Honourable Acts of Citizens. 276

Honourable Acts of Citizens.

Abraham Reynardson, Alderman.
Thomas Wiseman, Esq;
William Williamson, Citizen.
Sir Richard Tempest, Knight and Baronet.
Sir William Acton, Knight and Baronet.
Sir Job Harby, Knight.
Sir Hugh Windham, Knight.
      Citizens and Ironmongers of London.
John Wild,
Henry Hunt,
John Wilson,
Robert Hayes,
Joseph Foote,
John Walter,
Robert Churchman,
Richard Holdsworth, S.T.D.
Francis Quarles, Esq;
      Masters of Arts.
Thomas Warren,
Richard Tidd,
Thomas Griffin,
John Vicars, P.
John Booker, P.M.M.
John Taylor, P. &c.

Besides these, we add several other Citizens of large Estates, and of as large Charitable Spirits: Whose Liberalities will be shewn in several Places of this Book. As, George Clark, Vintner, Deceased, 1606, Buried in St. Butolph Aldgate. See his Charities in Portsoken Ward.

George Clark.

Mr. John Kendrick, Draper, who departed December the 3d, 1674. His most extensive Benefactions may be read in his Will, specified at Length in Broadstreet Ward. Being buried in St. Christopher's. Summarily, To the Town of Reading, 7500l. in Trust; for employing the Poor. To the Town of Newbury, for the same End, 4000l. More, to the Company of Drapers, 400l. Towards the repairing of St. Paul's, 1000l. To Christ's Hospital, 500l. With a great many more Legacies to the Hospitals, to the Prisons, the Compters, towards poor Maids Marriages, &c. which may be read there.

Mr. John Kendrick.

Mr. Henry Smith, Alderman; who died 1627. He gave Legacies, amounting to the Sum of 75000l. to several Towns, to buy Lands, for the Relief of the Poor, and for setting them on Work, and for Redemption of Captives in Turkish Slavery. And besides bequeathed much more, according as his Estate would bear it, towards the same Uses. See his Monument in Wansworth Church.

Mr. Henry Smith.

Mr. Sutton, the Founder of Sutton's Hospital, commonly called, The Charter House. See Book I. Chap. 27.

Mr. Sutton.

Richard Croshawe, Goldsmith; an Account of his Benefactions, the Inscription upon his Monument in the Church of All Saints, Derby, will declare: From the Visitation Book of Derbyshire, by Sir William Dugdale, Knight, viz. Upon a large Monument, erected for Richard Croshawe, a Wealthy Goldsmith in London: Who was a Smith's Son at Marketon juxta Derbie.

Richard Croshawe.

"To the Glory of God. RICHARD CROSHAWE, of London, Esquire, sometime Master of the Right Worshipful Company of Goldsmiths, and Deputy of Broadstreet Ward: A Man pious and liberal to the Poor in the great Plague, 1625. Neglecting his own Safety, abode in the City, to provide for their Relief. Did many Pious and Charitable Acts in his Lifetime: And by his Will, left above 4000l. to the Maintenance of Lectures, Relief of Poor, and other Pious Uses. "

" Since his Death, his Executors have added out of his Estate 900l. He dwelt, and lyeth buried in his Parish of St. Bartholomew, by the Exchange; where he lived Thirty One Years: And being Seventy Years Old, departed this Life the 2d of June, 1631. Ha- ving done much Good to this Town, and this his Native Country, his Executors have erected his Monument in this Place, to encourage others of great Estate to imitate his Piety and Charity, 1636."

Sir John Morden, a Citizen Born, a Turkey Merchant, founded lately a most Noble College (which goes by his Name) upon Blackheath, for such a Number of poor honest Merchants, being Fifty Years of Age, decayed, by reason of Losses, and Misfortunes in their Trades, as the Estate he left, Real and Personal, might maintain, allowing each of them 20l. a Year; which in a Codicil to his Will, for certain Causes, he reduced to 15l. a Year. Out of which a Common Table, Coals, and other Necessaries, were to be provided. There belong to the said College a Chaplain, a Treasurer, and other Officers, each allowed competent Salaries. The Oversight and Care of it, and all the Repairs, and other Affairs belonging to it, are committed for ever to Seven Merchants of the Turky Company: Who are to Visit it once a Year, or oftner, if they see Occasion: And to take Account from the Treasurer, of all the Rents and Revenues settled upon it. Which upon the Decease of the Lady Morden, his Widow, may amount to 1000l. a Year, or more.

Sir John Morden's College.

The said Sir John Morden gave also by his last Will, 200l. to Christ's Church Hospital, 100l. to St. Thomas's Hospital. And for the Delivery of poor Debtors out of the Prisons in London and Southwark, 200l. And 100l. to be distributed to poor Blind Persons. Whereof a double Share to such of them as were born Blind.]

Thus much for famous Citizens have I noted, concerning their charitable Actions, for the most Part done by them in their Lifetime. The Residue left in Trust to their Executors, I have known some of them hardly (or never) performed. Wherefore I wish Men to make their own Hands their Executors, and their Eyes their Overseers; not forgetting the Old Epitaph;

Women be forgetful,     
Children be unkind;
Executors be covetous,     
And take what they find.

If any body ask where     
The Dead's Goods became?

They Answer:

So God me help, and Holydom,     
He died a poor Man.

Among the more modern Citizens, there have not been a few Renowned, as for their Learning, Wisdom, Piety, Loyalty, as well as generous Liberality: In this Rank we place Sir Thomas Adams, Baronet; Sir Willaim Turner, Knight; Sir Robert Jeffreys, Knight; Sir John Moor, Knight; Sir Robert Clayton, Knight, Aldermen; Ask, Esquire; Sir John Morden, Baronet; Nathaniel Tench, Esquire, &c.

Worthy Citizens of these Modern Times.

Of Sir Thomas Adams, who as he was largely Charitable, Founder of a Free School in Shropshire, and of an Arabick Lecture in Cambridge, and a great Benefactor to the Clothworkers Company; so he was Learned, Pious, Hospitable, and a Sufferer for his unshaken Loyalty to King Charles the First. For a lasting Memorial of him, there was an Epicedium elegantly composed in Latin by one Mr. Faldo, of Gray's Inn, Dedicated unto the Maior and Aldermen, which hangeth up in a Table in the Gallery at Guild-Hall; and is as followeth: