Portsoken Ward. Trinity Priory. 4

Portsoken Ward. Trinity Priory.

Prior of Derland, Geffrey Clinton Chamberlain, and many other Clerks and Laymen, French and English. Orgare le Prude (one of their Company) was sent to King Henry, beseeching him to confirm their Gift, which the King gladly granted by this Deed following:

Henry, King of England, to R. Bishop of London, to the Sheriffs and Provost, and to all his Barons and faithful People, French and English, of London and Middlesex, greeting: Know ye me to have granted and confirmed to the Church and Canons of Holy Trinity of London, the Soke of the English Knighten Guild, and the Land which pertaineth thereunto, and the Church of S. Botolph, as the Men of the same Guild have given and granted unto them: And I will and straightly command, that they may hold the same well, and honourably and freely, with Sack and Soke, Toll and Thea, infangthese, and all Customes belonging to it, as the Men of the same Guild in the best Sort had the same in the time of King Edward; and as King William my Father, and Brother, did grant it to them by their Writs. Witness, A. the Queen, Geffrey de Clinton, the Chancellor, and William of Clinton; at Woodstocke.

The King's Charter confirming the same.

This Charter was afterwards confirmed by Gilbert, William and Roger, Bishops of London. Then by S. Alphage, Archbishop of Canterbury. Then by Alexander and Innocent, Popes. Innocent also granted moreover to the Prior and Convent, that the foresaid Church and Parishoners of the same should be served by one of the Canons, to be removed at the Priors Pleasure.]

Confirmation of this Charter. Lib. Trin. Prior.

J. S.

All these prescribed Writings (saith my Book) which some time belonged to the Priory of the Holy Trinity, are registred in the End of the Book of Remembrances of the Guild Hall of London, marked with the Letter C. Folio 134. The King sent also his Sheriffs, to wit, Aubery de Vere, and Roger, Nephew to Hubert, which (upon his Behalf) should invest this Church with the possessions hereof; which the said Sheriffs accomplished coming upon the Ground, Andrew Buchevite, and the forenamed Witnesses and others standing by; notwithstanding Othowerus, Acolivillus, Otto, and Jeffrey, Earl of Essex, Constables of the Tower by Succession, with- held by force a Portion of the said Land, as I have before delivered.

These Writings concerning this Knighten Guild register'd in Guild-hall.

Constables of the Tower.

All this History above related of the Founding of Trinity Church within Aldgate, and of the Beginning of the Canons Regular and Augustin Friars in England, is taken out of the Book C. in Guild- Hall, and out of an old Book there, called Dunthorn; where we read as follows.

The Founding of Trinity Church, Book C. Fol. 135. and Dunthorn, Fol. 79.


"In the Year of Christ 1108, and in the 8th Year of King Henry, was the Church of the Holy Trinty within Aldgate, London, founded by the venerable Lady Maud, Wife unto the said King, by the Persuasion of Archbishop Anselm. It was given unto Norman, who became the first Prior not only there, and first Canon Regular of the whole Kingdom: For by him was all England (saith my Record) adorned with the Rule of St. Augustin, and the Canonical Habit of the Order: Which Order, by the gathering together of many Friars into that Church, was the number of those that praised God day and night, so much encreased, that the whole City was much delighted with the Sight of it: Insomuch, that in the Year of our Lord 1125. certain Burgesses of the City, descended of the ancient Race of the English Knights, by Name Ralfe, the Son of Algode, Wolfard le Deverish, Orgar le Prude, Edward Upcornhill, Blacstan, and his Cousin Alwyn; Alwyn and Robert his Brother, Sons of Leofstan; Leofstan the Goldsmith, and Wyzo his Son, Hugh the Son of Wolgare, Algar Secusenne, Orgar the Son of Dereman, Osbert Drinchepin, and Adelardus Hornpite, meeting together in the Chapter of the Church of Christ, which is situate within the Walls of the City near Aldgate; freely gave unto the said Church, and unto the Canons serving God, all that Land and Soken, which was called Anglish Cnithgilda; which lies by the Wall of the City without Aldgate, and reaches into the Thames. They gave it, I say, themselves becoming Friars, and partaking of the Benefits of that Place, by the Hand of Norman the Prior, who received them into the Society, as he had done others before them, by an Oath taken upon the Text of the Gospel."

Norman the first Prior, and the first of the Augustin Order.

" And to the Intent that this Gift of theirs might stand firm and unchangeable, they surrendred up (among other Writings which they had for it) the Charter of St. Edward: After which they gave the Prior Seisin and Possession of the said Land * by the Church of St. Botolph, which had been builded upon the same, and was the Head of it."

* That is, by giving him Entrance and Possession into the Church of St Botolph, which was the Head, or, as it were, the Capital Messuage of the Manour.

" All this was done before these Witnesses, Bernard, Prior of Dunstable, John, Prior of Landa, and divers other French and English People."

" The said Donors hereupon sent one of their own Company, Ordgar le Prude by Name, unto King Henry with their Petition, that he would be pleased to give his Consent and Confirmation to their said Gift. Whereupon the King very willingly allowed the said Land and Soken unto the Church; and to be free and acquitted from all Service to himself, as frank Alms ought to be; which he thus confirmed by his Charter:"

Henry, King of England, &c. as before.]

To all this was added the sacred Confirmation of the Pope, without which nothing was firm enough in those Times. Innocent II. in the second Year of King Stephen, Anno 1137, directed this Bull to his beloved Son Norman, Prior of the Church, placed within the Walls of London, and to his Friars, &c. i.e. "We appoint, that whatsoever Possessions and Goods the said Christ-church doth now justly and lawfully possess, or hereafter by the Concession of Popes, Grants of Kings and Princes, Offerings of the Faithful, or by other just Means may be gotten, do remain firm and inviolable to you and your Successors. Among which, these we thought convenient to express by their proper Names; to wit, two Parts of Issues of the City of Exon, the Lands of Lectune, which Simon du Moulins, and Adeline his Wife, out of a Principle of Piety, granted to the same Place, the Land and the Soke of Anglische-cnihte gild, the Church of Bix, with its Rents, the Church of Totenham. Besides, whatever Churches or Lands, without the City of London or within, reasonably bestowed upon you by God's faithful People, or shall happen to be offered hereafter, we confirm to you, and by you to the same Church, by Apostolical Authority, &c. Yet saving due Reverence to the Bishop of the Diocese." To this hangeth a Leaden Bull with Strings of yellow and red Silk.]

Pope Innocent's Bull for Confirmation of the Gifts given to this Priory.

J. S.

Statuimus, Rym. FÅ“dera, &c. Tom. I.

The Prior and Canons of the Holy Trinity being thus seized of the said Land and Soke of Knighten Guild, a Part of the Suburb without the Wall, (but within the Liberties of the City) the same Prior was for him, and his Successors, ad-

Part of Knighten Guild withheld by the Constables of the Tower.