Portsoken Ward. St. Katharines. 6

Portsoken Ward. St. Katharines.

" tron) did apply and provide some speedy Remedy, it must needs uttlerly perish, both in Spirituals and Temporals: They gave and granted it to his Majesty to all Effect of Law, and submitted and subjected themselves, their Monastery, and all their Rights into his Hand, with free Power and Authority to alienate and dispose them to what Uses he pleased."

The Grant of the Scite of this Priory thus in the King's Hands, with divers Messuages there and in Hertfordshire, the King granted to Sir Tho. Audely Kt. Lord Chancellor of England, the Letters Patents bearing Date April 9. 25 Hen. VIII. An. 1533. And by another Charter the said King granted to the said Audely all whatsoever belonged to this Religious House lying within Aldgate, or without; that is, in the Parish of St. Katharine Christ-church, within Aldgate, or in St. Botolph without: to be held in Socage by Fealty only. This was dated June 28. an. regn. 27. Not to be silent of other Letters Patents of the King, dated Decemb. 29. the Year before to the said Sir Thomas, Sir Henry Parker, and others, of the Manour of Brawling, alias Brawgling-Bury, and the Rectory of Brawgling in the County of Hertford, Parcel of the Lands of the said Priory]

The Grant thereof to Sir Tho. Audely.

Thus much for the Out-Bounds of Knighten Guild, or Portsoken Ward, and for the Antiquity and Government thereof.



Now of the Parts therein, this is specially to be noted. First, the East Part of the Tower standeth there. Then an Hospital of St. Katharine, founded by Matilde the Queen, Wife to King Stephen, by Licence of the Prior and Convent of the Holy Trinity in London, on whose Ground she founded it. Elianor the Queen, Wife to King Edward I. a second Foundress, appointed there to be a Master, three Brethren Chaplains, and three Sisters, 10 poor Women, and six poor Clerks. She gave to them the Manour of Carleton in Wiltshire, and Upchurch in Kent, &c. Queen Philippa, Wife to King Edward III. 1351. founded a Chauntry there, and gave to that Hospital 10 Pound Land by Year. It was of late time called a free Chapel, a College, and an Hospital for poor Sisters.

Places contained in this Ward.

Hospital of St. Katharines.

A second Foundress.

To this House belonged the Manour of Risshendon in the Isle of Shepy, and a Tenement in the Parish of Menstre [Minster] there; and another Manour of Chesingbery on Wilts; and Quarley [written also Owarley] in the County of Southampton; parcel of the Priory of Okeburne granted 19 Hen. VI. Tenements in Reynham in Kent accepted in Exchange: A Messuage in a Lane called Bow Lane, &c. Many Liberties were granted to this Hospital, and a Fair to be held upon Tower Hill the Day after the Feast of St. James, granted 20 Hen. VI. In this Church of St. Katharines was founded a Chauntry in Honour of St. Fabian and St. Sebastian; and 10l. yearly to be taken out of the Issues of the Hanaper, 1 R. II. Among the Records of the Tower there is also one, shewing that it belonged to the King to present to the Keeper there the Persons who shall be professed Sisters there - Rich. II. Two Messes more came to them situate in the Parish of Berking Church, heretofore founded for an Hospital of poor frantick People; now granted 2 R. II. to this Hospital of St. Katharines for a Chauntry to be made by Robert Denton. Again, K. Edward III. in the ninth of his Reign granted to the Hospital of St. Katharine, de Bosco & Maremio capiend. in Bosco Roger. Wast de Leinton [Leyton certe] infra Forest de Essex, pro focal & pro reparatione Molendin. sui de Reynham; i.e. Wood and Timber to be taken in the Wood of Roger Wast of Leyton in the Forest of Essex, for Firing, and for the Repair of their Mill at Reynham. Farther, there was the Advowson of the Church of St. Peter's in Northampton, with the Chapels of Kingsthorp and Upton annexed, granted to this House by Isabel the Queen, 3 E. 3. and the Church of Frethensted in the Diocess of Canterbury.

Gifts and Grants to St. Katharines.

J. S.

Record. Tur.

There belonged anciently to this Hospital a Mill and a Garden; which were both taken away for making the Tower Ditch: But for which Recompence was made them. For there is a Charter in the Tower, made 18 E. 2. concerning 5 Marks 6s. 9d. granted heretofore by K. Edward I. to be taken each Year at the Exchequer, in Recompence of a Loss which they sustained for the enlarging of the Ditch about the said Tower.

A Mill and a Garden belonging to St. Katharines.

Several Queens of England having been Foundresses, especial Benefactors to this Hospital; Queens became chief Patronesses of it, and had some special Jurisdiction in it. There is a Record, 7 E. 3. that makes Alianor the Queen Grandmother of the king, the Founder; and determines the Power of the Queens of England there.

Queens Patronesses of it.

There was a very noble Guild or Fraternity founded in the Church of this Hospital of St. Katharine's, to the Honour of St. Barbara. It was governed by a Master and three Wardens; it had two Royal Founders, K. Henry VIII. and Q. Katharine his first Wife; and many very high and honourable Persons associated themselves as Members of the said Fraternity. One was the great Cardinal Wolsey, and many other eminent Dukes, Earls, and Knights, Queens, and Ladies. All this will more fully appear by the Beads to be bidden for this Guild: An old Print whereof, communicated to me by a diligent Collector of such Antiquities, is as followeth,

Guild of St. Barbara in St. Katharines.

Mr. Bagford.

" Of your devoute charyte ye shall pray for al the Brethern and Systern of the Gyld of our glorious Savyoure cryst Jhū, and of the blessyde vyrgin and martyr Seynt BARBARA, foundyd in Seint Katerins Church next to the towre of London. And first, ye that pray specyally for the gode estate of our Soverayne Lord and moost crysten and excellect Prince Kyng HENRY VIII. and Queen Kateryn, founders of the seid Gyld. and gracyous Brotherhod; and brother and Syster of the same. And for the good estate of the French Quenys grace MARY syster to our seyd Soverane Lord, and Syster of the sayd gylde."

" Also ye shal pray for the good estate of Thomas Wolsey of the Tytle of Seynt Cecylle of Rome, preest Cardynal and Legatus a latere to our holy father the Pope, Archbyshop of Yorke, and Chanceler of England, brother of the same gylde."

" Also, for the good estate of the Duke of Buckyngham and my Lady his wife. Also for the good estate of the Duke of Norfolk and my Lady his wife. The Duke of Southfolke."

" Also, for my Lord Marques. For the Yerle of Shrewysbery; the Yerle of Northumberlond; the Yerle of Surrey; my Lorde Hastyinges; and for al their Ladies, Bretherne and Systers of the same."