Worthy Citizens. Sir Baptist Hickes. 288

Worthy Citizens. Sir Baptist Hickes.

Honour. And out of those Blessings, disposed to Charitable Uses, in his Lifetime, a large Portion, to the Value of 10000l. Who lived religiously, virtuously, and generously, to the Age of Seventy Eight Years; and died October the 18th, 1629.

ELIZABETH Viscountess CAMPDEN, his Dear Consort; Born of the Family of the MAYE's: Lived with him his Wife, in all Peace and Contentment, the Space of Forty five Years: Leaving Issue by her said Lord and Husband Two Daughters; JULIANA, married to EDWARD Lord NOEL, now Viscount CAMPDEN; and MARY, married to Sir CHARLES MORISON, Knight and Baronet: Hath piously and carefully caused this Monument to be erected, as a Testimony of their mutual Love. Where both their Bodies may rest together, in Expectation of a joyful Resurrection.

But now to proceed to his Charities]

A brief Remembrance of such Noble and Charitable Deeds, as have been done by the late Right Honourable BAPTIST Lord HICKES, Viscount Campden, as well in his Life, as at his Death: Recorded to the Glory of GOD, his own Honour, and good Example of others.


Good Deeds done to the Town of Campden, in the County of GLOUCESTER.


HE built an Almshouse, or Hospital, for Six Poor Men, and Six Poor Women, which cost 1000l.

Since the Year of the Foundation of the said Almshouse, to wit, 1612, he hath allowed the said Twelve poor People weekly Maintenance, to the Value of 1300l.

And at his Death, he hath settled 140l. per Annum, for ever, upon the said Almshouse; allowing to each of the said poor Pensioners, 3s. 4d. weekly; and yearly, a Gown, a Hat, and a Tun of Coals.

He built a commodious Markethouse in the said Town, which cost 90l.

By his last Will, he gave to the said Town, for the setting of the Poor to work, a Stock of 500l.

To the Church of Campden.


He gave a Bell, which cost 66l.

He caused a Pulpit to be made, and gave a Cloth and Cushion thereto; which cost 22l.

He built a Gallery there, which cost 8l.

He made a Window, which cost 13l.

He gave a Brass Faulcon, which cost 26l.

He gave Two Communion Cups, which cost 21l.

He built the Roof of the Chancel, and new leaded it, which cost 200l.

He repaired the Chapel by the said Chancel, supplied and new-cast the Leads, which cost 20l.

He walled round the Churchyard, which cost 150l.

Within the County of Middlesex.


He built a Sessions-House for the Justices of Middlesex, (now commonly called Hickes's Hall) to keep their Sessions in, which cost Six Hundred Pound.

He repaired and adorned the Chapel of Hamstead, which cost 76l.

He caused a Window to be set up in the Chancel of Kensington, and beautified it, which cost 30l.

He hath given by his last Will to the said Town of Kensington, to be employed for the Benefit of the Poor, the Sum of 200l.

In the City of London.


He hath given by his last Will to St. Bartholomew's Hospital, 100l.

To Christ's Church Hospital, 50l.

To Newgate, Ludgate, and the Two other Prisons of the Compters, 40l.

He erected a Window in St. Laurence Church in the Old Jewry; and gave a Pulpit Cloth, and a Cushion also; which cost 30l.

IMPROPRIATIONS purchased, and bestowed upon the CHURCH.


One in Pembrokeshire, to be given to the Town of Tewksbury in Gloucestershire; whereof one Moiety goeth to the Preacher, and the other Moiety to the Poor; which cost 460l.

Another in Northumberland; whereof one Moiety is to be given towards the Maintenance of an able Preacher in Hamstead; the other Moiety to St. Paul's School in London, towards the Maintenance of certain Scholars in Trinity College in Cambridge: Which cost 760l.

One in the Bishoprick of Durham; to be bestowed on such Churches as shall have most Need thereof, according to the Disposition of the Supervisors; which cost 366l.

Another in Dorsetshire; to be bestowed in the like manner; which cost 760l.

Certain Chantry Lands also in Lincolnshire; which cost 240l.

He hath also given to Two Ministers, to be chosen out of Jesus College in Oxenford, to serve in their several Places, 40l. each Man per Annum; which cost 80l.

He hath bequeathed Legacies to several Ministers, the Sum of 140l.

He hath given to Mr. A. E. During his Life, yearly, the Sum of 100l.

He hath given among his Houshold Servants, the Sum of 300l.

An EPITAPH made in his Memorial.


REader, know,     
Whoe'er thou be,
Here lies Faith, Hope,     
and Charitie:

Faith true, Hope firm,     
Charity free;
BAPTIST Lord Campden     
Was these Three.

Faith in GOD,     
Charity to Brother,
Hope for Himself;     
What ought He other?

Faith is no more;     
Charity is crown'd:
'Tis only Hope     
Is under Ground.