Honourable Acts of Ladies. 278

Honourable Acts of Ladies.

And now some Women, Citizens Wives, deserving Memory, (for Example to Posterity) shall be noted, for the Honour of their Sex.

Charitable Women.

Dame Agnes Foster, Widow, sometime Wife to Sir Stephen Foster, Fishmonger, Maior 1455, having enlarged the Prison of Ludgate in 1463, procured, in a Common Council of this City, certain Articles to be established, for the Ease, Comfort and Relief of poor Prisoners there; as in the Chapter of Gates I have set down.

Agnes Foster.

Avice Gibson, Wife unto Nicholas Gibson, Grocer, one of the Sheriffs, 1539, by License of her Husband, founded a Free School at Ratcliff, near unto London; appointing to the same, for the Instruction of Threescore poor Mens Children, a Schoolmaster and Usher: 10l. to the Master; and 6l. 6s. 8d. to the Usher.

Avice Gibson founded a Chapel, a Free School, and Almshouses at Ratcliff.

She also builded Almshouses for Fourteen poor and aged Persons; each of them to receive Quarterly, 6s. 8d. apiece, for ever.

The Government of which Free School and Almshouses, she left in Confidence to the Coopers of London.

This virtuous Gentlewoman was afterwards joined in Marriage with Sir Anthony Knevet, Kt. and so called the Lady Knevet. A fair painted Table of her Picture was placed in the Chapel which she had built there; but of late removed thence by the like Reason as the Grocers Arms (fixed on the outer Wall of the Schoolhouse) are pulled down, and the Coopers set in place.

Cursed is he that removeth his Neighbour's Mark, have I read.

Margaret Danne, Widow to William Danne, Ironmonger, one of the Sheriffs of London, 1570, gave by her Testament to the Ironmongers, 2000l. to be lent to young Men of that Company, paying after the Rate of 5l. the Year for every Hundred: Which 100l. so arising yearly, was to be employed on charitable Actions, as she then appointed; but not performed in more than Thirty Years after.

Margaret Danne.

The Lady Bainham, sometime an Alderman's Widow of this City, gave to the Poor of the Drapers Company, 10l. yearly for ever.

The Lady Bainham her Charity.

The Lady Forman gave to be distributed among the several Hospitals, 40l.

The Lady Forman her Charity.

The Lady Barne, Wife to Sir George Barne, Haberdasher, and Lord Maior of London, gave also to the said Hospitals, 80l.

The Lady Barne her Charity.

The Lady Anne Saunders, sometime an Alderman's Wife of London, gave unto the Relief of the said Hospitals, the Sum of 120l.

The Lady Saunders her Charity.

The Lady Anne Hunt, Wife to Sir Tho. Hunt, Skinner, gave in like manner for Relief of the several Hospitals in London, the Sum of 180l.

The Lady Hunt her Charity.

The Lady Frances Jerningham, Widow, out of her Christian and Charitable Disposition to the said Hospitals, gave liberally the Sum of 340l.

The Lady Jerningham her Charity.

The Lady Frances, sometime Countess of Sussex, but a great Friend and Well-willer to the City of London, and known to be a very godly and religious Lady, gave to the said Hospitals the Sum of 100l.

The Countess of Sussex her Charity.

The Lady Katharine Constable, being said to be bred and brought up in this Honourable City, declared her Love thereto at her Death, and gave unto the Hospitals the Sum of 200l.

The Lady Constable her Charity.

The Lady Webb, sometime Wife to Sir W. Webb, Ironmonger, Alderman and Lord Maior of London, gave to be distributed among the several Hospitals the Sum of 300l.

The Lady Webb her Charity.

The Lady Gresham, Wife sometime to Sir Thomas Gresham, Mercer, and Agent beyond the Seas to Queen Elizabeth of famous Memory, gave also to the Hospitals, 90l.

The Lady Gresham her Charity.

The Lady Mary Ramsey, Wife to Sir Thomas Ramsey, Grocer, Alderman and Lord Maior of London, about the Year 1577, being seized of Lands in Fee Simple of her own Inheritance, amounting to the yearly Value of 243l. by Consent of her said Husband, gave the same to Christ's Hospital in London, towards the Relief of the poor Children there, and other Charitable Uses, as shall be declared.

The Christian and bountiful Charity of the Lady Ramsey.

To the Master and Usher of the School belonging to Christ's Church, she gave yearly 20l.

Her Love to Learning.

To the Schoolmaster of Hawsted, by the Year, for ever, she gave 20l.

To Ten poor Widows, beside Apparel and Houses, yearly, 20l.

Her Care of the Poor.

To Two poor People, (a Man and a Woman) by her appointed, during their Lives, she gave unto each of them, yearly, 2l. 13s. 4d.

To Two Fellows of Peterhouse, in the University of Cambridge, and towards the Relief of Four Scholars, yearly, 40l.

To St. Bartholomew's Hospital, 10l.

To Newgate, Ludgate, and both the Compters, each of them, 10l.

Her Charity to the poor Prisoners.

After the Expiration of certain Leases, there is to come unto Christ's Hospital, yearly, the Sum of 120l.

To Three several Parishes in London, namely, St. Andrew's Undershaft, St. Peter's the Poor, and St. Mary Wolnoth, in Lombardstreet, 10l. to each.

To Parishes in London.

Towards the Maintenance of Six poor Scholars in Cambridge, 20l.

Towards the Relief of Ten poor maimed Soldiers, beside Cassocks, Caps, Hose and Shoes yearly, the Sum of 20l.

Care for poor maimed Sold ers.

For Two Sermons yearly, 40s.

She gave to the Poor of Christ's Church Parish, yearly, for ever, the Sum of 50s.

To the Poor of the Company of Drapers in London, she gave 10l. yearly.

All these Gifts already rehearsed, are to continue for ever, yearly.

Moreover, to each of these Five Companies, of Grocers, Drapers, Goldsmiths, Haberdashers, and Merchant Taylors, she gave the Sum of 1200l. to be lent to young Tradesmen for Four Years.

Her Care for poor Beginners in the World.

She gave to the Maior and Commonalty of Bristol 1000l. to be employed toward the New Hospital there, and other charitable Uses, by the Consent of her Executors.

To certain Parishes in the Country, as, Berden, Newport, Clavering, Langley, Rickling, Quenden, Stocking, Pelham, and Walden, she gave the Sum of 100l. to buy Forty Gowns of Frize for Women, and Sixty Coats for Men; the Remainder and Overplus to go to the Poor.

Her Charity to divers Parishes in the Country.

She gave to poor Maids Marriages, 40l.

Moreover, she gave the Sum of 500l. towards the Releasing of such Prisoners as lye for the Debt of 40s. in any of the Prisons in London and Southwark.

She gave beside, the Sum of 3000l. to other good and godly Uses.