Portsoken Ward. Trinity Priory. 5

Portsoken Ward. Trinity Priory.

mitted, as one of the Aldermen of London, to govern the same Land and Soke. According to the Customes of the City, he did sit in Court, and rode with the Maior and his Brethren, the Aldermen, as one of them in Scarlet, or other Livery, as they used, until the Year 1531, at the which time the said Priory (by the last Prior there) was surrendred to King Henry VIII. in the 23d of his Reign. Who gave this Priory to Sir Thomas Audley, Kt. Lord Chancellor of England, and he pulled down the Church. Sithence the which Dissolution of that House, the said Ward of Portsoken hath been governed by a temporal Man, one of the Aldermen of London, elected by the Citizens, as by the Aldermen of other Wards.

Prior of the Trinity an Alderman of London.

This Priory surrendred to the King.

But to shew further what Countenance the Popes gave to this Priory of the Holy Trinity, I read this Bull of Pope Alexander, indulging Authority to the Prior over his Company, not to be controlled by the King himself, no not in his own Dominions. 8 Hen. II. Ann. 1162. "ALEXANDER the Pope granteth the Prior, upon his Request, whereby the State of his Church may be preserved and reformed for the better, that the Persons of the said Church, under the Discipline of regular Observance, may give to God worthy and acceptable Service, we grant him free Power of Correction, as is expedient; as to him belongs of correcting of the Excesses of those under him, and recalling of Fugitives to the same Church, as it pertains to his Office; notwithstanding the King's, or any other secular Prohibition. Let no man therefore infringe this Page of our Grant, or oppose it by any rash Boldness: But if any presume to attempt it, let him know, that he shall incur the Indignation of the Omnipotent God, and the Blessed Apostles, St. Peter and Paul. At Viterbium July 3, and the third of the Pontificate."

Another Pope's Grant to the Prior.

J. S.

Rymer's FÅ“dera, &c. Vol. I. p.20.

Mention was made before of this Prior's being Alderman of Portsoken Ward. I have met with an ancient Presentment of certain Jurats of this Ward in the Reign of King Edward I. at an Inquisition of his Justices, wherein the said Alderman himself is presented. And presenting things amiss out of the Ward, as well as within, it may not be amiss to lay it before the Reader.

A Presentment by Portsoken Ward.

The Prior of Christ's Church, London, holds his Wardmote of Portsoken of Aldgate, within the Priory, unjustly; because his Wardmote was wont to be held within the Portsoken, and not without.

In Baga Quo Warranto London. 3. E. I. P. Le Neve.

The Jurats say, that Sir Rafe de Berners, Kt. holds one Messe and two Water-Mills in St. Botolph without Aldgate, which are called the Knights Fee: Which Tenement ought to find for the King one Servant armed in one Turret in the Tower, for forty Days, in the time of War, at his proper Cost. And in the last War he made a Default.

That Giles de Wodeham, Kt. made a Ditch upon the King's Way, called Kingescestand.

Philip Lands dwells in a House upon the common Pasture, called Camprichesheth, at Hackney.

That the Prior of Christ's Church, London, hath applied to himself a Lane between his Priory and the City Wall, through which was wont to be a common Way.

That the Nuns of St. Helen's within Bishopsgate apply to themsleves a Lane from Bishopsgate Street unto St. Mary at Axe Street.

That an Hermitage is placed in a Turret of the Wall of the City near Aldgate, and it is built four Foot without the Turret of the said Wall in the King's High-way.

To add a few more Remarks concerning this ancient Monastery, or Priory of the Holy Trinity: The foresaid Queen Maud gave to the Prior and Convent the Church of Brackyng, [the same with Braughing in Hertfordshire as I think] with the Appurtenances: Also the Churches of St. Augustin Papey, near the Wall, and St. Edmund's Lombard Street, and of Allhallows upon the Wall. To which Churches the said Prior and Convent presented. These three last Churches belonged to the Soke of Algate, which the said Queen Maud gave to this Priory: And from these Churches they received certain yearly Pensions; that is, from St. Augustin's 12d. from St. Edmond's 13s. 4d. and from Allhallows 3s. All-Saints Fanchurch pertained also to them; whence they recieved 2s. yearly Pension. To this Priory also the Church of Bix or Bixil belonged, given them by William Corbil, Archbishop of Canterbury.

Churches given to this Priory.

Lib. Trin. penes me.

The boundaries of the Scite of this Priory appear in the Instrument of the Grant made of it by King Henry VIII. to Sir Thomas Audely, viz. A magna porta civitatis nostre Lond. &c. i.e. "From the great Gate of our City of London called ALDEGATE, and so thence on the Northside of the King's Street, [or High Street] called ALDEGATE Street, unto the Bell-house [or Steeple] of St. Katharine Christ-church; and from thence by a certain Street reaching from the said King Street by the said Bell-house unto the great Gate of the said Late Monastery, and so by the said Street from the said great Gate of the said late Monastery unto the Stone Wall of our City of London; and so by the said Wall unto the said great Gate called ALDEGATE."

The Bounds of it.

The Monks of this Priory I find to be commended in a charter of one Gualo, Cardinal of St. Martin, Legate of the Apostolick See, for their being such obedient Sons to the Holy Roman Mother Church in the late Disturbance in England, by reason of the Discord between the King [John] and the Barons; wherein they underwent heavy Losses, and no small Wrongs. And in Consideration thereof, the Cardinal confirmed to them the Church of Brackinges for their own Uses. This Grant was in the Year 1211.

The Priory sticks to Holy Church.

Lib. Trin. penes me.

This Priory was once taken into the King's Hands for receiving a certain Thief that escaped from Newgate.

40 Hen. 3. P. Le Neve.

This Church was surrender'd up into K. Henry VIII.'s Hands Feb. 4. 1531. 23 Regis, (as appears by the Copy of the Instrument communicated to me by the Reverend White Kennet D.D.) Nicolas Hancock the last Prior, and his Covent, assembled together in their Chapter House, surrendring it by a formal Deed sealed by their common Seal. And Feb. 25. the same Year, the said Prior and Convent did recognize the foresaid Surrender by their Names subscribed, viz. Hancock the Prior, George Grevyl, and 17 more of the Convent, before Richard Watkyns, LL.B. Publick Notary, required hereunto by Rowland Lee and John Olyver, Clerks, or Masters of Chancery, before whom the Surrender was made in the Chapter House: Wherein is remarkable the Cause they assign for this Surrender, - Domus, que in suis fructibus, redditibus, proventibus, obventibus & emolumentis non mediocriter deteriorata est, & quasi in totum diminuta, ingentique ære alieno obruta, oppressa & gravata extitit, &c. i.e. "That their House was not a little sunk in its Fruits, Revenues and Benefits, and in effect come to nothing, and over Head and Ears in Debt. And therefore, that they maturely weighing and considering with themselves, that unless the King (being their Founder and Pa-"

Surrendred to K. Hen. 8. An.1531.

Dr. Kennet, now Lord Bishop of Peterborough.