. If you observe and follow this good Counsel, you shall all have this Pension so long as you live, and have need of it. But if you be found in any Default, this Charity, and any other Charity given you in this Parish, shall be taken from you for ever, and shall be bestowed upon more worthy Persons: Therefore see that you forget not this good Lesson. Now kneel you all down, and with all Humility and Reverence lift up your Hearts and Hands to God, and with loud Voice say devoutly after me, (Our Father which art in Heaven, &c. ) Now say you all (God reward all good Benefactors, and bless the worshipful Company of Merchant Taylors.) Rise you all now up in God's Name, and go you quietly three and three together, till you be all out of the Church Gate; and God bless you all, and encrease the Number of good and charitable Men.]

Upon a Marble Stone (in the middle of this Church) under the Figure of a Death's Head, is this Inscription:


Under this Marble Stone resteth, in hope of a joyful Resurrection, the Bodies of two Sisters; Elizabeth Roe, Wife to John Roe Mariner, who died July 16, 1625.
And Sarah Stevens, Wife unto John Stevens, Citizen and Cook of London, who died Aug. 3. in the same Year of our lord 1625.]

Elizabeth Roe.

Sarah Stevens.

In the North Ile of the Chancel lyeth a fair Stone on the Ground, with this Inscription upon it, engraven in Brass:

Here lyeth the Body of William Cowch, one of the ordinary Yeomen of Her Majesty's Chamber, Citizen and Innholder of London. He deceased the 13. Day of July Ann. Dom. 1583. who hath given (after the Decease of Joane his Wife) the House, called the Crown, being at the East End of this Church, called St. Botolph's without Aldgate, unto Christ's Hospital for ever. Out of the which House, after the Decease of the said Joane his Wife, is to be paid by the Governours of the said Hospital five Pound yearly for ever to the Poor of Portsoken Ward, within the said Parish.

Will. Cowch.

A. M.

In the middle Ile of the Church, before the Entrance into the Chancel, lieth a fair Grave-stone on the Ground, having this Inscription engraven upon it:

Dies mei sicut umbra declinaverunt, & ego sicut sœnum aresco.
Here under this Stone lyeth buried the Body of Robert Cockes, late Citizen and Tallow-Chandler of London. Who by his last Will and Testament gave to this Ward of Portsoken (wherein he dwelt) the Sum of one hundred Pounds, to be employed for the Use and Benefit of the Poor of the said Ward. He departed this mortal Life the 20th Day of September, An. Dom. 1609. and was here interred the 3d Day of October next following. ætatis suæ LXVII.

Rob. Cockes.

Vixi dum volui, volui dum, Christe, volebas,
Christe, mihi spes es, vita, corona, salus.

In the same Ile, but a little lower, lyeth another fair Grave-stone having (in a whiter kind of Stone) a Coat of Armes on it, and a Description in well formed Letters, speaking thus:

Here underneath this Stone lyeth the Body of Daniel Balgay, sometime an Inhabitant of this Parish, of good Account and Credit, being a Citizen of this honourable City of London, and free of the worshipful Company of Mercers. Who parted this mortal Life the 25. Day of Dec. in the Year of our Lord 1608. being the Day of the Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ. Christus mihi vita.

Dan. Balgay.

In the Chancel at the South East Corner, near the Altar, is a Monument set up in Memory of Mr. Prat, the late diligent and well deserving Curate, with this Inscription:

J. S.

Under this Pavement lyeth BENJAMIN PRAT A.M. for above xvi Years late Curate of this Church: He affected to end his Days in Cœlibacy, and departed this Life the 3d Day of March A.D. 1715. RESURGAM.

Ben Prat.

J. Wor.

These few pious Words above were all he desired should be here subscribed. Yet it ought not to be concealed, that he bequeathed to the Right Reverend Father in God, the Lord Bishop of LONDON for the time being, (only in Trust) the perpetual Advowson of the Rectory of the Parish and Parish Church of GREENSTEED, juxta CHIPPIN ONGAR, in the County of ESSEX: the first Presentation to an intimate Friend, and after him to the immediate READER, or most inferior Minister of this his NATIVE PARISH CHURCH, for ever, and other CHURCHES afterwards, which may hereafter be built in this Parish; as may be seen more at large in his WILL.

His soul was adorned with great Stedfastness to the most Orthodox Principles: He was a Person of great PIETY, LENITY and CHARITY; and in all his ACTIONS constantly signaliz'd himself in the several Offices of his SACRED MINISTRY. He continually endeavoured to illustrate his Veneration and Esteem for the most Glorious and Adorable TRINITY, and his High Calling of GOD in CHRIST JESUS.

And so he proceeded, till he was just arrived at the Prime of his Age: and then was taken from his Labours, to receive an exceeding great REWARD.

Thus does he still speak, and yet propose an eminent and illustrious Example to all his succeeding BRETHREN.


A Gravestone at the upper End of the North Ile over Henrietta Caldecot, Daughter of Philip Caldecot, of this Parish, Esq; She died Nov. 2. 1714.

In the Churchyard, near the North Wall of the Church, a raised Tombstone for Will. Ricards, Son of Captain Will. Ricards. Ob. 29. July, 1714. Aged 28 Years.]

In the Churchyard Southward, and toward the Street, standeth a handsome Tomb, well defenced over from Weather, and a fair Gravestone upon it. Beneath, on the outside of the Tomb, are engraven the Arms belonging to the Vintners and the Barber Chirurgions: Upon the Gravestone is a fair Plate of Brass, with all these Lines engraven on it:

Here under this Stone lyeth the Body of George Clarke, Citizen and Vintner of London, who by his last Will and Testament gave for divers good and charitable Uses these Legacies hereafter following.

Geo. Clarke.