Honourable Acts of Citizens. 271

Honourable Acts of Citizens.

Randulph Woolley, Merchant Taylor, gave to the Governors of Christ's Hospital, therewith to pay Yearly for ever, 5l. to the Reader of Oare Chapel, in the Parish of Mucklestone, in the County of Stafford, by 50s. at each half Year. For which he is to teach freely the Children of the Inhabitants of Aston, in the fore-named Parish of Mucklestone.

Randulph Woolley his Love to Learning, and Care for the Poor.

He gave more to the said Hospital 100l. for the allowing of 50s.Yearly every Easter Day, that the poor Children may then eat Roast Meat.

He gave moreover to the said Governors 100l. therewith to pay Yearly unto the Poor of the Parish of Mucklestone, 5l.

He gave also to St. Bartholomew's Hospital Three Pounds.

Henry Walcot, Grocer, gave to St. Bartholomew's Hospital 20l. To Christ's Hospital 5l. To St. Thomas in Southwark 5l. To Bridewell 3l. 6s. 8d. And to Bethlem 3l. 6s. 8d.

Henry Walcot his Charity.

Henry Woolaston, Draper, gave to St. Thomas's Hospital 40l. And to the Four Beadles, Coats of good new Cloth.

Henry Woolaston his Charity.

Also he gave to every Governor, going to his Burial, and staying there the Sermon Time, Half a Crown to each Man, to Dine together afterward.

John Vernon, Merchant Taylor, gave to Christ's Hospital 40l. To St. Bartholomew's Hospital 50l. To Bridewell and St. Thomas, 5l. each House.

John Vernon his Charity.

Edward Harvist, Brewer, gave unto Christ's Hospital, the Sum of 100l. And 50l. to be equally divided between the Two Hospitals of St. Bartholomews, and St. Thomas in Southwark.

Edward Harvist his Charity.

John Brown, Woolwinder, and Magdalen his Wife, gave certain Lands lying in Barkin in Essex, amounting then to 5l. 6s. 8d. Yearly. And this Gift they gave unto Christ's Hospital for ever.

John Brown his Charity.

John Porter, of Porters Key, Fishmonger, gave unto Christ's Hospital 20l.

John Porter his Charity.

Lewis Randall, Pewterer, but a Brewer by his Profession, of his own free Cost and Charge, Paved (with fair Free Stone) the East Isle of Christ's Hospital Cloyster, and renewed all the Armories of former liberal Benefactors to that House, whereof himself was one of the Governors.

Lewis Randall his Charity.

He gave beside 50l. to the Treasurer, that the poor Children there maintained, might eat Roast Meat at Dinner, on every St. Matthias's Day, if it fall out of Lent. But if it fall in Lent, then they are to eat good and well made Furmety, both at Dinner and Supper.

His Love to the Children.

John Whitehall, Skinner, gave to the Children's Relief in Christ's Hospital, 40l.

John Whitehall his Charity.

William Jones, Merchant, and Free of the Worshipful Company of Haberdashers, in his Lifetime did many charitable Deeds, and by his Will and Testament ordained many more, putting his own Society in Trust to see them performed, as shall briefly be declared.

William Jones his bountiful Charity.

First, many Years before he died, he allowed 50l. Pound Yearly to a Preacher at Monmouth, there to instruct the People in God's true Religion. Afterward he grew to settle a certain Stipend there, amounting to the Sum of 100 Marks Yearly, to maintain a good Preacher there. Providing also, that a convenient House should be built for him, with all necessary Matters belonging to it, that he might (with the more Comfort) dwell there among them.

His Christian Care for Religion in his Country.

Also, for the Instruction of Youth in Learning and Religion, he ordained to have a fair Free School there built at his own Charge, and a fair House also to be erected for the chief Master. Allowing him Yearly (for ever) 60l. and 30l. also Yearly to the Usher.

His Care for the Maintenance of Learning.

Beside, being Christianly mindful of the Poor and Needy People in those Parts, he took Order for the building of an Hospital in the same Town, ordaining it for Twenty poor People; giving to every one of them a good Gown Yearly, and 2s. and 6d. a Piece Weekly. And because himself (being far absent) could be no Surveyor of these Works, he committed the Care thereof to the loving Brethren of his Company, paying to them (in his Lifetime) the Sum of 8000l. And left them by his Will 1000l. more, for the full finishing of so good a Work.

His Providence for the Poor and Needy People in Monmouth.

More, he appointed to the said Company of Haberdashers, the Sum of of 5000l. by them to be Disbursed, for the Maintenance of a good Preacher at Newland in Gloucestershire, and of certain poor People in the same Parish.

Still his Piety and Christian Charity walk Hand in Hand together.

More, he gave to the same Society, 1440l. to allow unto Nine poor Men, being Free Brethren of the same Company, 8l. a Piece Yearly for ever.

His Care for poor decayed Brethren of the Company.

Moreover, he left (by his Will) 600l. in Money, and a fair House in the City of London, to the Disposition of the Company, to bestow the Yearly Profits, for the Yearly Maintenance of a godly Preacher in this City for ever; which Preacher from Time to Time is to be nominated by the Company. As already they have thereto appointed Mr. John Downham, Batchelor in Divinity, and a very learned Preacher.

His maintaining of a Preacher in the City of London for ever.

More, he gave the Sum of 1000l. to be faithfully distributed among poor Preachers here in England.

His Love to poor Preachers.

To be distributed among the several Hospitals in London, he gave the Sum of 500l.

His Charity to Hospitals and poor People beyond the Sea.

To the Poor in Stoad he gave 200l.

To the Poor of Hamborough he gave 50l.

Beside, to such poor Englishmen as lived in Hamborough, he gave 50l.

He gave likewise a good Sum of Money (by way of Gratitude and Thankfulness) to his own Company, as a Token of his Love, for their Care and Painstaking in the managing of so serious a Business.

His Love to his own Company.

The Hospital at Monmouth was built (by the Company) in his Lifetime, and the poor People placed in it.

What Care and Diligence the Worthy Company have taken in the Execution of his Will, according to the Times and several appointed Places.

Since his Death, the House for the Preacher there, the Free School, and the House for the Schoolmaster, all these are (by this Time) near hand finished.

An House also for the Preacher at Newland, and the Hospital for Ten poor People there, is already (by them) begun, and in very good Forwardness.

His intended Care for a Preacher in London, is already performed, and the same continued in a Lecture, at St. Bartholomew's Church, near to the Exchange, every Thursday in the Afternoon.

Whatsoever else remaineth, concerning the Trust reposed in them, they will (with all Speed) both truly and faithfully Effect.

A. M.

Here I could enter into a further Relation, concerning some Men yet Living, whose liberal Bounty, and most Christian Charity, doth deserve no mean Commendation, and is very little inferior to many of them already Named.

Divers Men yet Living, have been and still are most bountiful Benefactors to the Poor, and many other Religious Uses.

But because they account it Honour enough to them, that divers poor People (in private)