Entertainment of K. Charles I. 295

Entertainment of K. Charles I.

Richmond, sitting on the other side: Their Majesties being attended by divers Honourable Lords and Ladies.

When the Coach came against the Lord Maior's Tent, his Majesty caused it to stay: Where divers of the Nobility, that had attended his Coming thither, presented themselves to his Majesty, and Joying in his safe Return, kissed both their Majesties Hands.

After which, the Lord Maior, Knights, Mr. Recorder and Aldermen, presented themselves likewise in humble manner to his Majesty. The Lord Maior tendred the City Sword and Sceptre to him: Who redelivered them to his Lordship. Where kneeling (together with Mr. Recorder) by the Coach side, Mr. Recorder made a grave, pithy and short Speech to his Majesty, as followeth:

The L. Maior meets the King.

"May it please your Majesty!"

"This is a Day of exceeding great Joy to your Citizens of London; Joy exalted to the highest Degree, to see you return in Safety, after a long Absence; and to see this happy Meeting with your dearest Consort, our good and gracious QUEEN; and with those blessed Children, that are the Fruits of your Loves, and Pledges to us of a fruitful and hopeful Succession."

The Recorder's Speech to the King.

"I can truly say this from the Representative Body of your City, from whence I have my Warrant: They meet your Majesty with as much Love and Affection, as ever Citizens of London met with any of your Royal Progenitors, King or Queen of this Kingdom; and with as hearty a Desire to shew it self fully. Pardon their Failures, where you meet with any. "

"We tender unto you no small Present. It would but lessen us. I am sure, whatever it were, it would be far short of our Meaning. "

"We present unto you our Hearts and Affections: Hearts of true Subjects, full of Loyalty to you, our King and Sovereign. "

"'Tis true, in this we offer your Majesty but your own. They were by just Right Yours before. But upon this new Enlivening and Expression, be pleased to take them as a New Gift. We offer them Chearfully; Vouchsafe to accept them Graciously; and with the Influence of those Excellent and Princely Virtues, which we know, by great Assurance, to be eminent in your Royal Person, the Defence of our Established Religion, and the clear Current of your Justice, from the Fountain through the Streams; be pleased to cherish them. "

"Vouchsafe likewise to uphold and countenance that ancient Form and Frame of Government, which hath been long established in the City; that Power and Authority of Yours, which you have committed to your Lord Maior, your true and faithful Subject and Servant; and the fit Reverence and Respect, due to the Aldermen, his Brethren; who are to assist him in his Government. We shall be thereby the better enabled to serve your Majesty, and constantly to render to you the Fruits of a true Obedience; and (as our Duty binds us) we shall never cease to bless you, and pray for you, and your dearest Consort, our Gracious Queen, and for this your Royal and Princely Offspring; for your Majesty's long Life, and prosperous Reign over us, in Peace and Glory, and with full Contentment. And I doubt not, but every true Subject will join with us in this, and say Amen. "

"These Expressions of Joy, of Love, of Loyalty, and these hearty Wishes and Desires, which I have mentioned, I meet with every where from your Citizens of London. They are the soft and still Musick, prepared for your Majesty's Welcome, the Entertainment this Day. The joyful Acclamations of your People, upon the Sight of your Royal Person, will make it louder. And all chearfully bearing their agreeing Parts together, shall, I hope, this Day make up to your Majesty a full and pleasing Harmony."

To which his Majesty made this Gracious Answer.

"Master Recorder,"

The King's Answer to the Recorder.

"I must desire you, (because my Voice cannot reach to all those that I desire should hear me) to give most hearty Thanks to all the good Citizens of London, for their Hearty Expressions of their Love this Day to me. And indeed I cannot express the Contentment I have received therein. For now I see, that all these former Tumults and Disorders have only risen from the meaner sort of People; and that the Affections of the better and main Part of the City, have been ever Loyal and Affectionate to my Person and Government. "

"And likewise, it comforts me to see, that all these Misreports, that have been made of me in my Absence, have not the least Power to do me prejudice in your Opinions: As may be easily seen by this Day's Expression of Joy. "

"And now I think it fit for me to assure you, that I am returned with as hearty and kind Affection to my People in general, and to this City in particular, as can be desired by Loving Subjects. The First I shall express, by governing you all according to the Laws of this Kingdom, and in maintaining you in your full Liberties: but chiefly, in maintaining and protecting the true Protestant Religion, according as it hath been established in my Two famous Predecessors Times, Queen Elizabeth, and my Father. And this I will do (if need be) to the Hazard of my Life, and all that is deat unto me. "

"As for the City in particular, I shall study by all means their Prosperity. And I assure you, I willingly grant those few reasonable Demands you have now made unto me, in the Name of the City. Likewise, I shall study to re-establish that flourishing Trade, which now is in some Disorder among you. Which I doubt not to effect, with the good Assistance of the Parliament. "

"One Thing I have thought of, as a particular Testimony of my Affection to you; which is, To give back unto you freely that Part of Londonderry, which heretofore was wrested from you. This, I confess, as that Kingdom is now, is no great Gift. But I intend, first to recover it, and then to give it you whole and entirely. And for the Legal Part of this, I command you, Mr. Recorder, to wait upon me, to see it punctually performed. "


"I will end as I began, to desire you, Mr. Recorder, to give all the City Thanks, in better Expressions than I can make. Tho' I must tell you, it will be far short of that real Contentment I find in my Heart, for this real and seasonable Demonstration of their Affections to me."

His Majesty having ended this gracious Speech, was pleased to confer the Honour of Knighthood upon the Lord Maior and Mr. Recorder, with the City Sword: Both their Majesties graciously giving their Hands to kiss, to them; as also to

The King makes the L. Maior and Recorder Knights with the City Sword.