Portsoken Ward. St. Botolph Aldgate. 17

Portsoken Ward. St. Botolph Aldgate.

this Lord Darcy from the Aspersions cast on him by K. Henry VIII. as a Person of a mean Extraction, gives an honourable Account of the Family of the Darcy's.]

Another smaller monument is also fixed in the same Wall, but somewhat more toward the South, having this Inscription:

Here lyeth buried the Corps of Robert Taylor, of Silverdale, in the Parish of Warton in the County of Lancaster, Gentleman, the Father of John Taylor, Citizen and Draper of London, and of this Parish Beer Brewer. He departed this Life about the Age of 80 Years, Feb. 15. Ann. Dom. 1577.

Rob. Taylor.

Upon the Ground, under the Head of the Communion Table, lyeth an ancient fair Stone, and these Lines engraved thereon in Brass:

Hic jacet Joannes, Episc. Bathon. & Wellensis, qui cum obiisset plures insig. Legation.......tandem obiit summum in Legatione Clevensis, ..... Januar. MCCCCCXL. Cujus animæ propitietur Altissimis.

John Bishop of Bath and Wells.

There is a Remark in Mr. Weever's Ancient Funeral Monuments upon this John Clark, Bishop of Bath and Wells; viz. That he was supposed to be poisoned in Germany, when he went Ambassador to the Duke of Cleve, to render a Reason of the King's Divorce from the Lady Anne of Cleve, his Sister. See Weever, p. 426.]

Dr. Bray.

Near unto the Place where the Minister readeth Divine Service, there is a small Brass Plate fixed in the Wall, a very unworthy Monument (in my mind) for a Man of so great Charity and Bounty, not having so much as a Graven Stone bestowed on him upon the Ground. The Plate containeth these Lines following.

Here before this Pew lyeth buried the Body of Robert Dow, Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London, with Lettice his Wife, and Thomas his Son: Which Robert deceased May 2. in the Year 1612. His Age was 89 Years. Who, amongst other Charities done in this City, and elsewhere sundry ways, as to several Hospitals abroad and at home, Prisons, and to 19 poor Housholders of the Merchant Taylors Company in perpetuum, gave to this Parish of St. Botolph's without Aldgate (whereof he was a Member) the Nomination of two Alms Women freely relieved; and twenty Pound yearly to be distributed to threescore poor aged and impotent Men and Women, by Nobles a piece upon every St. Thomas Eve for ever. Ad gloriam Dei.
Per Nepotem ac Hæredem Zachariam Dow,

Robert Dow.

But the Merchant Taylors honoured his Memory by a fairer Monument upon a Pillar on the South Side of the Chancel, over against the Pulpit, being the Figure of an ancient Gentleman in his Gown and Cap, and a long forked Beard, resting his Hand on a Death's Head.

A Monument for Dow, set up by the Merchant Taylors.


A Memorial erected by the Right Worshipful Company of Merchant Taylors for Robert Dove, Esq; Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London, Master of the same Company, and one of the Customers in the Port of London.

He gave in his Life time 3528l. 10s. 8d. to perform divers charitable Deeds for ever, to divers poor Brethren of the same Company, and other Uses for the said Company, viz.

To Christ's Hospital; to St. Sepulchre's Parish; to the two Compters; to Ludgate and Newgate; to the Poor of this Parish; to St. John Baptist's College in Oxford; and to Queen Elizabeth's Hospital at Bristol, 2958l. 10s 8d.

- To the Company.
300l. to Christ-Church Hospital.
50l. to St. Sepulchre's.
100l. to St. John's College in Oxford.
100l. to the City of Bristol.

He lived virtuously all his Life time, and died in the true Faith of our Lord Jesus, on the 2d Day of May, Anno Dom. 1612, being full of Days, at the Age of 90 Years.

His Armes under him being 3 Doves, according to his Name.

Here follows an Account of Mr. Dow's Charity to this Parish: It is worthy to be observed for the farther illustrating the Character of that worthy Citizen, what pious and prudent Care he has taken for the choice of fit Persons to receive such his Charity: As particularly in his Directions to the Church Wardens, and Ancients, for the choice of the two Almswomen which he added to the Merchant Taylors Almshouse in Little Tower Hill, and left a competent Provision for their Maintenance; and in that other Direction for the choice of the sixty Poor.

His Charity to this Parish.

Dr. Bray.

J. Carpenter.

The Exhortation drawn up by himself, and by his particular Order to be repeated to the Poor who receive his Charity at the time of the Distribution of it, is full of Christian Simplicity and Primitive Piety.

There are also two other Exhortations of his to be repeated to the condemned Prisoners in Newgate: The one, the Night before they are to be executed, by the Sexton or Bell-man of the Parish of St. Sepulchre's; the other, as they pass under the Church Wall to Execution: For which, and ringing the Passing Bell the Morning of Execution, he left 1l. 6s. 8d. yearly for ever.

These two Exhortations you will find subjoined to that which is delivered to the 60 Poor of Aldgate: and do shew how much he was concerned for the Good of the Souls of those unhappy Criminals; as his other Charities do, how much he was concerned for relieving bodily Necessities of those who are worthy Objects of it.

Vicesimo octavo die Augusti Anno Domini 1605, Anno Regni Domini nostri Jacobi Dei Gratiæ Angliæ, Scotiæ, Franciæ, & Hiberniæ Regis, Fidei Defensoris, &c. (viz.) Angliæ, Franciæ, & Hiberniæ tertio, & Scotiæ tricesimo nono.

WHEREAS I Robert Dow, Citizen and Merchant Taylor of London, now dwelling in this Parish of St. Botolph's without Aldgate: (minding always to help the Poor, and through the Goodness of Almighty God, from whom all holy Desires, all good Counsels, and all just Works do proceed) I have contracted with the Worshipful Company of Merchant Taylors under their common Seal, upon due Satisfaction to them made, to perform for me certain Deeds of Charity by God and Grace for ever. Amongst the which, six pounds per Ann. is to be paid to one poor Widow of this Parish, placed by me in their Almshouse here adjoining, during her Life and good Behaviour: And after her Decease to a poor Widow, to be from time to time, for ever, elected out of this Parish, according as in a Writing made between the said Company and me is mentioned. And perceiving the Multitude of Poor encreaseth in this Parish, I have further agreed with the same Company to pay the Sum of Ten Pounds Six Shillings yearly, in manner and form following, viz.