Honourable Acts of Citizens. 274

Honourable Acts of Citizens.

To the Parish of St. Antholins One Hundred Nobles. To the Poor of Tiverton 50l. and Burnsal 50l. Besides some Thousand Pounds to his Servants.]

Sir Henry Rowe, Mercer, Alderman, and Lord Maior of London, beside his former Bounty to the Hospitals, gave to the Two Universities, Oxenford and Cambridge, 40l. to poor Scholars that study Divinity: And when they shall proceed Masters of Arts, to each Scholar 40s.

Sir Henry Rowe his Love to Learning.

Sir Thomas Hunt, Skinner, gave to be divided among the Poor of Christ's Church, St. Bartholomews, St. Thomas in Southwark, and Bridewell, 100l.

Sir Thomas Hunt, his Charity.

Sir William Rumney, Haberdasher, and Alderman of London, beside his former Liberality to the Hospitals, gave to Forty poor Scholars in Cambridge, the Sum of 20l.

William Rumney, his Love to Learning.

Sir William Stone, Clothworker, gave to the several Prisons in London, the Sum of 50l.

William Stone his Charity.

Mr. Jeffrey Elwes, Merchant Taylor, and Alderman of London, over and beside his bountiful Charity to the Hospitals in London, gave to the Chancellor, Master, and Scholars of the University of Oxenford, to the Use of the Body and Corporation of the said University, and to St. John Baptist College, the Sum of 300l.

Jeffrey Elwes, his Love to Learning.

Sir Martin Bowes, Goldsmith, sometime Maior, built and Almshouse at Wolwich; and appointed a Sermon to be preached at St. Mary Wolnoth, on or near St. Martin's Day, before the Company. And certain Gifts of his are then to be disposed by the said Company. He gave Plate and Houses to the Goldsmiths Company.

Sir Martin Bowes.

J. S.

Bunce, Leatherseller, gave liberally to that Company in Trust, to find a Preacher to Catechize at Ottringdon in Kent, and to preach Three Sermons there; one for the Deliverance in 1588; one on the 17th Day of November; and a Third on the 5th of November. For which he is to have 8l. per Annum paid him.


Sir Baptist Hicks, Mercer, sometime living in Cheapside, Viscount Campden, built at his own Charge, in St. John's Street, a Shire House, for the Justices of Middlesex to hold their Sessions at. Which cost him 900l. or thereabouts. He founded also an Hospital at Campden in Gloucestershire, for Twelve Persons to dwell in, and well Endowed. The Building whereof, besides the Yearly Maintenance, cost 900l. A larger, and more particular Account will be given of his Liberalities in the next Chapter.

Sir Baptist Hicks.

William Parker, Citizen, and Merchant Taylor of London, who died about the Year 1616, amongst other Things which he gave to pious and publick Uses, gave 1000l. towards the new Building of Aldersgate: Which was employed therein according to the Tenor of his Will. He gave also 500l. towards the new Glazing of the decayed Windows in the upper Part of St. Paul's Church: And the same to be done on rich Coloured Glass, with Effigies, and Holy Stories, as it had been formerly Glazed and Adorned. The first Window whereof being new made, was prepared and appointed to be set up on the North Side of the Choir, in the Month of June, 1618. And much of the old Glass repaired; being the Decays of divers broken Windows.

William Parker.

Abridg. of Chronicles.

Next, Sir James Cambel, Knight, deserves an Honourable Remembrance.

A brief Abstract of the many worthy and charitable Legacies, given and bequeathed in the last Will and Testament of that grave judicious Senator, Sir James Cambel, Knight, and Senior Alderman of London, who departed this transitory Life the 5th Day of January, Anno Dom. 1641, being Wednesday; and was buried in the Parish Church of St. Olaves Jewry, London, upon the 8th Day of February following, being Tuesday.

Obiit sine prole, ætatis suæ 72.

IMprimis, to his Lady upon Condition, 2000l.

And for her Agreement, in regard of her Dowry, 8000l.

Besides his House in Throgmorton Street, Plate, Brass, Pewter, and all manner of Houshold-stuff.

Item, To Mr. James Cambell, eldest Son of his Brother, Mr. Robert Cambell, Alderman of London, Deceased, 2000l.

And upon Condition, 500l.

Besides his Part in the Manor of Glastenbury, a Thing of Worth.

Item, To Mr. Thomas Cambell, the Brother of the said James, 2000l.

To James, the Son of the said Thomas, 25l.

To Mr. Robert Cambell's Daughters that are unmarried, 500l.

To the Lady Clitherow, Sir James's Sister, 200l.

To Mr. James Clitherow, his Godson, 200l.

To the rest of her Children unmarried, 500l.

To Mrs. Scot, Sir James's Sister, 100l.

To Mr. George Scot, her Husband, 100l.

To Mr. Edmund Scot, his Brother, 200l.

To Mrs. Megs, Sir James's Sister, 100l.

To Mr. James Megs, his Godson, and a Minister, upon Condition, 400l.

To Mr. William Megs, his Brother, 100l.

To Mrs. Johnson, and Mrs. Gulstone, Daughters of Mrs. Megs, 66l. 13s. 4d.

To Sir Thomas Abdy, eldest Son of the Wife of Alderman Abdy, Sir James's Sister, 100l.

To his Daughter Rachel, 25l.

To Mr. John Abdy, a Scholar, upon Condition, 300l.

To Mr. Walmesley, the Son of Sir James's Sister, 1000l.

To Mrs. Vanpain, a Sister of the said Thomas, 500l.

To Mr. Robert Smith, who married another of the Sisters of the said Thomas, 100l.

To his Son, 100l.

To Mr. Townsend, who married another of the Sisters of the said Thomas, 100l.

To his Children, 200l.

To Mr. James Townsend, 100l.

To Mrs. Morgan, Daughter of one of Sir James's Sisters, 300l.

To her Children, 200l.

To Mrs. Harris, Sister of the said Mrs. Morgan, 300l.

To her Sons, 200l.

To her Daughters, 200l.

To Mrs. Bright, late Wife of Edward Bright, Sir James's Cousin by his Mother, 200l.

To Rachel Bright, my Ladies Goddaughter, 300l.

To the Children of Mrs. Westwood, the Sister of the said Edward Bright, 300l.

To each of Sir James's Godchildren, 10l.